If you are married or in a relationship, the term 'Relationship Banter' is not new to you. When a husband & wife, or a girlfriend & boyfriend, interact with each other, live with each other all the time, there is bound to be friction & difference of opinion. It is not only natural, but also very healthy. At SIT we explore the various different situations that go on in every household, and showcase that in a funny, slice-of-life kind of way! Does your wife nag you? Or at least that's what you feel when she expresses her opinion! Does your husband take you for a ride every now and then, or so you feel? SIT has been formed with the Intention of Producing Entertaining Content for a Global Audience. The idea is to be Unique, Funny, Witty and Humorous with the Content that we create. SUBSCRIBE here & follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for regular updates!

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  1. Prerna Jazz


  2. Nidhi Singh

    Love it❤️

  3. Ayushi Gaur

    Baby is my favourite

  4. R P

    You’re hardly giving any chance for baby to get involved ? No questions , no space in the screen ? This is so heartbreaking :(

  5. urvashi shah


  6. arjun singh raghuwanshi

    Iss waar shadi nhi karunga ..... What? ...nhi nhi tumshe😂😂😂

  7. Riddhi Hingwani

    Shalini u r dominating wife very bad

  8. sandeep Badgujjar

    my girlfriend lyk rohini😅😅

  9. Archana Sarda

    Pooja it sounds rude saying am not missing anybody.....n we r not missing u tooo...... SIT team.....lov u guys......baby chavi kg pracheen prodcer n director 😍

  10. Archana Upadhyay

    Yo yo yo yes I can ☺️

  11. beryl pais

    Karan is super

  12. swati KR


  13. Presita Art and Craft


  14. aabrita Majumdar


  15. Badriprasad Agrawal


  16. Humaira Mughal

    Thats very nice video madam.......

  17. muralidharkumanduri


  18. Subham Agarwal

    Dolly ki shadi ka season 2 kab aayega???

  19. jyoti chawla


  20. T J

    Kuch toh dekhne layak bacha hai PAprom par ❤️❤️❤️ love your videos

  21. Hazzagirl 7

    Goosebumps for F.R.I.E.N.D.S reference ❤️

  22. Anjali Jore

    I love this show sit

  23. Bhavya Sharma

    Rishi is real hero

  24. Manisha Choudhary

    Owsam team work ...I just love u all

  25. Manisha Choudhary


  26. Fahmin Ara

    Why didn’t you upload new episode?? Is there any problem?

  27. Saral Aseer

    2300 love you all

  28. Sunita Kalantri

    May pooja's father recover soon

  29. Sunita Kalantri

    When rishi fooled baby it was a omg movement...Love you rishi and the entire cast of SIT 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

  30. Shruti Shree

    ❤❤ Chicken curry, khichadi, upma, poha, gobi paratha, aaloo pratha, pyaz paratha, shabudane ki khichadi.. Also, ❤love from @soch woch. Love you guys, very much inspired..❤

  31. Heena

    Yes we can hear you

  32. Indu Kumari

    My husband alwats crack jokes on my father,my hometown and my brother. Pls add this.

  33. Dr.Pranoti Bhivgade

    Eagerly waiting for next season❤️❤️❤️..Great new addition.He is such a natural actor.👍👍

  34. Minal Jadhav

    It made me fall in tears.. Don't know y.. But the Video was very good 👌

  35. Jahanzeb Kamal

    Why ravi bhel sounds me like anu Malik?

  36. Shweta Tiwari

    Guys this was awesome but can you guys make these a compilation, just 1 video that too of just 13 seconds is way to less.

  37. jyotsna dewangan

    Nice to u guys n such a genuine conversation

  38. Sarah Ishrat

    I loved the last scene ❤... hilarious. .. u guys are doing a great job... keep it up... love from Pakistan

  39. Monika Jain

    Oh i missed the live session... But trust me SIT, i watched this 1 hr session 2 times and cant stop admiring you guys and laugh or smile all the way. If in future you dont have an episode ready, pls come live and this will be equally fun to watch 😊☺

  40. Indu Kumari

    I like rishi expression near around 4:00

  41. Kasturi Mukherjee

    It's really nice to see your bonding! But sorry to say Mohit is very annoying

  42. Varshapriya Mageshbabu

    We cN hear u

  43. Anita Saini


  44. Chehak Garg

    Baby in this avtaar...😂😂😂😂😂can't be imagined in this way...😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  45. Anupama Pradhan


  46. Aarti Sharma


  47. Barkha Hotwany

    Left teary eyed!!! ☺

  48. Smita Manoj Padhye

    Thnx Mohit atleast you realised our favourite Baby's presence to be prominent she is humble so is modest Only Chavvi is on Air , not allowing others to talk She should be down to earth rather Mohit you are Good & Lively

  49. satya debta

    i cried literally.....my god how emotional....

  50. Nyasa Patel


  51. mona mona


  52. Anvi Goyal 3B


  53. Baby Raghav

    Shardul Pandit spotted 😄Bigg Boss 14😀

  54. Monali Araj

    Kya paka rahe ho..isse acha episodes dala karo..tab ja k subscribers badhenge ..

  55. sunny gupta

    Baby ko bhi bolne do usko bhi dikhaya karo bade sceeen par yaar, my favourite baby😃

  56. Sarita Shukla

    Superb as always

  57. Manjusha Nair

    U all together make the best team...all the best

  58. Nita Pattni

    So much better than Bullywood KACHRA. Rasode में kon tha😄😄😄😄😄😄

  59. rashmi verma

    Ohh i missed its 😑

  60. Arunangshu Ghosh

    May I know Pooja's Father's Age ????

  61. Shipra Tripathi

    Hey guys, can you please give us your phone number... We want talk to you regarding an advertisement?? Or please tell us how can we approach you ??

  62. Pooja Anandaraman

    I watch all your shows it is mindblowing and out of the world❤❤❤👍👍👍 Great job

  63. Pooja Anandaraman

    Ya can hear you

  64. Netal Kalantri

    Pls vote for karan in ITA awards for best male actor as rohit sippy in kahaan hum kahaan tum

  65. shreya chatterjee

    I enjoy this show !!! Keep it up guys

  66. priya darshini

    Guys won’t you let us know before? That you are coming online

  67. Anindita Chakraborty

    Love and good wishes to the whole team and my dear pratigya dnt worry... everything will be ok...luv u lots❤️❤️❤️

  68. Krina Hemrajani

    Pooja Gor! Mean lady doesn’t even smile at fans at airport and busy in mobile with attitude

  69. Aruna Shroff

    Pooja and rishi

  70. Aruna Shroff


  71. Aruna Shroff

    Bad joke

  72. Raniya Nouman

    hi ur videos are awsome i like them so much +plz reply love u alot

  73. Zainab Peermohammed

    Love love your show .Especially baby n rishi n u!

  74. Shri ganesh Shree

    We want another season of Family vacation....And also More from Maid in heaven.

  75. Tajal Malik

    Is he her real husband? And what about the one with whom she makes video nowadays

  76. Priyadarshan Sahoo


  77. Priyadarshan Sahoo


  78. Simran Singh


  79. soha Mimi

    Yes we can here you