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  1. Ahmet Demir

    lan panky olm sen bu hallere dusucek ayımıydın lan mahvoldum :(

  2. D Calton

    The thing that went flying is the toy car that junior here thought would be a good idea to leave on the steps.

  3. ALLALTITUDE productions


  4. Or

    Now is gone xd

  5. devanandauwu

    is this namjoons secret channel lol

  6. heliya tan

    Awwww that's so sweet 🥺😍

  7. Jim Smithson

    The Democrat girl vs the Republican man. The only difference is she doesn't call him racist and try and attack him afterwards because that's what a real Democrat feminist type would do. This is like the video of how to treat women. She just wants the interaction and attention and she got it so she is happy. Cool video.

  8. boi mac

    Team Quadruped ftw

  9. Vikas Choudhary


  10. marley Mathers

    Screw that. Anyone who’s climbed on rocks with moss and lichen on knows they are slippy.

  11. Stormgod Brawl

    I’ve been their before cool

  12. g C

    I've watched this so many times I sure wish it was longer

  13. Bear


  14. Moonlit Skylight

    That sounds like McCord from 100.3 the bear, haha.

  15. Middle Earth T.V.


  16. Zҽɳσɳ Lυƈαιɾҽ

    Look at that butt :v

  17. TokioTE

    He just wants to run with the pack

  18. Buck Weet

    This thing about transspecies K9's racing with humans is so unfair.

  19. Mohammed Sokni

    I literally cant survive 5 seconds watching the chocolate/candy without eating it

  20. Hennessy Faust

    517 ppl need a punch in the can someone dislike this video...smfh... pathetic...😏

  21. johnabuick

    It's a pretty small or old dog that can't outrun a human, any human.

  22. Dominique Miller

    The dog sounds like a child

  23. Jeah Winder

    Hello owl you are so cute.💕💋

  24. Mel VN

    I've watched this a million times and I laugh so hard every time. I love this video. Love watching it when I'm having a bad day cuz he puts a smile on my face..

  25. Mteo kay

    Dog's ma dawg ! 🤷😁🐶🐕

  26. ・ゆくもり・

    Atleast he fell in the water

  27. Akeela Alexis

    Is no one gonna talk about how tf the other guy reached down there😃

  28. J A Paley

    What a sweet, patient dog.

  29. Toyree Animation

    His name is salah ayyyy Arab babyyyy

  30. LIK ENT

    Bro he’s in the front seat you could’ve at least got a little footage of y’all driving pass the car

  31. LIK ENT

    My dad died when I was only 2 years 😢Must be nice having a dad and surprising hin

  32. Clinton Scharfe



    haha funny!

  34. Someguyontheinternet


  35. Mark Farence

    "Wait. What? How? Hoo?"

    1. Mark Farence

      "Oh. It me."

  36. LRK_Nxbs

    A man has fallen into a river in lego city

  37. morris heinersz

    too cool

    1. morris heinersz

      what hat?

  38. KaMiKaZee

    What it feels like to chew 5 gum.

  39. Craig Humphrey

    Absolutely the best. Awesome

  40. 101


  41. Kathen Hernandez

    Every girl who uses Tiktok:

  42. Ordonity

    A true underdog.... sorry I'll leave

  43. the meme lol

    A man has fallen into a river in lego city!

  44. Farnanonical

    he's just not that into you.

  45. Country frog

    My man got hops

  46. Hudz G.D

    Who else flinched the whole time she was trying to wrap the poor doggo

  47. Bobby B.

    There is only one real hall of fame and it's members are this guy and Chuck Norris.

  48. Arsenal Saiyan

    The guy that fell probably hates dogs now

  49. Jensen Maldonado

    Animals are Soo intelligent if only they had teachers!!

  50. 宮本伊織

    They are on good terms.

  51. Nicky Nicoletta

    Heart warming scene. Love between two guys and accepted by their family. That's the way it always should go.

  52. Somnus Waltz

    0:51 LMAOOO dumbass!

  53. Sandy M

    That paw to the forehead move is so interesting! I've seen cats do it before. It's a total power move. That doesn't always work.

  54. miss li

    I don’t understand what he saying its like he eating what he said

  55. Thanh Duong Ben Mansour

    the reindeer is swedish

  56. Supreme Absolutism

    Honestly, they could pass more than as bestfriends!

  57. Glee Crazy

    Me watching it over and over again: 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  58. {Allie-bubbles}

    I feel like I just witnessed something illegal

  59. a

    cute little sword on the chest compared to Brock Lesnar

  60. Bonish Koirala

    Little did the dog know, they were actually running from him

  61. jerrrrr

    oh my goodness!!! hahaha this really hit my funny bone

  62. Damelia bunny

    Beautiful shows Gods got a sense of humour He created us all

  63. Laced Blunts

    Lmao when he landed infront the second gate, he just thinks "dang could've sworn i just jumped over this".

  64. Asus McTablet

    The fastest human in the world can be beaten in a race by the average dog. It's amazing we weren't all eaten a million years ago.

  65. sammywasok

    owner: 👏👏👏 cat: 🎹🎹🎼🎹🎼🎹🎼🎹🎼🎼🎼

  66. Isabel ꨄ

    The sound tho “PLOP”

  67. XxMathias fortunexX


  68. stormwatcher59

    That must be so freaky to him...

  69. Veronica Guerrero

    Baby croc:wait why you petting me Adult croc:why are you running so fast

  70. JFK dind't have winwall

    When you breed to much

  71. Ohrius Phantom

    Plot twist: Tutto la wawa is a dark magic spell that was actually sucking out the chick's life force

  72. pey

    that noise always fucking gets me man

  73. Soki Moh

    Doggo: woof (on your left)

  74. The mannequin that invested in the STONKS market

    High Schoolers: MY TURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. robert cooper

    To be fair they were slow as fuck

  76. Saturn

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 That gray cat 🐈 is such a boss!

  77. Jalkruti Mehta

    First cat goes like hey you don't you dare and then he was like oh shit sorry mom; mommm oh look mommy she hissing now

  78. zoey

    pov: you watch dream

  79. Acquibajo Wrinkle

    Oh my gosh, soooooo adorable!!! ❌⭕️♥️💙

  80. Shelby the Hamster lover

    This would give me motivation to work out but my dog would be like ew