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  1. montecore1001

    Didnt turn out THAT good did it lmao

  2. Mad Max


  3. MrMegas2

    where's pepe

  4. Bronzy

    0:25 vein of 2 emeralds??

  5. calléuzinho

    for this i pay internet 🤣

  6. Eren Yeager

    I bet Xbox won’t reply to this comment.

  7. Lipe Hehe

    400 TB

  8. Богдан Рябенко

    Not bad, brings me good Paladin memories.

  9. Gavin Micheal

    I miss the v neck i thought it looked good

  10. Chirpzie

    Just release it already

  11. estream fire

    Espero que se pueda para la xbox one s -_-

  12. Jovani P

    the old trailer was better, objectively

  13. HaraldF 04

    The same month as my birthday👍

  14. The 007

    Nice tease for the sequel remake

  15. ZW - 05AG 812275 Silver Creek PS


  16. aidan the god

    Imagine if it was able to play games and if I had one xbox hook me up with one

  17. Posef On Mobile

    Let's see if you get tricked Read more

  18. Samuel Aviles

    ayo Xbox let us use any characters in our username

  19. Scp High command

    I really wish there were more flight sims for Xbox

  20. Jahirs8

    who's here in 2021?

  21. Kermit the Frog


  22. TheBBQBandit

    Xbox, when you releasing this?!?!?

  23. Italo Gamers!!


  24. Chungus Bungus

    Hope to see some of my fav hot wheels cars i have in there

  25. Hugo Ortiz

    Yeahh i’ll pass

  26. Imperial Red

    I have the red sportek controller

  27. ‎

    Beautiful isn’t it!

  28. Nightmare Central

    At least they didn’t crush the tomatoes

  29. Pedro marcelino da Silva Pereira

    Genital jousting coming 10 march 2021 xbox one mature 17+

  30. D Bechtel

    I love when trailers act like their game was good the first time around

  31. ThatOne Driver

    I really hope NASCARs stay in this new game, if not I don’t think we’ll see as many leagues as we have today.

  32. Zack Bertuzzi

    Please Make NHL 2004 And Burnout 3 Backwards Compatible

  33. Zack Bertuzzi

    Please Make NHL 14 And NFL Tour Backwards Compatible

  34. Zack Bertuzzi

    Please Make NHL 14 And NFL Tour Backwards Compatible

  35. ArcHie MaN

    It's like the forza 3 hot wheels expansion (which I own) but this looks better!

  36. Ethan Osborne

    I hope they make something like forzas next

  37. The Juicy Orange

    Minecraft bedrock: for kids Minecraft Java: Technicians

  38. Miami Paradise Radio


  39. Nico 2ds

    Sonid 1:01

  40. S_Jimenez