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  1. Arkadeb Das

    Hey rinku ap pahala achasa hindi kahana siko

  2. Norah Albuquerque

    Sometimes I think I cannot be more proud of Shubman but then I see this video😍 and I'm more proud of him. Can't wait to see him scoring tons and tons💯 of runs for India 🇮🇳and KKR💜

  3. Andre george

    Mavi ,Nagarkoti and Kartik Tyagi should be India's Future Pace Trios

  4. Vikas Gole

    Shubman Voice 😀🤣

  5. Saurav Aryan

    Sanjana + Bumrah = Sanrah ❤️

  6. Virendra Goyal

    Kkr promoting youth

  7. cricket fan

    Ruined the cake of andre russel

  8. mayank doholiya

    Still didn't win

  9. tech with c.k

    at 21:26 kkr made gameplan against mi

  10. Soma Naskar

    Eoin Morgan 😎😎

  11. Areeb Ansari

    Miss GG

  12. Areeb Ansari

    2021 love you KKR

  13. Subhasish Bose

    Proud to be A Bengali ♥️

  14. Manisha Mudawadkar

    Why is no one talking about prasidh krishna even he is a nice youngster

  15. Bakchodi Roy

    KKR he tyar

  16. Ankit Basu

    U were selected based upon a very deep thought process not because all the money was spent on Lynn and starc

  17. Mohit Singh

    KKR hai Taiyaar... Hame hai Cup ka intazaar..👍 Best Wishes for 2021

  18. Deb Jyoti Mondal


  19. Kashif Khan

    Robbin uttapha told gill t20 mein har ball nahi marna parta apni ball choose karo t20 mein bohot time hota hai 😶😶😶

  20. Kashif Khan

    I thinks 2018 was the start of the lost of kkr hope they win this year 2021 made team perfect against

  21. Abhinaba Mandal

    Maybe DK is not our captain officially. But still he is the captain in our hearts

  22. Guhaneson Arumugam




  24. Promit Banerjee


  25. Aeroplane Video

    Pour of kkr

  26. Saanvi Bhatter


  27. Saanvi Bhatter


  28. Sᴜʙʜʀᴀɴᴇᴇʟ々Hᴀɴʀᴀ[13]

    KKR 💜💛

  29. Roop chandra Yadav

    Kkr 2021

  30. Roop chandra Yadav

    Kkr power 💪💪💪❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  31. Tech About Game

    💜💜💜💜Ami KKR

  32. Noob DraX

    Make video of practice camp


    Never thought kyle mills is so down-to-earth and such a gentleman of the game

  34. Rizwan Bagwan

    2021This year is kkr final world cup 🙂💪💪

  35. ShahZaib Khan

    KKR Hai Tayyar 🔥

  36. Yuvraj Kumar

    We love shubman gill

  37. Ritabrato Dey

    Korbo lorbo jitbo re... ❤️ Kkr my heart 💓

  38. Tc Hbk

    Kkr we know u got it just keep calm and play have lot of expectations from u , u got it to take the cup. #laphao

  39. Parth Patel

    The Three Musketeers 🔥🔥 #AmiKKR

  40. Aman Kaur

    Just can't wait for the next episode!!

  41. Vanessa Bacchus

    Shubman gill and kamlesh nagarkoti😉😉

  42. Muhammad Ebad Khan

    They are my favorite players in KKR

  43. Karthik N

    Morgan is a Captain, DK is a Leader👍👍👍👍👍

  44. NISHAD R N

    Hai tayyar

  45. Rohit Thakur

    Love u shubman mavi and kamlesh.....

  46. Rohit Thakur

    Love u kkr.....

  47. shivanshi !

    The belief that kkr has shown in these players is so priceless and tremendous ❤️

  48. Arafat momin

    Forever kkr fan♡♡♡

  49. Syed Mujtaba

    paprom.info/block/v/eoackaWnu62iyYY.html Video on kkr

  50. Prakas Mistry

    O ho Bangalaadesh English 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  51. shivanshi !

    I just adore this trio ❤️❤️

  52. Afreen Asif

    Always with kkr because kkr hai tyaar🔥

  53. Shobhit Pal

    subman . mavi . nagarkoti we love you boys indias future coming from a rcb and srh fan boys good luck

  54. Shoeib Shargo

    Show glimpse of our captain Morgan ffs

  55. sumen sarkar

    Don't release this three young gun

  56. Jhon Weed

    I love kkr due to their spirit ,emotion,and fight back.

  57. Lisa Cornelius

    The Young Knights of KKR 💛💜💜💜

  58. Steve Smith

    Best Luck #KKRiders👍👍 You Have A Champion Team Go Well🔥🔥


    3:09 and he took it very seriously 🤣

    1. ajoy sengupta

      I can't understand?

  60. Ojas Singh

    We have blind trust on "OUR" team K K R dont worry for result .. we just want to see your best effort .. we dont care for result.. we care for effort . #kkrfans_forever

  61. Kakuli Mukherjee

    Please someone say Shubhman to stay calm during this 4 th test and tell himm not to think much about his performance

  62. Swapneel Mukherjee

    RCB subs - 2.2 M CSK subs - 1.48 M KKR subs - 0.64 M Guys plz subscribe to make our kkr proud.

  63. PS 23

    11:56 this is the reason DK is so successful domestic captain, he knows how to handle youngsters as he is a lovely guy. I wanted him to continue Captaining KKR not bcz of what happens in the field but off the field too. Hope morgan does the job this year

    1. Abhinaba Mandal

      Yes . Hopefully DK will play like the DK in 2018

  64. San Sore

    Who’s here after he selected for India and failed fitness tests?

  65. Prithwiraj Dasgupta

    Pumped for DK this season. STILL our Captain 💜

  66. Naaz Rashad

    All the best KKR 💜 You are fighters, bring the cup home guys!!You can do it 🔥🔥

  67. Anurag Maity

    Mccullum is such a gem of a person❤️

  68. Aman Jaiswal

    My playing 11 1 Gill 2 Nayar 3 Rana 4 Morgan 5 DK 6 Russell 7 Cummins 8 forgushan 9 Mavi 10 Varun 11 Kuldeep/Harbhajan

    1. ajoy sengupta

      @Abhinaba Mandal ok

    2. Abhinaba Mandal

      @ajoy sengupta Bro he means Karun Nair.

    3. Umair Qureshi

      Where is sunil and shakib

    4. ajoy sengupta

      Nayar? He is a coach

    5. ajoy sengupta


  69. Shweta Be Remembered

    Shubham gill