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  1. matheuspaog

    This live made me addicted to the song, i love their voices so muchhhhhh

  2. baebyshoney

    1,864,848 05/14/21

  3. Evanyelin Massiel Fernández Vargas

    I love seeing Irene laugh she is my role model I adore her with my life and I would like to meet her 😔❤️

  4. - ̗̀Rosie Baby¡!

    de verdad creen que Wendy es otra? :(

  5. Grey

    Ok I requested this song on Discord and you know what played? A FREAKING RED VELVET MILKSHAKE RECIPE- I'M SERIOUS 💀

  6. ninja

    Joy looks so gorgeous..


    Joy se ve hermosa todas se ven hermosas

  8. Revel_Joy •Im Your Reveluv•

    Red velvet ot5 Stan 👇

  9. Revel_Joy •Im Your Reveluv•


  10. Revel_Joy •Im Your Reveluv•


  11. Andi Makkasau

    "woo Woo Woo woo Woo" So cute:!

  12. ItsMe Malaiya

    So good💕🌟🤩

  13. Exo-L ReVeluv Monbebe Nctzen

    JOY SOLO IS COMING💃💚💚💚 Please support our Joy And collect vote on Mubeat, Idol Champ, Whosfan She deserves better💚

  14. Exo-L ReVeluv Monbebe Nctzen

    Sesinde huzur var gerçekten de...

  15. 킹메이

    Forever ot5 I love them to you, Redveluv from heart to ever, I love you very much Forever ot5 I love them to you, Reveluv from heart to ever, I love you very much Red velvet. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️✨✨✨✨✨💮💮💮💮💮.

  16. Yuka Alessa Blanco


  17. lively

    queen <3

  18. nur kılıç


  19. Zane K

    This MV was released at midnight in Korea and I love listening this song at night.

  20. bunny s

    You should atleast see her videos like this before talking ill about her.......like she is the best one ...she doesn't act she stays herself and that's the best thing

  21. Pest

    Yeriiiiiii <3

  22. Vio

    Wendy 🛐🛐🛐

  23. Rushikesh Joshi

    Irene and Seulgi : Let's choreograph it so damn hard that no one will be able to learn.

  24. Tania Wibisono

    Why this is not their official MV?? SO GOOD!

  25. rayane_

    Odeio kpop mais eu realmente gosto muito dessa música e de algumas músicas desse grupo

  26. Lybert Lyn Eliorda

    pag kamo nag kambak mahal2 man t kamo na damo kwarta eh

  27. Lybert Lyn Eliorda

    saho ba 1yr

  28. Redvelvet joy

    They sound soo good even in live My Redvelvet My RealVocal

  29. Trusfrated Person

    I’m not a fan but damn, her vocals are so calm and angelic. She makes me wanna stan rv

  30. jichu

    I don't know why my voice is similar while singing every song of red velvet

  31. Jenifer Marlyn

    thank you for make me happy unnie ehehehe stay healthy yaaaa Wendy unnie!!God bless💙✨

  32. Hwhb shsghhs

    This probably recorded on late january/early february as the seulgi posted a pic on IG with the same gray jacket

  33. postmix

    Sm niye bunu yapıyor fkekfkek teaserdaki şarkı fonları çok iyi ve güzel neden yayınlamıyor djsmkdke aespa teaserda da aynısını yaptı fjdksk

  34. 채론


  35. Carolina


  36. Danaerys Dracarys

    I keep coming back here just to rest in Wendy's soothing voice 😊💙

  37. forbae bae

    we can have the same username. Ahahha😰😰

  38. hoàng giang

    So cute

  39. dericklimamelo

    Essa música é uma terapia.

  40. forbae bae

    갑질 논란이 있었으나 당사자들끼리 잘 화해했으니까 억측을 삼가주세요

    1. forbae bae


  41. Anja Moore

    so basicly this is Irene's mukbang video and i'm not complaining. carry on.

  42. Anja Moore

    oh my Bae Bae, whatever people say i just don't care. I just freaking love you!

  43. There Sia

    My fav pit stop <3

  44. Russel Jane Faner


  45. soesly


  46. Yeland Steel

    1:16 Iam not sure what they are talking in the practice,but Iam sure I cant do that.😂😂😂

  47. soesly

    wendy is all that's right

  48. RhapsodyinFood

    I LOVE this video! First, I have loved Red Velvet since I discovered them in 2016, in Descendants of the Sun. I listen to all their songs, and am so happy that Wendy has this mini-album. She has such an amazing voice! But I also love it that Joy is genuinely supportive of her, and that the girls seem to have genuine affection for each other, and support one another in their individual pursuits. That's part of their staying power, I think, that each of the girls is growing. More power to each one: Irene, Seulgi, Joy, Yeri, and Wendy-- and more power to Red Velvet! We love you! <3

  49. ᄌᄒᄉ

    not a bad thing or anything but she looks so different recently. idk if its her vibe thats different or whatever

    1. There Sia

      I'm so sorry but I can't take your comment as "not a bad thing". And also your "idk", for I believe you do know what happened to her. Again, I'm sorry but thank you for comming, enjoy the music <3

  50. Novy Crystee Mallorca

    Ahhh thank you wannie, for this masterpiece. It helps me fell asleep at night, knowing that eventhough today is tough, there is still tomorrow waiting for me.Knowing it's okay to rest for some time. Thank you wendy. saranghee we reveluvs are really lucky to have you.

  51. wendy stream


  52. wendy stream

    still here, strea ming

  53. Sansa Astafara

    One of the most difficult coreography yet one of the best in kpop. Seulrene jjang !!

  54. kami

    her voice is so angelical. i love her so much 🤍

  55. Marife Cantos

    Joy's Solo is comingggggg!!!! Congratulations in advanced Queen!! 💚

  56. Redvelvet joy

    Can't wait to listen her solo album

  57. Jody Jody

    WENDY Thanks for your songs The whole album is totally amazing

  58. not me

    See other members busy. I am jealous that only u didnt do any activity but i hope u are always healthy. Take ur time. I will be waiting for u😭❤️

  59. 현욱

    WE NEED RV COMEBACK June period!!!

  60. Jane Park

    soooooo excited for your solo debut

  61. reve eonni

    ang galingggg grabeeeee ikaw padin best main vocalist koooo

  62. reve eonni

    just got my wendy like water album and I'm definitely loving all songs this is the best album for me this yearrrr and also looking forward to our sooyoung solo album

  63. Larry Garcia

    Wendy... her voice.. i luv it (im a girl tho)

  64. Iruka


  65. SoLo

    I'm not even a Reveluv but I admire their voices. Superb! 👌 Can't stop listening to this song 😍

  66. Diya Swaroopa

    I am don't stan red velvet but still I am obsessed with this song

  67. 디로

    솔로 가수 슬기가 보고싶다..솔로 데뷔 어디쯤 왔니..?

  68. X MIPA 3_06_ANDITA AYU W

    miss this cutie so much

  69. kooksfilter


  70. Aaron Xervy Agang

    2:03 this freaking bass line is so gud

  71. Sadika Sultana

    Soloist joy is coming soon🥳🥳

  72. Sadika Sultana

    I'm a from Bangladesh🇧🇩. Where are you from reveluvs ??

  73. Sadika Sultana

    Joy solooooo..😭😭

  74. Sadika Sultana

    Soloist joy is coming soon🥳🥳🥳🙈

  75. Ecrin #YUQİSOLO

    Wendyy çok güzelsin😭💖

  76. brianna Antón

    Joy solo album

  77. syed zubaidaakhtar

    Irene is so beautiful😍

  78. Trang Phùng

    Break all my body

  79. Suv Ekshya

    Finally we are getting JOYLO 🤩