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  1. mashud nahil

    Love from Bangladesh for this beautiful song ❤️ Shaheer 😍

  2. Betül Khuşi

    Khuşi sadece Arnava çok güzel yakışyor yani hiç güzel bir video olmamış

  3. ushuu SAINI


  4. Türkan Arıcı

    Kushi sen arnavinsin maan geet e ayit

  5. Santa Maria

    Shams Eskander

  6. Yash Dave

    Ooo Nice 😎

  7. Priya Kumari

    Punjabi Song with the taste of Rajasthan...You will get this only in India !!! Good Work ! :-) :-)


    3:16 me adah ki radha sharma ( the stuffed cat) bed pe rehti h 😂😂😂😁😁😁

  9. moonlight guk

    parts of this songs sounds EXACTLY like Joe Hisaishi's "A town with an ocean view" from KiKi's delivery service. This is plagiarism.

  10. Proud Indian

    bina autotune ke kya hoga inn singers ka , sirf arijit singh , jubin nautiyal, darshan raval , bpraak , stebin ben ko chhodd de toh max singers ajkal autotune pe depend krte hain

  11. Santu Chakraborty

    হয়তো তাকে পেলে এতটা ভালোবাসতাম না যত টা না পেয়ে বাসি🖤

  12. dhirendra singh

    Beautiful song ❤️❤️

  13. Joydev Singha

    Dono acha laga bhai❤👍

  14. قمر العلي


  15. قمر العلي


  16. Santosh Jambagi

    What you guys think that for who's this song is more and most famous 😋😋😋😍😘🤔🤔😏🙄🙄 comments guys what is your opinion

    1. Santosh Jambagi

      Mohsin khan 😍😍😘😘🔥🔥🔥👋🖤🖤💙💙

  17. Masala With Tadka

    Kya mil gai..tumko khushi?

  18. Karis Sharm

    200k for 34m we ahve to make it 40m fast shehnaazians

  19. Beulah Arigala

    Wonderful music and great chemistry between Sana and Arjun

  20. Suru Creation

    20k more

  21. Nitish kumar

    Katai khatarnak

  22. Eshaan Laddu

  23. Aliya Ansari

    😍😍😍❤ dis soongg

  24. Suru Creation

    Keep streaming guys

  25. Raju Arya


    1. Raju Arya


  26. Shubam Goud

    kyu diya dard hme hm aaj talak na smjhe bure hai kya itne jo aa na sake milne tu hme bhul gya ye hm hi pagal the

  27. Abhishek Singh

    Music nice 👍

  28. Soumya Pannu

    Keep streaming guys! We have to complete at least 57 million by the end of February. Raise your hands if we can do it!.🙋🏻‍♀️

    1. Suru Creation

      Yesss definately

  29. Manoj Kumar

    Awsm attitude

  30. Araf Miad

    It felt like joker and harley quinn are dancing😅😅

  31. Saloni Singh

    This song is wayyyyyy better 🙌🏻and the best ❤️ , then that tony kakkar shona , mona , booty n all

  32. piyush aggarwal

    gaana kaisa b ho, sundar bahut hai dono 😂😍

  33. Abhinav Birgikar

    32nd millon view of mine,so lucky😉😉


    ❤Biggest fen sir from gujarat ✨😍

  35. Dipak Das

    Just close the eyes nd feel the song

  36. Why Not

    Shame on you bts struggle hard and you copy so easily

  37. Aizan Haweli


  38. Ravi Jaiswal

    Whenever I hear this song i can't stop my tears 😭💔

  39. Suru Creation

    Keep streaming guys ❤️

  40. Kimaya Thakur

    Come on guys keep streaming the song

  41. ushuu SAINI

    Shivinians tomorrow (Saturday)and day after tomorrow agar hum sb milker stream kre to jitna kr sake to is week ka target (57M) pura ho jayega plz show it fan power

  42. rumana mohd

    who want to see shivin as future couples

  43. Kaynat DAV

    I basically like this song

  44. karishma seth

    Woooooooooh i love it❤️

  45. Satinder Kaur

    Sana song which enter in 💯 million club Yeah Baby, Kurta Pajama, Shona Shona, Bhula Dunga . Congratulations 👏 Shehnaazians it's upto u. 👍👍

  46. AnkurandGolu

    Londe ne tabahi macha rakhi h 🔥

  47. Anjali Patel

    Nice song and best couples in the world 💕💕💕💕

  48. Rohit Verma

    Sir mujhe yeh song bohat acha lagta hai

  49. POOJA

    Made For Each Other💜🤭 Woh Pehli Nazar Woh Chehra Tumhara👀😍💑; Jab Aankhon se tumko tha dil Mai utara👀❤ #FairyTaleCouple #BestJodi4ever

  50. Ayesha Ansar

    I love akull's all song

  51. Shashank Gupta

    Damn this song is cool

  52. Vijay pratap Singh

    Okay I accept this that they have done a huge mistake they have copied bta music now please forgive them as everyone does mistake they will improve themself but atleast appreciate them they have also done some hard work and what a voice of sukriti and prakriti


    2021 me dekhne walo like kro

  54. Aman Sharma

    Akull op

  55. Techno Mukesh

    Only 12 M😐


    Who is watching in 2021 just osm song

  57. Krishna Pratihar

    Very heart touching song . Real facts are shown by Surbhi Jyoti in this song's video that's too good🔥💘 . In a word I am just speachless about this song ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  58. Arya Jain

    totally made for each other<33

  59. POOJA

    Stream Stream Stream Stream...

  60. Shivaay Music

    Awesome ❤️

  61. Saher Khan

    I dislike this video cause u copied BTS airplane pt2 music can't u make ur own music . It's doesn't matter for BTS cause their songs are always be super hit but u shows urself that u are copy... and didn't even mention our BTS. they all always busy with their work infact they don't have much time to hangout and they do lot of hard work and u copy their hard work Easley.😣😣😣 Honesty feel sad 😔😔

  62. ushuu SAINI

    Plz guyz go and comments for kaira (best Jodi ) , best actor , best actress as much u can do and also like comments related to them plz on iconicgoldaward

  63. Ra

    These two ...hit always hit ..can't ignore them ❤️❤️🔥🔥

  64. Sahil Rathi


  65. Sahil Vats

    I listened this song on radio while I was driving and loved it. After such a long time heared something fab.

  66. ushuu SAINI

    Where r all guys who say they r shivinians

  67. ushuu SAINI

    Please guyz keep streaming kitna pyara song h Dil se suno to pta hi Ni chalta kB pura ho jaatA h