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  1. Trump Ameri

    AO 2019 NADAL..... AO 2020 Dominic Thiem...... AO 2021 Medvedev..... AO 2022 continues dominance

  2. Trump Ameri

    NOVAK DJOKOVIC is G GOAT.... greatest GOAT of all time

  3. Philippe CAL

    La volée derrière le carré de service et le dernier point vs Zverev sont monstrueux de géométrie !

  4. Molybdaenmornell

    18:39 - well, they were wrong!

  5. James Liu

    It does not sound like a tropical American accent to me.

  6. Mugiwara

    Yunes only needed a strong backhand

  7. Нема више

    Serena is a man.


    How have I only just found out about this guy

  9. Aden Brink

    This is the quietest I’ve ever heard Rafa play before

  10. Aaron Szeto

    LOL Having an international day just for having a vagina? You know how pathetic that is? Instead of glorifying women just for the sake of it, it should be for what they've done, accomplished and what they've given and contributed to their societies and the world.

  11. chrishenry george Alter

    Super athlete ... novak ... such determination... he really plays tennis with passion... roger is brilliant ...just not athletic enough....rafa lose his intensity after injury n not fast anymore...

  12. Rohit Bei

    Us open learn something. Snow flake

  13. markus mirtti

    Black AMERICAN lives matter, not African it seems like the Nigerian girls that are being kidnapped all the time. I haven't seen any marches or boycotts or kneeling for them. So selfish so selfish , youre promoting yourself being noticed and seen.

  14. Marc C

    From 4-4 in the 2nd set, Osaka won 8 consecutive points to win the Title. Few have closed out a grand slam that convincingly.

  15. vosharap

    Great match from Kenin!

  16. Sagar Thakuri

    these toxic fan must surely be an extra motivation for Djoker to beat their favourites every fuckin time lol.

  17. L


  18. Miloš Stanojković

    2020 final was more entertaining. Last one, Nole was eager to destroy cocky Medvedev. And he did, he placed him where he belongs. This one could easily go to Thiem.

  19. 521chiko

    Serena and Venus should play till 50! they should give others the satisfaction and the glory of how good it is to beat a champion! let the new girls experience this one! It's good for these new players!

  20. Tufik DLC

    What a waste of energy that was, unbelievable

  21. saif khan

    She is damn cute 😍

  22. Maurizio Taiariol

    Ubaldo not too bad persempre

  23. Jake Huang

    I hope Thiem picks up Wawrinka's torch as the one-hand backhander who trashes Novak at the slams

  24. Eoin Mannion

    Legend has it, they're still rallying today

  25. Jerry Boby

    Tennis is so beautiful to watch

  26. Ashwin Dubey

    Can anyone explain, what happened at 12:36 when serena serves. what kind of fault that Was?

    1. Wessoni

      She shouted while hitting the ball, which is a fault because of hindrance

  27. gabriel gervais

    This must be my 10th time watching this. Serena - I like her game - knows deep down the 24th is ''likely'' never going to happen. Osaka didn't work very hard to outclass her here. Not to put Serena down, not at all, but, we get older, things change, newer bloods come along either still in their teens or barely left it. There is supposed to be a difference between that category and 39\40. Same goes for Federer. Same for the greats of yesterday, no matter how much they are loved. Serena, I feel, will not be playing much longer.

  28. robert mitic

    Training day...so easily...lesson.


    Novak...you are so good ❤️❤️...Love from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳

  30. Krishna Chaitanya


  31. Dennis Arnold Arnold

    71 shots great

  32. walle w

    Everyone: Why is everyone hating Djokovic? another person: Can't find a single hate comment. me:cant find people asking why everyone Is hating

  33. agradina

    i would retire if i was fritz cant beat a injured player so sad

  34. wilhelmus jehadun

    Her voice like a men

  35. Bilal Altaf

    Yup brave

  36. ShadowShinobi108

    3:08:20 now that's a sexy ... whatever you call it

  37. Miss A

    asian players r the best. osaka, hyeon, michael, hsieh

  38. Miss A

    japanese always wear those tied headbands, so cute

  39. Takashi

    Only the alpha males can get away with this. Was thinking what would happened in today's world if it was ur avg man...... Sexual harrassment! Hahah

  40. zikra2003

    Hingis is the most intelligent tennis player i've ever seen

  41. Nelly Diambu


  42. Nelly Diambu

    love it

  43. Jaymin Rohit

    She was crying, having tears in her eyes but presented to be and stayed strong. Also looking cute. I watched that kissing moment again and again. Aww that feel...

  44. Jaymin Rohit

    Someone tell me the name of that girl

  45. ศิริญญา ทองไชย

    Yeah, that's it! 😍😀 Love! Exercise Love! Tennis! 🎾⛹️‍♀️🚴‍♀️👯‍♀️🏃‍♀️ And many of Sports! 💪💪👍😀😍😘😘😉😊😊🤗😇💖

  46. Kaki Long

    The physical comfort ultrasonographically question because cave ecologically happen except a lavish lynx. noisy, separate diving

  47. Tiny Panduhz

    Okay but she said jennifer not jenny

  48. Manuel Flores


  49. HyPE LT

    I came to watch this final again and I completely forgot Naomi used to be with Adidas😂

  50. JiTiAr35

    I wonder if that hit the ref. Would Nadal still kiss her too?😁

  51. Sheikh Sheikh

    she's really cute 😳😳



  53. Martin Sanchez


  54. 4lugan

    Novak might win 3-4 Australian Open. Same story at Wimbledon. I wish he can win 1 more Roland Garros.

  55. wesley monroe

    The squeamish frame italy try because granddaughter neurologically greet but a harmonious kitty. ragged, agreeable flock

  56. Herr Stromi


  57. Anugrah Kumar

    Re aaj ke baad kiya na khaat ka baaal yaad dila denge

  58. Nemo Spence

    A better Australian final than this year's.

  59. Abu Abu

    it's so stimulate!!!!

  60. s account

    Is there an international men's day? Highly doubt it lol

    1. Aaron Szeto

      @s account LOL yeah, what a joke this is. And to be honest, I wouldn't even want to be remembered just for having a male organ. I'd want to be remembered for what I've actually done for this world.

    2. s account

      There's a women's afternoon at the tennis club but no men's afternoon lol

    3. Aaron Szeto

      LOL Having an international day just for having a vagina? You know how pathetic that is? Instead of glorifying women just for the sake of it, it should be for what they've done, accomplished and what they've given to their societies and the world.

    4. velipulla

      Yeah thats equality for you

    5. Toda Fett

      International Women’s Day should only last for the best of 3 sets...

  61. Saunok Chakrabarty

    Thiem went ballistic in this match. Should've won 2020 ao.

  62. Leonardo Cozzolino

    First to comment

    1. Harshita Singh

      First to reply

  63. Artistic Skillz

    I wish he'd win at least a couple like Wimbledon and US open. But father time gets us all.

  64. WoodLifeCustomBuilds By Dennis

    Thats so wonderfull, love it!

  65. Digvijaypal Sharma

    Osaka was hitting every shot down the line

    1. darin H

      yep, higher risk but serena didn't even have time to react.

  66. Baha Van

    What is this girl's name? she has instagram?

  67. Baha Van

    Как зовут эту девушку?

  68. Ian Houk


  69. MosesChristus

    Djokovic is still a jerk

  70. Branko Muñoz

    Regarding the game, I think that serena was no better than sabalenka, serena only won by experience, sabalenka showed a great level and that she has all the tennis to be a Grand Slam champion 🔥🔥🔥

  71. kay E

    FBI wants to know his address

  72. Atharva Pawar

    Favrt sabalenka😇💫🤍

  73. Tomas Grimm

    I think they didn´t talk because american raised Osaka doesn´t speak japanese while Nishikori does.

  74. Adam Chrysler Gabriel Bautista

    Serena Williams Destroy Her Tennis 🎾 Racquet What A Frustration Meltdown

  75. lehi suamili

    Bruh more like replays🙄😂

  76. Lucky Larry

    That dazed her

  77. asdknjakljye

    Crazy that Djokovic was hurt here and Fed healthy

  78. Jordan

    This commentator from New Zealand says "I've never seen anything like it!" in EVERY SINGLE MATCH that he commentates.

  79. Owen Kim

    i wonder what carreno busta's reaction would have been if we had won the match

  80. TWN321

    *JAPANESE* vs “Japanese”