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  1. Toxic GamR

    with the most he suffered I thought he was going to say when he got kicked by mane in the head

  2. Joseph dz

    Yes, Guardiola, he dances with the ball and dances his opponents, innovates and enjoys. He must only be respected and have the intensity that he must maintain on the field floor and not in reserve.

  3. Anuj Thakur


  4. Oliver Marcus

    Sometimes he gets cute which could lead to real disaster. I hope Pep gets his attention to that.

  5. Medcinator

    im wonder why there are lot of indonesian suporting man city ! is there is an indonesian player in man city ?

  6. FC Karsen

    4:35 What is the meaning of “warm footed”...

  7. Yussuf Mohamed

    Mahrez king of the match

  8. Edeh Charles

    You get to realize how many goals these referees have chopped off indignantly

  9. Azim Jamal


  10. Kleminho


  11. Riyuudi Hotta

    Você é foda, Ederson!!!

  12. Silya Sou

    I need 50 dollars now can you help me plz 😬

  13. shanecle

    “Watch it, drink it in!!” The most epic moment in football history.

  14. raji renjith

    How good does it feel to hear as a city fan "21 straight wins in a row & 15 points clear on the top " this is how you can destroy 19 clubs in the same league just like we did in 2017

  15. Ibrahim Jalloh

    Needs to learn English quick 😁

  16. rowland jnr blay

    City making history

  17. 03. Dandy Apryanka

    Yang gua heran kenapa komennya orang indo semua_-,ini channel club gede lho padahal tapi kok gak ada komen dari luar? Apakah cuman orang dari indo bisa liat Vidio ini?

  18. Raoul Duke

    when you've just solved football and never lose again

  19. Izeldien



    മലയാളികൾ indoo


      @Akhil C Anil malayaali poliyalley elllayiduttum indaavum


      @Akhil C Anil nanaayi power💥💥😍😍😍😍

    3. Akhil C Anil


  21. FT Gene

    I wanna hear how he speaks english so bad😭😭😭i watched the vid of him singing wonderwall in the dressing room 🤣


    He guy i am new subscriber 😍 Next match is Manchester derby.. 😍😍😍💥 Do a video of that..

  23. Amino Dz

    Mahrez 😍🔥💪

  24. AZ_sport News

    Mahraz 🇩🇿❤🔥💪

  25. Ginanjar Krisnanto

    Ederson is better than Joe Hart

  26. Wicaksono Arief

    Manchester is red 👹🔥

  27. Shadow zone

    Mahrez is on fire ;)

  28. Zifou Le Dz

    Mahrez décisif 👍🏽👍🏽

  29. Andrew Gurney

    The big man is a great keeper and a very decent human being.

  30. Sebti Amine

    جيبوا محرز

  31. Eesa Khan

    The time he suffered the most should be when mane kicked him in the head. Best keeper of all time. LETS GO BLUES

  32. Kuja

    that control on first goal just wow

  33. Puii Freddy nu

    My idol Enderson marcon i love you i am your biggest fans i love your tatoo and i love you more than oblak allison de gea😍😍

  34. Asma

    Mahrez 🔥🔥👏

  35. hishamelzeiny

    ع قناتى جميع الملخصات اشتركوووو 👍👍👍👍👍👍♥♥♥♥♥❤❤❤❤

  36. thanglenmang khongsai

    When they asked " What was the moment you suffered most on the pitch?" I honestly thought he was going to say about the kick to the head from Sadio Mane. I love Ederson. For me he's the best goalie in the Prem

  37. Black Bond

    Eddie, how come you still don’t English after all this year ?

  38. ꧁Sindano Negongo꧂

    If these guys don't win the UCL. Then all these wins won't mean much. They've already won epl many times.

  39. Mohammed-Sayaam Arif

    Mahrez was on 🔥

  40. Ghanou Bel

    That what we call play as a team

  41. Steve PL

  42. Muhammed naseeh Naseeh

    Why iam getting the old EPL vibe

  43. Dalen Hyper

    let Liam Delap play please

  44. Lemon Lime

    Sad day

  45. P I R A T E

    Mahrez is like a wolf thinking his mind and then attacks its prey

  46. Hocine Chaoui

    Wooow Mahrez

  47. Rizky Aditya Ramadhan

    please do this with every player :)

    1. Sportman

      yes bro I agree I can't wait for iterwiev with KDB

  48. Yeet_ReaperX7 A

    Ederson is the best keeper in the world rn

  49. Nader rafik DZ

    Mahrez is the best player of the year

  50. Max Hampson

    I miss Leroy so much

  51. Delboy0

    Ederson still not doing interviewers in English? Man City must be the only club that indulges foreign players where they don't have to learn English. Aguero has been in Man City 9 years and still doesn't do English interviews. Alison has only been in England 3 years and speaks fluent English already. Even Bobby Firmino speaks English fluently.

  52. poes lekker

    I miss El Magio :'(

  53. MCPlays

    Thats not he only handling hes been doing this season

    1. Steve PL

  54. Abdulrahman Alalawi


  55. Siciid Maxamed


  56. Assps abd

    I’m te biggest fan of ma city I hav their shirt my wish to see sterling

  57. Anfield Reactions Tv

    im 14 this had made me very determined to get into an academy

    1. lxczs

      Wat team do u play 4

  58. Lap Lap Ricky Fung 89

  59. Argustas

    Bernardo:yeah he is a nice guy

  60. Anas Mac

    Love from Kozhikode, kerala🤩🤩🤩😍🥰

  61. מלשין גיימינג

    I love City❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  62. Viral Raval

    Guardiola greatest ever

  63. ワイルドミーちゃん

    Every time I see it, tears come out. With love from Japan‥

  64. A4

    Love seeing Steven on WNRH

  65. Vimbai Maiswa

    We are just to good this season

  66. Semut Hitam

    I need sub indonesian

    1. Steve PL

  67. Sayd Maxamed

    LJ lo Yl LP l

  68. ilyes

    mahrez the best players of man city

  69. Dambudzo Tambara

    Sky blue for ever,go city . I love this team

  70. mohamed bouhend

    no need messi

  71. Maryam Jwadi

    city till die💪❤️

  72. Kk

    Indeed, was mad when clueless pep dropped him

  73. Miguel Brito

    Look at my video of the channel, por favor

  74. Golazo Media

    You're the best GK in the past 3 years, but still no English? C'mon Eddie..

    1. Deimos

      He speaks English but feels insecure about it, something like David Silva.

  75. Logic