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  1. Mānoj Hãryãná

    मार भाई मार 😂🤣🤣 गरीब लोगों का खून पीते हैं यह पुलिस वाले,,

  2. Avinash Jadhav

    Nice. 😂🤣😂

  3. sujan ahmed

    খুব খারাপ কাজ করছে।

  4. Hansiyah J

    മലയാളി എവിടെ 🤔😁

  5. Egg Girl

    The other police is standing there idiot

  6. yes No

    Galti Si ki hi lgri h tabhi sab dekh re h use. Koi rok nhi raha

  7. Sri Yadi

    orang orang di negaramu kok gak punya pri kemanusiaan ,kata orang Jawa dumeh ,dumeh duwur kastane.

  8. sridher kasarla

    Super sir

  9. Bahdeng Pyngrope

    Very very nice vedio 😆😄

  10. Pranamya Joshi

    TOI- Toilet paper of India

  11. ashish rao

    From where we will this tiles

  12. Naveen Rudravarapu


  13. Naveen Rudravarapu


  14. konex zoom1


  15. Mithun M

    Probably he might not been given his share

  16. Yasir Gul

    Wah modi ji wah

  17. M B

    Masala music

  18. Subrat Naik

    Toi has forgotten it's reporting

  19. Subin Nair

    Frustrated can do anything don't think about seniors and juniors there when ego hurts it can ruin other's life

  20. Samu Chauhan


  21. umesh Nambardar

    Well done 🙏

  22. Slow down

    Malayalees assemble, Rahul muthinu support 👍


    മലയാളി 😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥

  24. John Cafey

    Being a Himachali what I have been noticing from a very long time that the most notorious tourists are from Haryana, punjab and delhi not all of them but majority of them. Such tousists are a real disgrace and spoils the beauty & peace of the hills.

  25. sandip biswas

    technique vs brute force 🔥🔥🔥🙏🙏

  26. Salman Abbasi

    Ha ha ha ha

  27. Divya Nathani

    No they should suffer their whole life...zinda rehke jo dard milega naa..vo marne ke baad nahi

  28. Birkha Bahadur


  29. Chetan Mankar


  30. rio warrior

    inspector bollywood in action

  31. Rahul Kumar

    Shame on govt

  32. Anand B A

    Stupid officials

  33. Ravi Wankhede

    एकादीन मिरिण्डा भी ऐंसा मार खयेन्गा

  34. Ramyeanujam r u doing tab u yes I agree Madapusi

    We should.always carefull while we with childrens no boady knows what and when will happened such incident we should take special care about the.childrens at any time we may be vigilent among children

  35. Ayesha Ayesha

    Thank you Amma meru supar 🙏🙏🙏

  36. Varun k

    Larry has big muscles but rahul have strong hand power

  37. John Cafey

    Well done Himachal police such dumb needs such treatment and let me tell you these police posted there are very professional.

  38. Amir Khan

    Comedy ga Undi

  39. shahzad ahmed


  40. amogh mithbavkar

    Aesa head constable sabi police station main ho toh ....

  41. 11.01


  42. Naresh Parab

    Swara bhaskar ko kab padegi aisi

  43. KH CHISI

    Fucking police, no one dares to stop... Shame on all of them

  44. Umar Farook

    Horrible people Especially that white dressed guy laughing He is the guy who hit that old man

  45. indian singers21

    Thanks PAprom for recommending me this after 10 months

  46. Ahsan Mirza

    Yeh hai India ki police 😂😂😂

  47. maxxx drone

    This things hpn only in UP

  48. I'm an Indian

    She Fooled 2 Telugu States including inteligent police officer and Brilliant Doctors, Really She is nominated for Oscar Award without fail please

  49. Harpreet Garg

    Proud to Indians

  50. Abid. All in one chanal

    Expand this work other placese...other cities .....

  51. Abid. All in one chanal

    Wow nice and great job...

  52. akash dhama

    Why it feels satisfying 🤔

  53. Star Trek

    For what reason?

  54. White Snake

    Christian missionaries

  55. Loona Arts

    Jungle rule is there in UP, but it is also being seen. Jai Ho 🤔🤗🤔🤗🤔

  56. Moto Vlogs

    Pk hain kiya

  57. Josphin Joseph

    Not a single one is there to support Rahul panicker.....yet he made his fortune...🔥❤️

  58. Ameer Sha MK

    Moodi fans

  59. my name is khan

    Mumbai police is best 😇😇😇

  60. Ameer Sha MK

    Digital india

  61. Rajesh Joy


  62. Ajay Gupta

    Insepcator : a ek chai la re Le constable:tapa tap tapa tap

  63. Test emoney

    even they can't fight

  64. Ashish Bidaliya

    FRUSTRATED UPSC aspirant be like:😂

  65. Pradeep Guppal

    For official’s efforts 👏🏻👏🏻

  66. zainul abid psycho


  67. prashant kumar

    In jaiso se ummeed bhi kya ki ja Sakti hai chutiya thulle

  68. pm JAIN

    9251610481 Aisa system mujhe chahie Jo 16 se chal jaaye auto

  69. शिवबा आमचा मल्हारी

    Hindurashtra we want

  70. Bilal Gazi

    Allah u akbar

  71. Mr. Nice Guy 21

    2 idiots.

  72. Rocket Bunny

    Ari dada e ka dekh leyo 🧙‍♂️

  73. Akbar Khan

    Jo bhi reason ho, par dil garden garden ho gaya dekh kar

  74. Debkumar Biswas

    Keep it up Mamu log!! Proud of you.❤️

  75. Manish Manish

    50 50 नहीं हुआ है

  76. Axn3d

    If I even think about doing this my dad will use telepathy and remove me from this earth🤷🏿‍♂️. And I would never do bs like this cmon man grow a brain

  77. Choco ence Khannn

    10 se kya hoga? sarkar ko iska budget bna kr hr samaj kalyan vibhag m pahochwana chahiye

  78. Anonymous Infinite

    Don't worry, soon closed doors like Delhi metro will replace this open door metro. Phir stunt kaise karoge? Tab toh stunt bhee nae Samajh jaayegaa, log gaate hai Delhi metro main, yaa Phir short video banaate hain, Lekin Aise upar video ke stunt waale nae kar paayenge. I fear Mumbai metro Woh log travel ke liye nahee, stunt ke liye jaate hain. Itna talent hai toh Olympics ke liye aerobatics ke liye apply karo, kuch toh milega.

  79. Kamran Ansari Al-Hindi

    Ram Rajya ke sena h😂😂

  80. Eric Yun