Hey guys, I'm Vidya Vox! Welcome to my PAprom channel :) I'm so excited to share my original music, mashups and covers with you. My music fuses many traditional Indian genres with Western Pop and Electronic influences. Musician and producer Shankar Tucker produces all of the songs and videos you'll find on this channel. We hope you enjoy listening to our creations! My sophomore release, titled 'Mad Dreams - EP' just released on July 26! Check it out on Spotify, Saavn, Apple Music and all other music platforms, linked below. Thank you for being a part of our journey, and if you'd like instant updates, check out my social media accounts below!

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  1. Ramisa Annud

    Bangladesh 🥰🥰

  2. udai jack

    Minnal pennea 🧚‍♀️

  3. Neha Raj

    She's just wow❤️

  4. Ranjit sahoo

    No words

  5. Sf Crafts

    Love this background music 🎼🎼🎼🎼🎵🎵🎵🎵

  6. swathi kalurupalle


  7. Uchiha Obito

    Wht if, Zack knight colab with vidya vox.. Dayumm thats 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  8. Uchiha Obito

    Awww . 0:12 move that makes me drooling

  9. Adarsh Biju


  10. Shalini Sanyashi

    One of my favourite song 🤩

  11. Ashish M Baby

    Malayalies Poli alle💥👌❤️💪💪

  12. Niranjan S

    This song is awesome

  13. Fun time with AKSHU

    Do the video for this

  14. ARUN M S

    മലയാളികൾ ഇല്ലേ ഇവിടെ 😘♥️

  15. vishnu priya

    2021 anyone?

  16. Parmar Falguni


  17. Manikandan Rajaboopathi

    3:03 🙄😳😳 kandaa vara solunga karnan song

  18. Arpita Mallick

    I never forget about English song Nd added India instrumental, nice

  19. Thaanvi Karthik

    it was on my b'day

  20. Arpita Mallick

    Wow proud of u



  22. Nitheesh Nitheesh

    2021 still watching this video 🤩❤️

  23. Pranav Klm


  24. Kavya Chakri


  25. Q*U*E*E*N

    It's been 4 yrs ...n still rocking🤙💥❣

  26. Varshini's Version

    1:03 that bgm beat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. DhanTheMan

    why are ladies standing at back so serious

  28. Jasharaj Mallick

    Table wale bhaiya mera table lagado

  29. BTS

    Malayalais aarum ille

  30. BTS

    Malayalis aarum ille

  31. BTS

    Please mix madhupole song and agar thum saath ho

  32. makp •14 years ago

    Malayalai pever evide😐


    That man who is tuning tabla he looks like Franklin in gta5 🤣🤣🤣🤣 although the song is damm good

  34. Uchiha Obito

    Omg. Such a beauty

  35. Radha Kaithwas

    Love this song so muchhh voice is amazing i love it and and tabla tuning is so great 😉

  36. EAGLE 66

    Any one from 2021

  37. Nagilla Suvarna

    Where are you vidya didi

  38. Nagilla Suvarna

    Where is vidya house

  39. Sudharsan Sudharsan


  40. Prema Latha

    I love this song very much ever green song

  41. Surela Kalpesh

    Samaj Nahi Aati lekin Maja Aati he songs me...✌️✌️✌️

  42. Raju raj

    Even 10years also

  43. Raju raj

    After also it will be

  44. Charitha reddy

    Super rocking songs gais

  45. Dhara Sanghavi

    He saying not to listen to any of a song and he is putting something that I don’t like okay I sender he is a holiday today for hey it’s Nimit

  46. Dhara Sanghavi

    He saying not to listen to any of a song and he is putting something that I don’t like okay

  47. Dhara Sanghavi

    It is saying not to listen to any of a song and he is putting something that I don’t like

  48. JediKnight Sharma

    The Vidya Vox and Jomy George magic still blessing the ears in 2021!

  49. Tamanna Akter


  50. Tamanna Akter

    ~Anyone 🌴 march🌴2021~

  51. Tamanna Akter


  52. Tamanna Akter


  53. INDIAN S E V O U


  54. 10 G 13 Savy Pramod

    I have zero interest in South Indian music. But this is jam


      You have no idea about it that's why, probably you had only heard some crappy item song. This is malayalam there is 5 states and 4 languages in south india and the music and culture are different in every States. Even the south indian classical carnatic is the best in the country than Hindustani I would say

  55. Muhammed febin tp

    Malayali poli allle😎

  56. swaalixx

    2021 Malayalees ❤️❤️

  57. swaalixx



    One of fav song

  59. rahul kumar

    Real song ki beat kuch or h isne to uski maa bahen krdi

  60. Soham Joshi

    Watch her each vedio(vox)

  61. Yashi Gupta

    Maza nahi aya

  62. Soujanya Allu

    Beautiful voice 😍❤💜♥

  63. Raasi 007

    Didn't understand a single word but beats & singer voice rocked it.... let see who are watching in 2021😍🥰

    1. Shogan South

      Isn't in english?

  64. K Muniswamy


  65. Shatabdi Shome


  66. Kalpana Seth

    She always make something unique 🤍🖤

  67. جنه الرحمن


  68. LUSTED

    Why isn't it on Spotify?!!

  69. ramasubrahmanyam saripalli

    Super 🥰😍 song very energetic ☺😊 it's my 2nd favourite song 🥰😍😊☺

  70. Shalini Roy

    This song how many times I listen it seems always exciting & new to me ❤️

  71. Sona Sahoo


  72. Ganesh Kumar Kannan

    *Talent always counts.* That was awesome.

  73. Ganesh Kumar Kannan

    *Talent always counts.* That was awesome.

  74. Ganesh Kumar Kannan

    *Talent always counts.* That was awesome.

  75. Bibeck Waiba

    Like 1.9

  76. Gautham .C.Praveen

    This was my favorite song now😘😘😘

  77. Charuhaas Singirikonda

    284 million views👏👏

  78. rnjbond

    Wtf happened to Vidya?

  79. Kasthuri.j 6th D

    How many are in 2021👍 👇🏼

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    This is just osam🥰😇😀💜❤