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  1. Abhilash Rathod

    Thank god no Akash chopra 🙏

  2. SooperToober

    Sanjay is full of it. Vacuous and blows faster than the wind. Much respect to Gambhir.

  3. Vasanth Rangaraj

    Manjuraker 2.O

  4. Agraj Garg

    Too soon to say axar is better than jadeja

  5. Dr Saurabh Bachchani

    Axar ko sir jadeja😎 se compare kr raha hai ye🤣🤣🤣

  6. All cricket club

    Yrr ab ki brr harsha bhogle sir ko lana analysis k lye

  7. Roman 17

    My team for the 4th test Gill Mayank( rest Rohit) Pujara Virat (c) Rahane(vc) Hardik ( instead of Washington coz he wasn't bowling anyway so give Hardik a game) Pant(wk) Ashwin Axar Umesh(play him instead of siraj coz he can be a handy batsman in the lower order!) Ishant

  8. Roman 17

    My team for the 4th test Gill Mayank( rest Rohit) Pujara Virat (c) Rahane(vc) Hardik ( instead of Washington coz he wasn't bowling anyway so give Hardik a game) Pant(wk) Ashwin Axar Umesh(play him instead of siraj coz he can be a handy batsman in the lower order!) Ishant

  9. Roman 17

    My team for the 4th test Gill Mayank( rest Rohit) Pujara Virat (c) Rahane(vc) Hardik ( instead of Washington coz he wasn't bowling anyway so give Hardik a game) Pant(wk) Ashwin Axar Umesh(play him instead of siraj coz he can be a handy batsman in the lower order!) Ishant

  10. Percy 26

    If you ever hit a reporter with a cricket ball and she would be all cool about it. You know its Melinda Farrell. Amazing presenter and journalist with an amazing sense of humour.

  11. அடர்சேரலாதன்

    Seems like a lovely person! Such a calm and charming man! Loads of love from India❤️

  12. Muhammed Adil

    kohli is kohli because of those glorious 100s if it is 60 and 70 you mau be looking at a different player.

  13. Vamshi S

    Mr. Manjrekar should be given Shri Rahul Gandhi Khel Ratna award for his contribution to Indian cricket commentary

  14. Mohammed Aiman

    Make it 5 in 8 seasons...

  15. joshua morris

    Its test cricket so the idea test match pitch should be a test to both batsman and bowler. That was no test for the spinners clearly coz if joe root got 5 wickets in 6 overs then it isnt a test thus it is unfair. If Root gets five then likes of Axar just get rewards without even toiling hard enough. Remember it should balance so 30 wickets in 2 days is balanced

  16. Shiv G

    We lost due to him. He was the weakest link in the chain. His bowling was poor but batting was worse. I think he is not ready for Indian team. He has a lot to learn before he should be selected. I think he may have been selected due to nepotism or favourism. Not at all a good player.

  17. Bob Willis

    Can’t wait to wake up at 4 tomorrow, no sarcasm either, genuinely chuffed.

    1. Bob Willis

      @Priyanshu Paul yea, but if it’s good cricket it’s fine

    2. Priyanshu Paul

      don't u feel sleepy while watching the match?

  18. Brian Dcosta

    Next series in India I guess Axar and Jadeja both will play, Kuldeep lost his chance.

  19. Husain Ali

    Since jadeja issue ,, manjeraker has stopped being honest analyst

  20. GD

    Can we get a better host? Someone more qualified or experienced with relating to the audience? Is this ESPN? Manjrekar's performance as an expert is equivalent to his performance during his playing days. I apologize for the 'not so positive' comment. Perhaps get some peeps on this show who can be real. Thanks!

  21. aditya raghuvanshi

    yeh we saw that after first match where curator was fired 😄😄😄😊😄😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  22. Dr. Harsha MS Sports, Rehab.

    Manjrekar is the best

  23. Sanket Kulkarni

    Manjarekar is the only guy who has guts to say kudos to espn to get

  24. Truthspeak

    At 1:48, Raunak gives Dustin the finger, lmao.

  25. dora pinisetti

    dhoni didnt let watson bowl for 3 straight years.... and yet raunak mentions dhoni didnt let him bowl in few matches......

  26. Aditya Pratap Singh

    If this happened to our team in other country tgen we all know virat and these experts would talk about pitch till many years( example johanesburg pitch)

  27. Rahul Patil

    He is eyes have gone weak like Sehwag with age When you use glasses and remove it all judgement changes as Sunil Gavaskar said

    1. bollywood masti

      Infact most of the player i saw in childhood has gone through. Amla, pietersen, clarke , bell all have chances to score 30 test 100s but noneof them got it

  28. Game Analyst

    I do agree with Raunak, in bowling alone Axar is better than jadeja.. But overall package jadeja is better

  29. Abhishek Sahgor

    Sanjay, atleast stand up for what you said for few months😄

  30. Mannan Goel

    Agreed with Dustin on the Kohli Argument and also with Raunak. It isn't the bossy Kohli for some reasons

  31. Nikunj Dixit

    Raunak was really testing his luck with that topic. No sane person can compare Axar with Jadeja at the moment. Jadeja plays in an IPL side which routinely has like 7, sometimes 8 bowling options whereas Axar in DC is one of 6 bowlers, so obviously he routinely bowls 4 overs. In tests, it is just way too soon to say that Axar has more skill than Jadeja since Jadeja has had success in places like Australia and England, whereas Axar has only played international cricket in two very spin friendly pitches.

  32. o_w

    Since you were talking about toss, posting my article here from early 2018 - Seems like Sanjay stole it from my article :). Although my advice was to not penalize the team winning the game, it was rather to penalize the team winning the toss. The team winning toss in first game loses it automatically in 2nd and you toss only in the odd numbered test matches.

  33. YG CG

    Those who want seaming , bouncy pitches in India and nothing else should also ensure only spinning tracks in the White nations !😎

  34. rome khanna

    This series should never end

  35. Insane Neel


  36. Rahul Patil

    1 test haar kaar daar se aasa pitch diya Kohli Indian cricket ko barabadh kaar haii manega player tu barabadh kaar hi raha haii legata haii umaar ka asaar ho raha haii

  37. Shardul Kedar

    Gaurav picked up important point.

  38. Jesse Pinkman

    Axar better than jaddu.....🤣 Can't expect anything else from Raunak

    1. Priyanshu Paul

      @Raga Gamer stokesy is better

    2. Raga Gamer

      As a bowler, axar has bowled very accurately. It’s too early to judge. But as an all rounder, no one is close to jaddu

  39. Mettu Varun Aditya Reddy

    Come from real id Sanjay Manjrekar ( #raunak)

  40. Yasser Jamil

    Wait wasn't Manjerekar saying that the second pitch was not good? Make up your mind! Both pitched were crap.

  41. gaurav mishra

    India should give Turner again

  42. Shalini Balagopal

    Sanjay Manjrekar is Indias Michael Vaughan.

  43. kamran qadri

    Best Indian commentator and analyst..

  44. Dilip Bagwe

    In the 1st that test in NZ we scored 242 in the but batted badly in the 2and knock so it was not a bad pitch

  45. Old School_ Rebellion

    Top 10 Greatest Batsman of All Time 1 Don Bradman 2 Gary Sobers 3 Barry Richards 4 Sachin Tendulkar 5 Viv Richards 6 Jack Hobbs 7 Graeme Pollock 8 Greg Chappell 9 Len Hutton 10 Wally Hammond

  46. Ajay Mehndiratta

    That Axar better than Jadeja argument simply irritated me. I certainly believe that if Jaddu was present in this series, Ashwin would have gotten even lesser wickets. He is lethal on spinning wickets, plus his average is better than Ashwin in overseas conditions as well. I think Raunak was out of topics here. :P

  47. bollywood masti

    Kohli is on a permanent decline. He will face ponting like decline. I am seeing his avg is going down rapidly

  48. Dhruv Pandya

    I swear Alexis is a must on this segment. The energy she brings is entertaining

  49. Rice Bag Convert

    Big fan of Manjrekar sir he and Vaughan always speak truth. Manjrekar was underrated batsman at his time better than Gavaskar and Tendulkar and Vengsarkar and all the kars

    1. YG CG

      All the kars includes manjreKAR, stupid !😎

    2. Parampreet Singh

      @Shalini Balagopal You lack sense of humour if you think he is a fool. He is a master troll, immitating and mocking England Aus fans from India

    3. Srinivasan Govindan

      @Shalini Balagopal Could guess so...hence stated left handed part...

    4. Shalini Balagopal

      @Srinivasan Govindan Do you know what kind of person he is? He is a troll. Just see his comments on cricbuzz and you’ll understand. Dont reply to such fools.

    5. Srinivasan Govindan

      Wow. A person who scored only 4 test centuries better than people mentioned..who can forget 1986 Headingly century of Vengsarkar, Gavaskar's master piece of 96 in Bangalore against Pakistan in 1987 Frank Turner which enabled Imran Khan to win a series and Sachin's 4th innings winning century on a 5th day at Chennai in one of Sanjay's century...all on flatbed.. but good left handed compliments...

  50. Gulam Hassan

    No doubt virat kohli is legend of legends I personally admit it, but don't forget Babar is in making, love for both💓💓💓💓💓💓♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


    We are telugu legends

  52. anand kumar

    I'd expect consistency at the very least from Mr.Manjrekar. 1) In the Chennai test, performances didn't matter but just the look of the pitch made it a poor pitch. 2) In the Ahmedabad test, the look of the pitch didn't matter but the fact that there were no performances made it a poor pitch. Please be consistent !

    1. Yuvraj singh

      Are Manjrekar,gambhir jese logo ki baat sunana hi time waste hai don't take them seriously

    2. ASK Analysis


  53. Harsh Singhi

    Dustin is wrong the onfield umpires can’t tell the third umpire about the procedure..such a stupid point

  54. kumar Harshwardhan

    One idea to neutralize the pitch preperation for extreme favor- Always offer guest team to select bat/ need for toss

  55. Pranav Venutur

    Guys guys come on. As much as I would love Virat to score a hundred, are we gonna act like he didn’t make 89 twice, 78, 63 and 51 in odis in 2020? Are we going to act like he didn’t make a classy 85 off (61) in t20s recently? Are we going to act like he didn’t make 74, 72 and 62 in tests recently?

    1. Jesse Pinkman

      @Pranav Venutur there is a difference in getting out after setting and coming not out

    2. Jesse Pinkman

      @Pranav Venutur but there is a difference between 60 and 150...a game changing difference

    3. Pranav Venutur

      @Vishnu B I agree

    4. Pranav Venutur

      @Jesse Pinkman no. Why does it matter if he gets 89 or 100?

    5. Jesse Pinkman

      @Vishnu B agreed


    These two clowns keep changing their views every other week...

    1. VINAYAK U

      @mayur magadalwar and this moron Manjrekar speaks as if he is the sole cricket intellectual in the world..

    2. mayur magadalwar

      I agree completely raunak trolled rohit left and right now he is his biggest fan

  57. y2k firre

    Chuck out raunak he sux

  58. Aadarsh Mahakund

  59. Hotrod Sonu London

    I would have loved India beating England 4.0.. India made a big mistake in the first test match 😂. England is out of their minds.spin and defence is English player's weakness. Best wishes for the rest of the series ❣️. Ps. Do what you are good at.

    1. Nikunj Dixit

      England played well in the first test. It should have been a draw if Indian batsmen had applied themselves.

  60. Kevin Menezes

    Just like for an ICC tournament, these pitches should have been monitored by them. The rating pitches as poor, average and good lacks sense. Or else let the home team prepare a pitch but the overseas team will decide on batting or bowling. Or best provide practice pitches similar to test match pitches so that opposition teams can prepare well so that fans can witness a good test match. Bdw do fans get refund of last two days if test matches get over in 3 days ??


      I don't like the idea of what giving away teams the power to decide to bat or bowl because now days the decision after the toss is decided statistically. The other point of giving practice pitches to the away opposition is again negating all the fun of an overseas test. At this level players will catch the technique. Test should not always be about technique. If that happens then the heroics in cricket matches will always get undermined. It should be an unwritten rule among teams that teams should not ask for extreme pitches like the last two tests.

    2. Sudheer Babu

      Yes tickets amount will be refunded back. Don't think the transaction/service tax will be refunded though :)


    My prediction before Watching the video: Manjrekar going to talk against Indian Pitches.

    1. Vamshi S

      Mr. Manjrekar should be given Shri Rahul Gandhi Khel Ratna award for his contribution to Indian cricket commentary

  62. left are the best

    First dislike

  63. Lucario

    Kohli's confidence after maxi and phillipe batting 😂

    1. Lucario Beast

      Haha hello brother

  64. Shubman Gill

    India will definitely win the 4th test against England 200% sure

    1. bhupender tomar

      tu batting pe dhyan de jaake, youtube p comments hum krlenge

    2. Omkaar Deepak

      i will subscribe to you with 5 acounts if they dont

  65. Beats Tonight

    Manjrekar changes colour faster than a chameleon

    1. Vamshi S

      Mr. Manjrekar should be given Shri Rahul Gandhi Khel Ratna award for his contribution to Indian cricket commentary

    2. Kumar Shivam


    3. Rohit Warkade


    4. Akshay Rawat

      That's bcci sacked him from commentary panel😂😂

    5. Prathamesh

      Manjrekar and Michael Vaughan are best commentators and world class cricketers of their time better than Lara and Sachin😁😁😁

  66. R Srihari

    -12 seconds ago

  67. Kshitij Grandhi

    Good conversation on helping the indian viewers about the challenges of the pitch for batsmen

  68. Romaguera Galicia


  69. Kiran Raveendran

    Afghanistan v Zimbabwe test got over in 1007 balls today in less than two days. No one cribbing about the pitch there?🤔

  70. Yousuf Mohi

    I feel that the players are playing without much skill to play test cricket as mentioned by Virat even the players like kohli and root so isn't that bad thing for test and due to this match is also getting over in 2 days which we hardly used to see before when there was so many proper test skill batsman and pitch and ball also matters we just can't ignore it but along with pitch I feel people should also criticise the batsman's too and not just one of the two as done by England or India

  71. Vegito Black

    Axar has been more successful in the last few IPLs because he doesn't play international cricket regularly, and batsman haven't figured him out yet. Guys like Ashwin and Jadeja , who have been in international cricket for decades now will obviously face problems in white ball bowling ( thats why both of them were dropped from white ball ), don't think it has anything to do with ' skill ' and ' variation '. Don't forget that Jadeja was the icc no.1 ranked odi bowler in 2013, beating out prime johnson , prime narine , prime Ajmal , etc.

    1. Shardul Kedar

      Yes he was dominating with the bowl that time he also got man of the match award in final of champions trophy.

  72. Nitesh Pandey

    Kohli will end up with the most test wins as captain. The impetus on fast bowling came about once he became the test captain, that is the reason we do well on an overseas tours.

  73. Kumar Gurutharan

    Well said virat we have lefties controlling the media no one says anything do nit talk to the press even if it’s Indian They have fast tracks we have slow tracks deal with it

  74. arpit agrawal

    Dream Team for Mute Me

  75. Aratrik Ghosh

    Currently rohit is the king of centuries virat has scored enough centuries no need for him to score centuries any sooner

    1. Aratrik Ghosh

      @SquidLy where the hell did i criticize virat i said even if he doesn't score a century no problem he has scored enough and should i start abusing your kohli then you will start crying and also rohit has scored tons of centuries in overseas in both odi's and t20's as far as tests are concerned he has just opened in just 4 innings so just wait and watch kid the show has just begun

    2. bollywood masti

      @SquidLy when kohli scores 80 ro 99 the win percentage of team india is greater than when he scores 100 to 254. So yeah

    3. SquidLy

      @Pranav Venutur yea ik that it was a bit harsh but u should see it above how he was abusing first 😌

    4. Pranav Venutur

      @SquidLy you said it a little disrespectfully but yeah Virat is better over seas

    5. Aadarsh Mahakund

  76. Vinay Kumar

    As far as india is winning, i am not bothered by Kohli not getting century. He is still in good form. He looked good in some of Innings where all the batsmen failed.

    1. bollywood masti

      @Brian Dcosta zero percent chance. He use lenses and his eyesight is slowing down

    2. Brian Dcosta

      Why not?? He can easily chase 100 centuries before he retires. He must look forward to it

  77. Kaustubh Pardeshi

    Why didn't Raunak get golden mute button

    1. Jesse Pinkman

      @Shalini Balagopal i didnt say he is bad...he is just ordinary u can't compare him to sir jadeja

    2. Shalini Balagopal

      @Jesse Pinkman He has very good domestic record.

    3. Jesse Pinkman

      @Shri Krishna Dwivedi axar performed just bcoz pitch was good... otherwise he is very ordinary bowler

    4. Shri Krishna Dwivedi

      I will pick Jadeja ahead of Axar everytime because he is better overall. But Axar has extra advantage of height otherwise they are quite similar left arm spinners that are quick and accurate.

  78. Pankaj Thakkar

    Axar is mostly a bowler where as Jadeja is a all rounder so Axar might be better

    1. bharath k

      rukho chacha dont come to a decision so early!