Welcome to Fit Tuber! I am a fitness enthusiast from India. Fitness doesn't necessarily mean making bulky muscles. To me, it is to stay healthy and feel good about our bodies. I am not the fittest person, but I try to stay on track and constantly learn new things on the way.
On this channel, you can expect lesser known health tips, popular product reviews, quick healthy recipes, workout tips, motivational videos,workout videos and more!
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  1. Sweetie Pie

    you are so hot. like indian men are usually whatever but wow

  2. MOVIES KOREA X.X.X 2020 Nha

    Good. I wait for love from you 💝💖

  3. P.sindhu 104

    I just love how pure this is, moreover to all those haters who say he promotes things which are packaged that and this, remember that this person needs money too for all that he does, so he definitely promotes things ,but we can trust him 💯 that he will never suggest something which is harmfull to anyone of us, y r some ppl so negative that they dont speak about the entire video but that few mins of promotion🙏try spreading positivity if possible or else dont do anything, but dont spread negativity

  4. Anand Sagar

    Hello Bro.. please make a video on :-How to cure Hollow of eyes.. 👀.. Nice video.. Keep it up.. 💞❤💞❤

  5. SAmeer khatwani

    can i eat rolled oats without milk

  6. Krushal Dobariya

    Thank you Fit Tuber! 🙏🏻 Jai Hind! 🙏🏻🚩

  7. Sudikshya Shrestha

    Can you help me with leucoderma or vitiligo?

  8. Mansoor Ahamed


  9. chetna sharma

    Truly informative.. Need guts to bring such a content.. thank u for educating and empowering consumers.!

  10. sridevi priya

    I use only sauce

  11. chirag sharma

    Sir I have plant protein powder , and one of its ingredients in soy protein isolate , should I need to take it post workout for growth of my body and muscles ?????🤔 I am 17.

  12. Nitin GAWANDE

    If u literally don't eat junk food even 1% your life is boring uf u want to be healthier and more healthier ur unhealthy Thnx.

  13. Ajinkya Jadhav

    Is there any video by @Fit Tuber for surya namaskar?

  14. sri balaji

    Hi is dhathri products safe to use. Please check it if you are interested. They tell users they are giving ayurvedic products. If it’s true it will be helpful for the subscribers and it will be useful for vocal for local theme also. Please do it for us.

  15. Legendary Fire

    3:59 No Fap for a few day and u feel energetic. well I am doing it since 3 and half months not much change. I still feel tired, mood is bad demotivated for studies 4:18 . also he said 7 to 15 days of meditation brings result in one of his videos but I did for 15 day no benifits. he gives wrong info. 5:01 my sleep quota is 10 hrs. 7. 5:06 not able to wake up early. 9. i checked some researches only very little amount of testosterone increases that its not something u can proudly say 5:24 5:45 I am not stable or creative nor courageous not joyful

  16. Nia nidhi

    But that tastes not so yummy??

  17. Nia nidhi

    I eat Bornville chocolate

  18. Rishita Batra

    Can we use besan and multani mitti mixture?

  19. Abhinav Netha

    2:15 got me 🤣🤣

  20. marina thomas

    What about Deedhi?

  21. prithviraj bl

    Anchor be like :- We need innovation and development but we cant lose our old traditional and systems ! Not only India whole asia is after western culture but we still maintain the some of the traditions.

  22. Vijay Pareek

    i also use same brush that you use patanjali and colour is also same green

  23. Dhanraj sahani


  24. vineet nayyar

    Excellent video .I am too following it

  25. shankar shankar

    Sir Plz Do The Video About Millets v/s Rice...Which Is Better...For Health...

  26. ritam sharma

    Diabetes k lie vdo bna de

  27. Reshab Das

    Is there any problem i did not sweat after completing this workout

  28. L Craft

    These are rituals of a particular community, Not all Indians. With all due respect, I'm a proud Indian and I don't do all these. India is a country of different religions. Pleas don't spread miss information.

  29. DiSa TLC

    Why are these brands circulating then? Why no search warrant, why FDA donot ban them? I am glad I have changed my lifestyle and have switched to real raw homegrown food..Everyone please try to make your own garden, even if its in the balcony.. Atleast you will get to eat something natural once a week..

  30. kaif khan

    sir I am addicted in mobile battle royals game. Free fire

  31. Aaruhi katoch

    Best workout...m literally sweating ....I hope ì will maintain my weight

  32. Black bones

    Well I live in village and drink only own milk

  33. enchantrix bloom

    God bless u ❤

  34. Anjana Kapoor

    Bro how to do gray screen in mobile🤔

  35. Mohit Goyal

    Pussy boy

  36. Lilly V

    Glad theres better period options in India them getting the dollar store pads are the basics tgere

  37. Swati Pal

    Please make video on best green tea for weight loss

  38. Younus Khan

    Aslamualeykum bhai I am from hyderabad how r u bhai plz upload video on best quality of dry fruits wer to buy orginally

  39. Adarsh Mogaveera

    There isn't any fat loss tea or a magic pill. There are only smart dieting and training. AgogeDiet is a great tool to start with because it gives you everything you need to reach your fitness goals.

  40. Belamkonda Aditya

    Brother if it too late for yoga we can eat a little sugar

  41. mohini S

    We can use kapur daani for mosquitoes