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  1. Mike Jasper

    Annoying sow!

  2. Jessica March

    If they added things like FULL TIME HOURS and FULL BENEFITS and UNIONS then this would become a more popular industry for employees and there would be no shortage of workers.

  3. Stan Capar

    Even in Africa,Asia,South America more protect the seniors than Canada. Trudeau discovered the useless seniors have to die. Not did nothing and be responsible is crime.

  4. Ska Sc

    Put a uniform on a pig it’s still a pig.

  5. Dennis Cane

    I doubt it be mindful of the source.

  6. Canada Goose07

    I love when they come up with these surveys. They don’t ask anybody anything but then they make up this chart that shows that they asked everybody something. Nobody I know it was asked this question.

  7. Gabby J

    No accountability in this world.

  8. Peppermint

    You meant the Long term business care facilities

  9. B King

    This is what's running OUR country , Can't , Understand , Normal , Thinking !!!!!!!!

  10. Shelah Chapman

    Who is this chagger person with the large eyebrows???

  11. sumisuokami

    Nagash returns!

  12. J Scott

    yes there is doubt

  13. cynthia cools-lartigue

    Typical of this liberal government...do as I say but not as I do..

  14. Stan Capar

    Take responsibility has to resign What kind of responsibility Trudeau got?????????

  15. Greg Smith

    how cute. in other news. woman eaten by momma bear and cubs. you might want to invest in air horns

  16. Stan Capar

    Every death call Trudeau in jail What responsibility she got. What value has human life for Trudeau gov. go out - Trudeau

  17. Gerald Gonzales

    Look at the surroundings. That says enough about the parents. Messy, filthy and cluttered. irresponsible ignorant parents.

  18. SlayerofGiants

    Trudeau’s demonization of legal gun owners and ban on already restricted firearms is doing wonders!! Forgot about all those illegally acquired and smuggled guns being used by cartels, gangs and dealers 😂 And.. in case they forgot, civilians can’t buy assault rifles.. 😂😂 semi auto only.

  19. The Supreme Veggie Burger

    Enbridge line 5 , and line 3 should be shut down .

  20. Shelah Chapman

    Buttsy boy is a disgrace to Canada.

  21. Nash Ville

    Most Canadians probably would rather move about this planet freely, our right, clearly outlined in everyone's passports....but who reads a passport. Sign it with all rights reserved. Also when you buy you ticket. Sign with all rights reserved so in the future they can't tell you you signed your rights away.

  22. Natalie Liao

    Looking at this video, I wan thinking there are more hazardous areas in my house...almost everywhere!

  23. Mankind


  24. Barry Wakeford

    After you finally leave office. I would recommend a change of residence. IN ANOTHER COUNTRY.

  25. Elena Marques

    is it that difficult to answer a when question? dang!!! this country is run by ... I want my taxes back!! I'd rather pay a child at least they would tell you the truth.

  26. Mike McCarthy

    there needs to be a special circle of hell created for the selfish arseholes who block other people's drives.

  27. kaglaw

    I dont think that little one is going to make it.

  28. J Scott

    how about a vote on it

  29. christina Eh!

    Sweet, but I wouldn't of been that close filming... I would be hidden, or upstairs.

  30. cuinican1980

    Driver: Outstanding!

  31. Walter Smith

    Where are the parents or caregivers? This incident was totally avoidable. So let’s blame the manufacturer instead of ones who were supposed to be watching their children. Peloton should not be required to recall their treadmills or pay anyone a dime. We have turned into a ‘blame them’ culture. I’m sure lawyers nationwide are licking their chops to sue Peloton when it’s the parents/caregivers that should be held accountable.

  32. K W

    How come the child can just pull themselves out? I thought the treadmill was super heavy?

  33. Scott Meech

    Level of anxiety... Wonder what caused this anxiety,,, I'll give you a hint, it's not really Covid

  34. Kristin DeJong

    Just as I suspected. It isn't unsafe equipment, it is bad parenting.

  35. sodbuster

    The mother bear takes better care of her children than most humans.

  36. Diana Tyler

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  37. MrStradia

    That treadmill ate the child! In all seriousness, it could have bene worse. Seeing this video, it's tough to blame Peleton, though. Appears to be a combination exercise and kids play room which would explain the camera I suppose.

  38. Shantella Smith

    She knew if a mistake was being made while she was getting her nail done she should have said something then so it could’ve been fixed she just didn’t want to pay all the money

  39. Tryah 12

    Peloton should sue the parent(s) for child neglect and room neglect...that room was nasty as hell!!!

  40. 楊先生

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  41. 3D Gremlin


  42. 楊先生

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  47. Ian Myers

    Ever since Trudeau got in, the Governments just become the Largest Drug Dealer in the country. Way to go Canada.

  48. Jesse M.

    Wow this is shocking

  49. Mark Green

    Tool sorry but can't trust you.

  50. Mark Green

    The path we need is for you to step aside and let Perrier for P M.

  51. quiddity65

    Time for Anarchy

  52. Matthew Cupelli

    cute dogs

  53. Sia it's me

    Well... did he pay the ticket...? 🤔

  54. John Smith

    What is it going to take to get responsible politicians who protect their citizens in a pandemic? Cases of the India and South African vsriants are here because you brought them here.

  55. Malibu Stacy

    The push up bra and edible panty guidelines have not been fair to some of the older participants and they are bitter because of it.


    Once see indian parliament or assembly... this looks pretty decent 😂😂

  57. S 30

    These are our “leaders” ? Ha!

  58. Jess John

    What, spoiled rich brats who had nothing but rainbows throughout their life, cant handle a crisis situation? Im shocked

  59. gregshock

    That little one isn’t gonna make it.

  60. Mike Rhodes

    I don't blame the parents at all. That looks like one of those "life lessons". Like falling off your bike. Kid seems fine. I hear they are resilient at that age.

  61. Mahmoud Bin Garad

    Um... now we dont'!

  62. eodiver88

    Parents fault and they will undoubtedly find a scumbag lawyer who will sue them for millions. Sad as there is no longer any personal responsibility for ones actions or neglect.

  63. eodiver88

    Where were their parents? They should be charged with child neglect.

  64. Jules C

    Did anyone else feel like that window wasn’t adequate enough to be the only thing separating them from momma bear?

  65. Our Living Hope


  66. mimi lolo

    Lovely 🥰

  67. Leia Stone

    Hope the runt makes it 😩

  68. Ajeeb

    She herself looks like a immigrant

  69. Turd Ferguson

    It’s up to society to implement change. We need to be collective on the issues and make change happen. So, how’s that get done? Any ideas?

  70. gnr 1978forever

    All candians can travel you just gotta quarantine when you get home.

  71. Ryan Hopwood

    Clearly a handful of women can’t handle politics.

  72. John Burns

    This job should never have been given to a doctor. When you're the presiding dog, you can't follow the practice of shoving the problem onto someone else's plate.

  73. Bobby Daniel

    We need to know which Canadians want to relinquish their Charter Rights. If you going to vote against the Charter, you can't be anonymous. Civil servants need identifying marks so we know who to trust and what to charge now.

  74. Huberman Project

    Awwwww cute 😍

  75. Carol Weideman

    Unfortunately, shaming does not just cover vacation but all things these days even an opinion you may have.

  76. Nitish Kumar Diwakar

    Like dislike ratio says it all.

  77. teja jerinova

    Wow, gorgeous event.

  78. homo sexual

    Yeah that is terrifying. Wow. But honestly i think if that was in my house it would be unplugged unless i was using it. You dont let kids play on that kinda stuff.

  79. Stacy Epps

    Well i see the bears enjoying ur pool and cubs so cute yall be careful!!!

  80. a google user

    Pierre for PM