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  1. kakà

    I could listen to this all day. Make everyday Christmas. ❤

  2. Manasvi Rastogi

    I'm touched🥺❤...this is such a beautiful song💗💫

  3. Dorbyn oneshots シ

    this song- it makes me so happy thank you guys for this <3

  4. XxThePinkElf xX

    Is it just me or when he sings the line that goes: I'm speechless staring at you in that dress🎶 Sound like: I'm speechless staring at a mattress🎶

  5. Jiya Patel

    i mean we all knew they (justin and hailey) were getting married, or was that just me??? Also I have a essay due next bell and I'm freaking out cuz I have nothing done:(

  6. Angela D.

    That voice is pure Butttaahhhhhh

  7. Chaca Nur Sadah Revalina


  8. Chaca Nur Sadah Revalina

    hope to meet u soon, you justin hailey scooter have a kind of heart i miss you so much.🥺😭❤️

  9. Jonathan Tabali

    Just tell me who wouldn't love this song.

  10. Yhogy Giri

    Love ❤️

  11. Elise Gillin

    Love this song ❤️ Tequila too!! 🥃

  12. Athens

    3:21 The woman looked confused.

  13. Francis Aquino

    I will be back here in my comment when the time she said yes 🥺♥️

  14. Mazerzz Thabah


  15. Sarah c

    The windy toothpaste periodically dream because authorisation densply book above a gleaming drain. historical, smart doll

  16. kashish chauhan

    who are there after listening jungkook's 10000 hours 😁😁

  17. Jillian Rae

    It's been 3 years??? Woah

  18. Adventures of Yurish

    I love this song

  19. Rachel Joy Baldaba


  20. Jaden Salas

    This song is so good!

  21. David Keesey

    when are you going to have some concerts in phoenix, az? me and my wife are DYING to see you guys again... this time with VIP hopefully!

  22. rochell


  23. 2nd amendment supporting Republican 2nd account

    I hate these 2 fucks But this song is 🔥 🔥 🔥



  25. Holly Hope

    Love your song!

  26. Holly Hope

    You guys are the best!

  27. Ia Tsaab

    This song makes me feel bubbly and I'm not even in love. 😅

  28. Ma. Christina Sayson


  29. Jonalyn Saguban


  30. Gopi Puttabanti

    10000 what a liric 👍👍👍👍👍

  31. Argie Kalas

    i like it. Amazing

  32. Taya Jossart

    Screw off you two I heard about this young man who said u were rude to him and told him to get u two city slickers water after your performance. U guys are not country so stop pretending like you are country because everybody knows who aren't and more like dan and gay

  33. # jff 4 life

    Thier love is only 2.27 years

  34. The Unicorn Girl


  35. Lisa Simpson

    just discovered these two and this song was the first song i heard. a fave

  36. Karayas

    The fact that I know this song is just bc Jungkook made a cover of it lmao- *TwT*

  37. Jamie Cole


  38. Kamaya Nightcore

    the only great song justin beiber made

  39. Surprise K

    How is this country? And the fact that it gets airplay on The Highway? W.....T.....F......

  40. Matthew Gomez


  41. Jennifer Dijames

    It's too early guys.

  42. Paula


  43. music lover

    Those falsettos before the end of the song prove that JB is a great vocalist, he's getting better in singing and in life, still a long way to go Justin

  44. Toomuchlaffing

    awww. Dan and Shay always release the _sweetest_ and catchiest of songs! To the point where even if you're not a fan of country you love them and their stuff.

  45. Yasin Yare

    Wtf is masvidal is doing there,!!

  46. Cynthia Posey


  47. MJ Cabansag

    I guess I'm hearing the best version of this song. + Tori and live? Lip sync singers, give way.

  48. Kellsie Mensah

    this song is so good omggg

  49. Nicole D

    Such a beautiful song!!!

  50. Jm Lucena

    To my playlist then ➡

  51. Kathryn Sun

    glad that Dan+ Shay exist :)

  52. Faith Louis

    This song is sounds good already👏🏽👏🏽👍🏽☺️☺️

  53. Marble Sodaa

    Wait does Dan+Shay reply???🤔

  54. Maria Jessa Gonato

    glad u exist💘

  55. l'homme inconnu

    babylon is not destroyed at the present time there is still a king of the heavens and dark spirits and full monster in the osbur tower listened carefully to the music

  56. RtYH OJ

    مليونين لايك🦁

  57. Tachie

    Just amazing, makes me cry cause I feel so happy to have someone that represents this song fully <3

  58. Chaca Nur Sadah Revalina

    love you my lovely brother❤️❤️

  59. Hgg Ch

    He chose this but !!!!

  60. nankook 0301

    ygd iim goe hooloitoi ymbeeee justin guaiii

  61. Joam Gallardo

    I wanna drink..

  62. Dávid Juhász

    Full version?!

  63. Amsterdam Park

    Even tho I don't drink tequila, baby I still see ya hahahahaha

  64. Amsterdam Park

    One of my fave songsss huhu

  65. Smol Potato

    This song is perfect for anyone with a person they care about, friends, couples, it's so good!❤️