Erudite, well mannered and hardly in the spotlight, this Spin Wizard is easily India’s Most Valuable cricket treasure at the moment. All the niceties take the back seat once the ball is in hand. Ashwin on the field is as pugnacious as you can get. And while he owns numerous tags that includes the ICC cricketer of the year, he is level headed thanks to a sound family upbringing that keeps him firmly grounded.

Ashwin is a rarity in many ways. He can talk a good game of cricket and also share a table with the best brains discussing subjects not even remotely connected to the game. Ashwin is a thinker, a practitioner and more importantly one who walks the talk.

Not many would know Ashwin was close to 100 first-class wickets before the glamour of IPL showcased his talents to the world. Never the one to shy away from pressure, Ashwin has stolen marches from the rest to reach the top of the totem pole among world bowlers.

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