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  1. ferrero rochers

    canon gfx mark ii rn : 🥲

  2. Tommy Cornett


  3. Adi Sampath Puppala



    Am I late?

  5. jvalelop2003

    Justine: "Look at this mess" The mess: * is organized *

  6. Eugene Elkin

    NICE AWES0ME 🍨🍨🍨🍚🍔🍔🍟🍟🍟🍟🏁 💨 🍮 🥧 🍡 🍧 🍨 🍦 🍰 ❗ 🐬 🌹 🌷 🍁 💐🍂 🐡🐄 🐅 🐆 🐯 🍣 🍣 🍣 🥘 🍨🍨🍨

  7. Shibumi

    Does anyone realize she just spent $25,000 for the memory ALONE? 😳. That computer is now at over $50,000...

  8. SAS Productions

    how do u edit without having headphones in? like to hear u talk in the clips and that it blends well into next clip. i have pretty crap hearing with little speakers and i always use headphones. i know the macbook pro 16 has better speakers i just hope the video voicing is clear.

  9. Guppi Bhamra

    2021 anyone

  10. Kingpuppet

    Thank you for making this video, I love your videos. I just bought the iPhone 12 in purple for my boyfriend, it's his birthday at the end of the month. I think he will love it. Can't wait to see more of your content. Love and light from Steven from Scotland.✌🏼

  11. Moped Mike

    I order from Best Buy two days ago and they arrived today I got just two air tags and two red leather keychains one for my keys and one for my book bag this is the first device to track my stuff I am excited to see how on my keys I could never find them and I like the automation feature in find my app that is really cool

  12. Kenneth Lau

    next time please just let us concentrate listening to the sounds quality from the speaker not your "wow"...

  13. Reyna Moncibaiz


  14. jordan mayne

    1:10 and ijustine is incredibly strong

  15. Homanly30


  16. Turki Max

    ⚠️ To Insta 360 management Customers are in need to see an advanced/pro version on Insta 360 One X series. Imagine 1 Inch sensor with 8K and 30+ MP photo capabilities 👍🏼 Customers can pay a premium for that... 👏🏼

  17. Khalid Malik 1118

    Hi friend how are you

  18. Hichem Ellouze

    In 2000 I wasn't on the earth. I was -4 years old

  19. AMR XBX

    Am sorry but is bad

  20. AMR XBX

    A very Bad intro

  21. alfredo garcia

    I love your videos iJustine!

  22. alfredo garcia

    imma buy my daughter an apple pencil for her ipad air

  23. Daniel Rowland

    I was -5

  24. Don Alpaccio

    Thank you for sharing your story. I really enjoyed it and appreciate that you’ve opened to us!

  25. Wil Smith

    For a $400 phone it takes really good photos.

  26. Jupiter Five

    Check out the LG stand. They usually have some new, amazing tech to show off.

  27. Manjeet Kaur

    Why are you reacting so much on stupid old phone

  28. Rahul Kapoor

    in 2000, i was 7 and had never heard of Apple till the iPod came out.

  29. TSM _Shiazen

    That’s not a good fridge for me imagine getting a midnight snack from that thing and it blasts out that music my whole family would wake up lol

  30. Bella Zainuddin

    Does anyone know any link to a glow in the dark AirTag case?? I desperately need it 😩

  31. Haleed Saleeh


  32. Kieran Moss

    She must have a 50% share in Apples profits surely. 😂

  33. Re_Spawn81

    hi do you when this is going to be released?

  34. andrew r

    Just plug a video RCA into the round connection in the middle on the back. Plug the other end into video in on tv. Select the right input on tv and BAM. You have a monitor

  35. Ramon Balthazar

    One thing I like about the Duo being lightning is that if you're travelling you can just bring one cable and have still have the choice to charge either just your phone with lightning or both phone and watch with the Duo. Although Apple could've solved that by making the iPhone USB-C 😒

  36. Linosh The Halo Gamer

    1:00 Up the game Noble 6 The Covenant is on Reach

  37. Mikhwan 256

    can't wait to see your review about the new imac 2021 m1 and ipad pro m1

  38. Arnav verma OFFICIAL

    Hey Justine can you give away old Mac book to me?

  39. Macy S

    *damn.. apple used to put so much in the box...*

  40. Edmund amadeo Sembiring

    Hey Justine review the new iPad pro

  41. Melbi Carrillo

    2021 anyone?😆😁🤍

  42. Dylan White

    Why is everyone else not putting the loop in the clasp like she is.

  43. Paramjeet Kaur

    I loved that Justine kept telling to ITS A SLEEVE it was kinda halarious😀😎👍


    PAprom recommend me after 12 years😂😂😂

  45. Scrap!

    I was -4 years old in 2000 :/

  46. Denis Kuprin

    Do not consider me an idiot ... I am just very vulnerable to many and my mental state is severely undermined. + binaural beats

  47. Romski Foxy

    You are so annoying. you're a brat because I never get anything you have unboxed again

  48. Siva Kumaran

    Hey justine where is the imac 2021 unboxing

  49. 757 Superfan


  50. Mikail Mahrus

    Justine is going crazy and yeah no sh**

  51. Rachel

    Any International Army here 👇

  52. Jibril Suleiman

    The chase at 3:27 Haha

  53. n

    It reminds me of a toaster😅

  54. TTVHulking Deer


  55. juan argueta

    Got mine and it's amazing the design is really something

  56. Hey it's Fanz

    Would you like to buy it for me since I’m poor?

  57. Gary Martinez

    Mcallister. They’re all the same

  58. Logan Jacobsen

    My First phone was a Samsung Galaxy S

  59. Logan Jacobsen


  60. hapwn

    Cool ap, nice video. Can I use this on the 8? I just broke my android.

  61. Thatcher Hebert

    This video cost more than my house

  62. trolllboyxd

    I wish I could have a iPad and I am stock with iphone 5

  63. savag3 j

    Oh yea and just to tell you the covid vaccine is killing people

  64. Saeed Hosein 1A

    Do it fits in your hand good?

  65. Hey, I'mValarie

    So the price... Either some of my mortgage or this. Hm... 🤷

  66. Riley Mishina

    On her tik tok she used a filter that makes her lips huge so I just had to check she didn’t do that

  67. Josephine M. Quilon-Ollero

    Gurl do you even age?

  68. Snsd Jerry

    Here from Ed roasting

  69. Ghoulz


  70. Dan Does Tech

    Me: Takes my eyes off of the video for few seconds reading the comments. Tyler: Hey Justine how you doing? Justine: Hmm- Ad: Download a free audiobook. I full on thought Justine was possessed for a moment.

  71. Katherine Elizabeth

    The Skitch app on the home screen though aw I miss it 😭

    1. Katherine Elizabeth

      Aw Vine I MISS YOU

  72. Josephine M. Quilon-Ollero

    Oh my G! how are you so condfident?! I can't even do that sis!

  73. Dalyn Weller Author

    That was 🤩 fun!

  74. FireFishMike

    Hey Justine: Here's a fun fact for you to research: How much revenue was generated by Apple Inc. between the 1st generation iPhone 1 launch and the most recent 'saturated' iPhone 12 mini purple phone you bought? Hint: Think Big (which just happens to be one of Apple's most iconic taglines).

  75. FireFishMike

    3:00 was she really crying about the fact that she was able to turn on the iPhone 1?? WTF?! I'd be a fun date for iJustine because I could make her bawl by rooting the hell out of that sucker. PWN.

  76. Sterling Stauffer

    Ok Justine, I think your phone is clean now.

  77. huzaifa imran

    2021 recommendations y'all?

  78. Sterling Stauffer

    Me to!

  79. Meduse Squash795

    1:30 "The Slofie of the despair" in action 😂

  80. Tomas Montero

    Does anyone know much about the Legion slim 7/7i?