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  1. Abdul Wahid

    Review aur giveaway lattepanda alpha🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. md arslaan

    Khane ko khuddi nhi sapne Biryani ke

  3. Arham Chordia

    bro stop translating mkbhd

  4. Akmal Hayat

    Nice sound

  5. Sushma B

    Super duper


    I'm not win

  7. Sujay Ghosh

    Mera bhi 14k gaya instagram pe😭😭😭😭


    I'm not win

  9. DK Status Point

    Ye 5g hai kya.....


    I'm not win

  11. Waseem khan

    bhae mujea vi mann kar rata par mene nhi liya bhei. .


    I'm not win


    Narzo 20pro

  14. Waseem khan

    bhae app koa pata hea ki


    I'm not win


    I'm not win


    "Entry" "Done" Reason why I want this phone.! I like to play pubg n i have PAprom channel I want to increase video quality n gamin quality.

  18. Prem Saini

    Nice video Bhai.


    Thanks 😁😊😁

  20. Entertaining King

    Ye video technical guru ji ne upload kr rkhi ha

  21. Ujjwal Roy

    Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra NO 1 Android Device in Android World..S21 Ultra Much much better then IPhone 12 pro

  22. Shanky Kirar

    I checked my IPhone after this 😂😂😂

  23. sakir ali

    Very nice video

  24. Aryan Gautam

    Tik tok is there in phone

  25. Mohamed Zaid Shaikh

    Like the display

  26. Devil Playz

    I am also seeing a quite add like this on instagram


    Amazing work 👏👏

  28. Mohamed Zaid Shaikh

    Premium quality. M

  29. Prince Shaw

    Great sound quality at this price

  30. Dikshit Sheoran

    Very premium quality tws at this price 🔥

  31. Prince Shaw

    F62 osm phone Specialy his price LOVE FROM

  32. Pradipto M

    Good video .But can I buy Pixel 5 from Amazon? Is it fake or original ? Please answer

  33. bhanu` sonkar

    Thanks bhai for giving good information

  34. Aashi Deswal

    My father do have this It have a great smell 😌😌


    only back glass of iiphone worth more than this clone phone so this is nice deal for tiktokers

  36. Prince Shaw

    Value for money phone CAMERA is average

  37. FearleຮຮWⱥrrΐ๏r

    Really awesome

  38. Rahul Pati

    Bahot hi "Shokeen" baat hain yeh 😂😭

  39. Neelu Gusain

    Almost 5 years back, my brother gifted me One plus phone, since then I fell in love with One Plus phones and bought One Plus 3T in between, even after three years, I am using it... Although it is having some problems now because it cracked after a great fall...... Now although I could not afford easily, but I bought One Plus 8T... Yeelliiiiiiiiiiiiii

  40. Prince Shaw

    It's such a good pro geming phone

  41. DaRk GaMinG

    Lag wo bhi Iphone mai !? Kabhi bhi nahi, it's a beast than ASUS. UNLEASH THE BEAST.

  42. legend 1


  43. Aishwarya Deshmukh

    Uska logo bhi nkli tha😂😑

  44. Angad Maurya

    Awesome Bro

  45. Pratik Shankar

    😅😅😅 clone bhi nhi bana pate sab

  46. Titanium Techy

    Iphone ka clone mere frei d k pass sirf 3000 mein usne to janbhoojkar liya hai just to show off 😂😂😘

    1. Shailesh Jadhav


  47. Parmar Bhavesh

    Thank you for information

  48. Rahul Gahlot

    Tech bar ki videos blockbuster 👍👍👍

  49. Sushant Patil

    I like Design of this realme TWS

  50. Mehraj Begum

    Your shotting camera name plz

  51. Yash Mishra

    Samsung Is Op🤩😍😍🥰

  52. Ashil

    Easy to know. Just look at the bottom bezel. This video should have been 10 sec

  53. Ritik Kumar

    Real i phone ka kaise pta lgai iss topic prr ek video bnao sir Please 🙏

  54. Pratik

    Kyu iPhone ke picche itne pagal hue pade hai saab, show off ke chakkar me khud ka hi nuksan hoga...

  55. Umesh Kumar Singh


  56. #Sandesh Graphics

    Good video helpful video

  57. Abhishek Paul

    still better than samsung a12😂

  58. Gajendra kasana kotputli

    भाई ये giveaway मत किया करो दिल मे एक उम्मीद जागकर टूट जाती है बहुत दर्द होता है brother

  59. Raja Ji

    Sanchit Bhai active subscriber ko give away kyun nahi milta????

  60. #Sandesh Graphics

    OEM dada

  61. #Sandesh Graphics

    Super dada

  62. S̶a̶g̶a̶r̶ u̶ɐ̶ɥ̶p̶ɐ̶ɹ̶Ԁ̶

    Mujhe iska battery life Sabse jyada achha laga hai

  63. Sk Anime world

    Ps5 is awesome

  64. Shrey Aherkar

    Yes bro you are always Right.

  65. Akash Roy

    Amazing phone

  66. AMAN

    Bhai tu apna nam tokh se bol

  67. Gajendra kasana kotputli

    मैं भी इंस्टाग्राम से ही लेना चाहता था 25000 बताये मेरे को लेकिन अब नही लूंगा Thank you bhai

  68. Dios人Jupiter

    Best sound quality 🔥🔥🔥

  69. Syed Humdullah

    Realme 5 pro ya samsung a30s??

  70. Ask2Himanshu

    Social media market place is filled with this type of scamy products..Last day I saw these same clone iphones .. Seriously a very gd awareness video by you.

  71. subash kc

    Thanks my friend @sanchit for this awarness video from my story.Hope you guys aware from these scams.

  72. Shaheen Parveen

    Fake 🍎🍎🍎

  73. kryptex farmy

    This is why every tiktokers has iphone 😂😂😂

  74. Pravin Kumar

    Awesome Smart phone ❤️👍

  75. Amit Bhardwaj

    Good price

  76. Bhavesh Rawat

    Seeing that chin in an iPhone is just so unsatisfying! (even tho it's a clone)

  77. Prashant TRIPATHI

    I have Lenovo Ideapad 330 (i5 8th gen, 8GM RAM, MX150 GC), can I add an SSD in it without removing HDD?

  78. Ratnesh S

    सरकार और एप्पल जैसी कंपनी.. ऐसे फर्जी क्लोन बनाने वालो पर कार्यवाही क्यों नही करती...//

  79. Al- Ahmedz

    Brother aapki bohot saari giveaway results baaki h so kab aap results announced kijiyega brother

  80. Bodhisattwa Banerjee

    realme is superseding everyone