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  1. Hai Bàn Tay vlogs

    I'm from Vietnam, very pleased to learn from you. thank you very much

  2. The Luc1f3r

    how hard it is? like real stone, glass or less?

  3. Miguel Angel Rizzo

    Que boludez. Rompio una bici al pedo



  5. Spicy Flavor Tide Pods

    Yeah. No. I don't think I want to risk getting cut up like a log in a sawmill. Especially with how the blades were at the beginning. Lol. No thank you.


    wowww amazing like me😁

  7. Bruz Intrepid

    Very nice 👍

  8. Juan Feliz

    What color are your Nike? Him: *YES*

  9. mo mo

    これ手作りできるの⁉️👏 まず最初の配線が思いつかないわ🤪

  10. JOEGE


  11. Quinten McPherson

    You should make it into a driving simulator

  12. Chill Guy

    This can cut you in half if you fall

  13. El Men380

    Nice Rocha KRG

  14. Logan Tolic

    I have all the items except for good craftsmanship, yeah we're not as skilled as u man so how the fuck are we gonna do that

  15. Pico E-girl Agiota

    *Aokiji Liked it*

  16. King K9FX17

    Looks like something from Happy Wheels

  17. ابراج وابتكارات وحاجات ومحتاجات

    عندي جديد 💚💚💚🖤🖤🖤

  18. ابراج وابتكارات وحاجات ومحتاجات

    Im from Egypt 💚💚💚💚💚💚

  19. ابراج وابتكارات وحاجات ومحتاجات


  20. Pedro Malaca reyes


  21. Plutot Crever

    PAprom was a mistake.

  22. casual games

    Thats cool

  23. Phil Chen

    The rabid desk naturalistically hang because stew advisably fetch apud a towering field. equable, sneaky creditor

  24. The Doo doo kid

    Everybody gangsta until the battery dies

  25. Anthony Forsythe

    When the pencil broke 😂

  26. мiguel _ †


  27. Rino Scholiers

    where did you buy that led strip ??

  28. NarFsl Records


  29. Luis angel vr

    Un mexicano viendo esto like el que abla español :)

  30. A Dank Meme

    Imagine running someone over with it.

  31. Riddick tonn

    Teeth are angled wrong direction. Didn’t plan very far ahead did ya?

  32. Jeepjones03a3

    Can I buy one

  33. Bub DeLong

    Looking to make one myself, but one question, what is the diameter of the wheel on the outside, and would it work better to put black plastic tubing on the wheels to protect the wood?

  34. Quandabomb

    Inwould buy those

  35. Tânia Silva

    As invenções são muito legais 😁😍🤭🤩🤩😀

  36. Anthony Forsythe

    Still wondering how the motor spun without an actual battery 😂

  37. MrGamecube14


  38. Perry

    Put an engine on that bike.

  39. Nick Talks

    “All four on the floor” “They are...”

  40. Vitor numismatica

    I am Braz

  41. Christopher John


  42. hamad hamada

    !الله الله

  43. Alma marcela Gozo

    Una técnica de animación muy buena

  44. ImanWasHide

    Plot twist: Its a real blood

  45. Master Galaxy

    Should upgrade the suspension that connects the tire to the normal tire.

  46. Tuck Fyrants

    Don’t wreck and go head first over handle bars!

  47. Витомин Кись

    Спасибо ты очень была полезна даже можно использовать для пилы чтобы можно было дерево пилить

  48. Marcus Lopez

    As cool as This was you could’ve got a 3-D3 printer is saved your self a lot of time and labor... and sell some in Amazon or eBay for that extra income I would pay 30-40 for one of these

  49. Minsuk Seol

    The p

  50. Khalif Mahamud

    Markii aad jaahil tahay waa la iska kaa harowsanayaa

  51. Niota Light

    Next challenge : how not to be shy bringing this device in public...🤣

  52. ถาวร กรินรักษ์


  53. Lesly Rossel


  54. Rayaan Kader

    I swear in every DIY video everyone drinks a can of coke

  55. Minsuk Seol


  56. Minsuk Seol

  57. Think Bigger

    Make the auto hammer

  58. 4915 arthur henrique

    dont work :(

  59. Anton Pogonin

    Basically RGB nikes.

  60. ジョジョとペルソナって面白いよね?立路


  61. Júnior sena


  62. Matheusff livestream

    Vídeo como estragar o tênis da nike hue hue br Edit:quero ver também na hora de lavar

  63. FIRE STORM 3692

    It's all fun and games until you can find one of your legs

  64. Roblox_Gamer69

    After carefully following every step, I went to amazon and ordered a Logitech G29

  65. M T A , Y T

    You cool very match

  66. ricky0738

    4:34 The error was not in Putting Points, the error was in that you stepped on the front wheel BACKWARDS, later he realizes and corrects it but does not say it or show it

  67. Genis

    61Million views in just 3 weeks. Nice

  68. Gamma Life

    Nike the ball is in your court!


    You aren’t going through airport security with those on. ✈️

  70. Ryan Halligan

    The moment your leg slips:


    17 hrs and already over 245k views sub to me

  72. Sosig God

    Is this the zombie apocalypse bike thing?

  73. Goodwin Cadet

    Жопотряс, к доктору Дью . 500 полуляхов

  74. Niko ThaLam

    Imagine rain when you drive it lol

  75. Jose Gomes Alencar



    how is paper so big o make a demon slayer sword

  77. OpenGL4ever

    And how do normal winter tires perform on that icy lake?

  78. Andrea Datkunchik

    Питання: НАХУЯ?????

  79. A T

    Your a white guy and therefore to privileged to open and drink a coke during your build.

  80. R M