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  1. Jeetu jaan king

    My father is very ill, pray that he gets well soon 🔜🔜🔜🔜🔜🔜ii

  2. Nanda Bhusel

    Too cute 😍☺

  3. Explore Earth

    Really great vlog

  4. Anup Pinnada

    Obviously and officially dhruv rathee

  5. Astha Dwivedi

    10:48 bahar ki surroundings 😂

  6. My Mail

    Dhruva bole toh maza nahi aya is baar.

  7. All round

    I love you juli

  8. Astha Dwivedi

    Man!! I love your simplicity❤️ both of you. Sweet, simple, cheerful!!

  9. Bitu Ray

    Juli ie the best camera person for Dhruv❤️👍

  10. Vijay Kumar

    Drive Rathee your laughing is very cute


    Cool! Nice video. ✌️

  12. Ritesh Bharti

    Kafi baraf girne lag rahi hai dosto......

  13. Shivam rai

    you are a only single vloger from india who capturing a advenchures places all over the world

  14. Bhu Win

    Thumbnail looks like dhruv is about to time travel

  15. Ubaid khan

    I think surely your vlogs give the information about any country mostly u present the vlog this country Finally u motivate to me every vlog.. Tnx Dhruv bhai..

  16. No One

    Dhruv's jacket reminded me of Jonas

  17. Rakesh Kumar mahato

    Please visit Istanbul Turkey. Lovely place

  18. Wahadat Nasim

    Itna v mushkil nahi h aag lagana... BJP walo se sikho..😁

  19. Mukul Keshari

    Do you have any plans to visit Gothenburg??

  20. Rayyan Syed

    9:16 THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID *it's actually thicker than I thought*

  21. Shubham Soni

    Ideology toh chodo hi lifestyle hi bohot hai bhakto ko jalane ke liye ~ Dhruv :-p

  22. ramanpreet singh Sandhu

    Swedish instructor with American accent?

  23. OPK Vlogs

    Wow kya ice ilend tha kamal tha

  24. chaba tapi

    God bless you two. When i see you two, i feel happy because you two are just like us (me and my boyfriend) simple and genuine ❤️.

  25. Adnan Umar

    Video title is incorrect:it should be "Why" Not "We"

  26. ʀᴀᴠɪ sᴇɴɪᴏʀ

    phir se snow😂😂😂

  27. Mountain Kid

    Bro tu himachal aaja teri hight jitna snow mil jayegi


    I have been thru all the vlogs till now some even more than once but half way thru this, I don't wanna continue till the end. I don't know why.

  29. Sun Molla

    Bro shoe is something more exciting and new .....

  30. Abhishek Dhakad

    7:47 Han haina thik hai....😁😁😂😂❤️❤️

  31. Manroop Singh Nanda

    This couple <3

  32. explore the world

    Who all are preparing for jee😭😭

  33. shady life

    Refreshing background Music this time👍👍👍👍👍

  34. Mahaveer Singh

    777k subscribers brother god bless you

  35. sadan qureshi

    In this vlog ur not active

  36. Nilofar Khan


  37. THE GOD

    escape room 2 only available in dhruv rathee vlogs

  38. How Gothigh

    Man vs wild show : 1st modi ji 2nd akshay Kumar 3rd rajnikanth 4th dhruvrathee Bear be like : mein kya job chor du Indians atmanirbhar bharat 🐵🐒🦧🐒🐶🐕🐕🦍🐕🐒😀🔥😀🔥😉😀😂🍀🍀

  39. Indra Choudhary

    10 21 12 9

  40. michael noronha

    nice to see Dhruv clean shaven for a change

  41. Deepanshu Kadu

    Am I the only one thinking that the timeline of vlogs seems improper or i'm normal?

  42. swarup tarkase

    Can we just take a moment and appreciate Juli's sense of humour please!!!!!!

  43. Devraj Anand

    Bhaiya boring laga ye vlog phele jaisa laga 🙄🙄

  44. Anand Kumar

    Wow ! 🔥

  45. Hardik Naman

    How did he free himself from the handcuffs🤔

  46. Devannik Das

    One Question - is Juli using some sort of bot for Instagram...... cause her account is private but when I sent a request it got accepted within an hour

  47. Manjeet Singh

    Damn!....he looks like TOM CRUISE 😳

  48. Nilesh Pareek

    aur yaha dilli me gaadi ko start kar ke kuch der AC chalana hota hai ki vo thandi ho jaye aur baith paye :D

  49. Ramesh arora

    Aj ladai hui hai shayad

  50. Saksham Kapoor

    When I see the drone shots , it really feels like it's a movie going on 😍!!

  51. 515 Naresh Kumar

    Jonas the time traveller is back.

  52. Devanga Phukan

    Was the instructor american ?

  53. ismail ahmed

    Dhruv I think julie is getting bored with your company not exicited as before as seen in previous vlogs ziyada briyani bhi hazam nahi hoti try fasting😉... hahaha just kidding enjoy your journey take care...

  54. Musharaf Hussain

    Arrange my trip to Sweden Dhruv bro plz I never went to such cold area. If u do this the dreams comes true for me really.

  55. JATT

    Hussain and Priyanka 😅😂

    1. 6 5

      love zehad 😀

  56. Rajat Goyal

    Thoda boring tha ye vlog...

  57. shivanshu shukla

    After so long time😄😄

  58. Nitish Das

    6:33 I would love this as a wallpaper.

  59. Akhil krish

    What is the bgm during drone shot

  60. Manju Nirala

    What do you mean by flight overbooked?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😒😒😒😒😒

  61. Agrim Sodhi

    Dhruv or juli, have anyone of u seen WandaVision Ep9...

  62. Rapper Banik Organic

    How did the flight land on snow without drifting brother?

  63. Rameez Shamalik

    Lamest background score ever!

  64. Arsh Siddiqui

    behave like couple as such as in flyining beast vlog

  65. JUICE 999


  66. Abhishek Sharma

    Topi baaj😂😂😂 hai Dhruv 😂😂 just kidding brother 😀❤️❤️❤️

  67. Arsh Siddiqui

    itni late

  68. Vikrant Thakur

    The sweetest moment "hai na ? " And the reply :- hain thik hai 😍😍😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  69. Abhishek Sharma

    9:23 Stockholm to corona 😂😂😂

  70. Aakanksha Maddheshiya

    Yrrr is time to dar lag rha ..... 😂😂

  71. Be I

    Only Winter can change Dhruv's Plain T Shirt dress😂😂

  72. Aditya Kumar

    Yeh dhruv to modi ji se jyada विदेश यात्रा कर रहे हैं 😝.....


    7:48 😂😂theek hai

  74. Tejas Vaydande

    Dhruv Rathee 💘

  75. Debanjan Mandal

    What drone do u use.

  76. Reeta Rani

    777000 subscribers

  77. Vikrant Thakur

    So u all took more than a week to get out of the room 😒😒😒🤧🤧🤧😴😴😴😴😴

  78. a z0127

    I love the snow

  79. Faizan Haider

    Bss karja Dhruv bhai teri aur ice skating video nahi dekhni 🥴

  80. Abhishek Sharma

    Dhruv video ad arjun Pathak 😂😂😂 kon kon hai jise ke yeh ad aayi hai 😂😂