Hi, I'm Prerna Malhan. I'M on a Mission to SEE the WORLD ❤
Wanderers Hub is a travel channel where I post about my travels and food experiences from around the world. I usually travel with my travel partner who is also my husband - Harsh Gupta.

Do you want to see the world through our eyes? Well, simply join us on this journey!

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  1. Daksh Bhalerao


  2. Vineet Chanshetty

    This is so funny 😂😂😂 Prerna and Harsh

  3. cool sisters

    Please do slime challenge 😭😘😘😘😘😘

  4. Suvarnaben 26177

    4:08 prerna : oh bhaii Maro Maza aa rha hai😅 Are, Kehnaa kyaa chahte Ho 😂

  5. Pragti Mishra

    You were only white or black color

  6. Shalakha

    Pls do Purple food challenge 💜💜💜

  7. Peeps Elijah


  8. Sadqain Shah

    Indian 10/10

  9. Saikumar Kori

    2nd one best

  10. Ajay Kumar

    I feel safe at comment section

  11. Sharon Nair

    I will give 10/ 10

  12. Hani Naqvi

    Sono di please go to The warren's occult museum in USA to see Anabelle doll it will be a great content

  13. Nohad Khan

    i say wow 3 times

  14. Aarvi Jain


  15. gaurav pruthi

    Play an among us game

  16. Abhilasha Rajput

    I 😭am with no one kisi ek ka naam likha to dusra gussa ho jaye ga

  17. Nohad Khan


  18. Dalisha Princess

    Papa active Mumma active Older sister active Me active

  19. Shaivi Rai

    Didi 10 on 10 bhaiya 10 on 10 😂😂

  20. sky yohanna

    Yes you don't cheat

  21. Satyndra Singh

    Blue please ❤️❤️

  22. Satendra Agarwal

    Orange color challenge

  23. Madan Mohan Pal

    Joli chip to harsh

  24. total noob gaming

    -9999999out of10

  25. bharti sachdeva

    You are a bed t youtober

  26. Ayman baigBlock

    Big burger KFC app secure boliye

  27. manahil rehan

    Do challenge living with Haunted dollllll😈😈😈


    When you are angry you beat Harsh

  29. Amisha Jha

    Birthday card ❤️❤️❤️

  30. MiCro moB

    Triggered bhai pe bhi prank karo ho want it like this

  31. maria khan

    Winner is harsh

  32. Anila Malik


  33. Sharon Nair

    Fukra bhai wins because prerna say first , wowww,

  34. Fitness Meals

    I do not believe in ghost l believe in God


    Blue is more beautiful

  36. Mrinal Banerjee

    You do 24 hours stay bus please

  37. abdullah Awad

    Winner is my as. S

  38. ronak sanghvi

    Yes you will go 24 hours for forest in haunted forest for 24 hours

  39. ayana

    didi is winner

  40. Manisha Sarkar

    Who like Gucci give one like 👍

  41. sachin sinha

    Make a video on Haunted website ..i wanna reach them


    This is not a imosnal so I not cry

  43. Bitu Konwar

    I do not like sweet😝😝

  44. Tejal Chopra


  45. Legend Gamer

    Prerna didi ki kahani me janta hu this is real

  46. Pintu Mondal


  47. Neetu Arora

    My elder sister in lazy team And I am in the active team- can play all the day in the park without getting tired

  48. Shila Ji

    Please prerna orange food challenge please


    Spicy versus extreme spicy challenge karo request hai bhai

  50. Halima Shahid

    Please buy a dog

  51. Prateek sen

    pink food challenge plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  52. Halima Shahid

    Please buy a dog

  53. Halima Shahid

    Please buy adog

  54. Hannan Ahmed


  55. Halima Shahid

    Please buy a dog

  56. Priyanka Tejwani

    When I was 1 month old I was falling down from a bed and guess what I saved myself i pulled the bedsheet and gone back to the bed

  57. Salsha 153

    When I am opening my you tube why why at night I watch this video😫😫😱😱😰😰

  58. Dhriti Sharma

    Me too like cachi maggi like triggu

  59. mareeha rashid

    sari videos bohot khatarnaak hai

  60. faizunnisa Sadique shaikh

    Bhi bot dar lag ra ha

  61. D.N Bhatia

    15:08 hahaha

  62. Hania Ansari

    please please living in hunted dool for 24 hours

  63. faizunnisa Sadique shaikh

    big fan

  64. faizunnisa Sadique shaikh


  65. navneet chauhan


  66. Eishal Asif

    Good morning mam


    Mango and apple

  68. Geeta Singh

    So cute you need to adopt a dog

  69. Sonia Singh

    Purple is beautiful

  70. Pahal Patariya

    Harsh Bhaiya ko koi puch bhi Nahi raha

  71. Vishal More


  72. Kashif Arif

    Yes lwant

  73. manish sharma

    Blue acha hai 8/10

  74. Nirali Patel

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  75. vrinda saxena

    Pls tell me the place where you wat nachos pls tell me

  76. tasneem yusuf

    I laughed 2 times