Here to entertain, by being myself! #BeHumble

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  1. Amritpal Kaur


  2. Pragati Sharma


  3. Vikas Shrivastava

    This has become my go to song❤🤍 Whenever I feel low it helps me to get my strength back..❤ Thank you so much for blessing us with this beautiful naat... 🤍❤❤ Let's pray for this covid situation and Palestine!!

  4. KG Bhatia


  5. Sadaf_Salam B_sado

    Tanzu ❤️

  6. Uzrat Ul Zehra

    ''Tera dar ho mera sar ho Mera dil ho tera ghar ho ''🥺❤

  7. Anushka bisht

    Eid mubarak may Allah bless you❤️

  8. Anushka bisht

    Super proud to be a part of #squadtk in this time of negativity all over this makes me super positive and calm love tk ❤️

  9. Anushka bisht

    50 k comments ❤️

  10. Uzrat Ul Zehra

    ''Tamanna mukhtasar si hai ki hum sab ek hojayai'' ✨💙

  11. Uzrat Ul Zehra


  12. Uzrat Ul Zehra


  13. Uzrat Ul Zehra


  14. Uzrat Ul Zehra


  15. Uzrat Ul Zehra


  16. Uzrat Ul Zehra


  17. Uzrat Ul Zehra


  18. Uzrat Ul Zehra


  19. Uzrat Ul Zehra


  20. Uzrat Ul Zehra


  21. hardeep kaur


  22. Pradip Nogja


  23. Fareeha Khan


  24. Suzanne Priya

    Pls give the translation of the song in the description box....I really wanna know the meaning of each line of this soothing song

  25. Fareeha Khan

    Subhan’Allah 😍✨

  26. Khanak Khandelwal

    Yash i love you so much😘

    1. Yash

      I love you tooo babe!

  27. Devanshi Birla

    You are THE BEST 🥺🤍

  28. Nikita Agarwal


  29. Afiya Ahmed

    This song is sukoon .heard this song many time .Now in love with song .thanks .Apko bhi eid mubarak ♥️😍☺️

  30. rina saha

    ye Sunne me alag hi sukoon mil raha😌

  31. Saiyed Saiyed


  32. Laiba Khan


  33. Laiba Khan


  34. Laiba Khan


  35. Kashish Goyal


  36. Rishika Maheshwari

    Can anyone plz explain the meaning....I like the song very much 🥰🥰 sukoon❤️❤️

  37. Krishna Maheta

    Eid Mubarak to each and every person reading this. May your life be full of happiness and blessings. Please spread positivity around you during these times. May Allah bless you. Pray for Palestine 🤍🙏

  38. Rifa

    Eid mubarak everyone❤❤Lotsss of love!!!!

  39. Kinjal Jain


  40. Tanzeel Khan

    EID MUBARAK Family♥️ ! May the lord grant all your wishes... Also don’t forget to pray for the covid situation and Palestine! 💔

    1. Samaira Shaikh Arif

      Eid mubarak.. Allah appko duniya ki sari kushiya de appko kamiyaab banaaye yehi dua hai meri

    2. Priya Gupta

      Aapko bhi eid mubarak bhai😊

    3. Mnv_is_ life_20

      Khair Mubarak🥺🌙

    4. সোমা ইসলাম

      Bhai EID MUBARAK 🌙. God bless you Bhai. 💖 💗 💞 💕

    5. vissamlover_21 vissamlover_21


  41. Harshita Pahwa

    This is what we call sukoon❤️

  42. Amii virK

    keep it up

  43. Amii virK

    tanzeel mashallah boht achi aawz hai apki

  44. Amii virK

    love this naat love from Pakistan


    Why are we so slow other videos get so many views why can't this pure naat which gives pure sukoon cross 1M till now I freaking can't get it


    Guys we have come only half our way more 50K to go for 100K and more 750K to go for 1M

  47. Tonima Tanjim Eva

    Eid Mubarak to y'all 🌙✨❤️

  48. jamila Zeeshan

    Ap k lyrics .. 😍

  49. Aditi Sharma

    Peaceful mind 😌

  50. Aditi Sharma

    Peace ✌

  51. Aditi Sharma

    On loop

  52. Aditi Sharma

    Love this 😀

  53. Aditi Sharma

    Above all 🤩

  54. Aditi Sharma

    Beautiful 😍

  55. Aditi Sharma


  56. Aditi Sharma


  57. Aditi Sharma


  58. Aditi Sharma


  59. Aditi Sharma


  60. Aditi Sharma


  61. Aditi Sharma


  62. Yashika Bathla

    Sukoon 💕💕

  63. Khushi Madnani

    Besttt singer❤❤❤

  64. Muskan Queen

    Fav mashallah ❤️🥺😍

  65. myra babbar

    i died laughing on yeh kaun hai matakiya and i started snorting my mom was like looking at me like mujhe mental dorah par gaya hai

  66. kainaat salem

    Beautiful MASHA ALLAH

  67. Sahla Awais

    Eid Mubarak TK ✨✨🤍🤍🤍

  68. Sahla Awais

    MASHALLAH ♥️♥️♥️✨✨✨

  69. Ali Hashir

    Love you tanzeel and also voted for #aktk

  70. Yashi Rastogi

    SUKOON!!! ✨

  71. Yashi Rastogi

    SUKOON!!! ✨

  72. Yashi Rastogi

    SUKOON!!! ✨

  73. Yashi Rastogi

    SUKOON!!! ✨

  74. Yashi Rastogi

    SUKOON!!! ✨

  75. Yashi Rastogi

    SUKOON!!! ✨

  76. Yashi Rastogi

    SUKOON!!! ✨

  77. Yashi Rastogi

    SUKOON!!! ✨

  78. Yashi Rastogi

    SUKOON!!! ✨

  79. Yashi Rastogi

    SUKOON!!! ✨

  80. Yashi Rastogi

    SUKOON!!! ✨