Fast-paced 3v3 multiplayer and battle royale made for mobile! Play with friends or solo across a variety of game modes in under three minutes.

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  1. Yantii milagros

    Me acabo de enterar que brawl stars tiene un canal :v

  2. NèLida Tinco C



    Felicidades has encontrado un comentario en español 🙌😢

  4. Aayan

    Stay hydrated! Spikes new voice

  5. Luis Alpuche

    Jajaja no entendí nada de lo que hablan, ni con la traducion en inglés, solo a Álvaro845 entendí, pero parecen grandes sujetos

  6. Jiren _10k

    When is this update?????

  7. Embers

    Where cat

  8. Davi 02 YouTube


  9. jaydog wizard

    No one noticed bees new star power, she got a sheild when she hit her opponet with a basic shot

  10. R. C.

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  11. the inventor

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  12. Nickyg7 - Brawl Stars

    2019: Hello Power Play 2021: Goodbye Power Play


    when is update iam at 24000 trophies now

  14. AbeStarGaming

    Dang nice that's amazing

  15. huguitoviale ROBLOX

    Resumen del brawl talK: Competitivo ,stu ,penny skin , psg dinamike ,new modes for map creator, ban brawlers

  16. Lil Mota

  17. Jakks To The Max

    I wonder how much money they dumped into this...

  18. sparkelski

    160 million views on a commercial for a mobile app is absolutely mental.

  19. YouTube - Leo

    Woho brawl talk

  20. Vincent wijaya

    Freee brawler yay *Remembers edgar,rosa,8bit,tick apocolypse* Oh no this is much worse

  21. Hamza - Brawl Stars

    Best Brawl Stars Ever !!

  22. كيـُم نـايـوَن 。

    باقي على رمضان 35 يوم

  23. Nursel Ağıl

    Brawl Talk🥰🥰😍🎖️🎖️

  24. Glich

    Tick Jacky Bea JUST İNG

  25. yuri schenatto

    My name Doro

  26. Memes Em imagens

    Omg 1675 my troféus

  27. Nicocrack :D


  28. vika shishkova


  29. Wafi Syamsalam

    piper dani skin like in the 3 2 1 animation nita from francy artist

  30. Rocío

    The 13,364 people who did not like this video do not know how to appreciate the art that really awakens

  31. HANOI *-*

    Dislike xq no estan los sub en español

  32. mortis 100 years ago

    1:23 PSG Mike is just the same as Coach Mike

  33. yuri schenatto

    Y Love my Brawl stars

  34. Brandon Cho


  35. I AM SAD

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    1. Sloo7 صلوح


  36. Master Jai

    Poor frank gonna get wrecked when he releases🤣🤣😂

  37. Caner-Roblox Halıcı

    new character it looks like rico

  38. Biswajith Sahoo


  39. Leonardo González

    Ok but cuando sale el brawler?

    1. andres cantero

      El 10

  40. Arkahfi Rizlamy

    Yes. Dani and frank

  41. Johendrick_ angel BS

    😂robots forever😂

  42. Эвелина Смедляева


  43. Sunset

    I Cant wait😅


    Watching this in 2021 Who else is watching this in 2021

  45. TheSpiderman7285

    Both of these guys look like kiddie diddlers. Im reporting.

  46. Toddyx SAD

    "3:18" if you wanted a lot of those just use ** ලු මිනිසුන් සඳහා ඇදහිය නොහැකි 😳

  47. Sur Gan

    Where can I get that Sakura Spike plushie at 3:36 😩😩

  48. Asharani Vetri

    When is the update coming supercell pls tell us

  49. Frederick B. De Jesus Jr.

    For the people who have 10,000 trophies congratulations you just earned a free brawler

  50. Andrea Ruhl

    Re nashe la actualizacion

  51. Franco Manachino

    Cuando se supone que sale??

  52. Jesseni Cruz


  53. celina amo minha família


  54. Роман Базанов

    I love brawl stars

  55. hasn gamer

    ابو شعرات

  56. hey u

    when ur just waiting for it to start and see the beginning: uh i guess its just 2 or 3 new skins and a weird Rico with wheels for a new trophy road brawler who spams supers actually u after watching: wa happened what was that that's so confusing lol

  57. GamePlay 25 Sami Altaf