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  1. Abby Rose

    Is it just me or maybe she didnt get liposuction because her lips are way thinner without lipliner

  2. Cynthia Chavarin

    Kylie is such a good mom. You can tell stormi is being raised right.

  3. vittoria barone

    Awwww she's so ✨cute✨

  4. claire vanorsow

    "You got this Mommy." OMG SHE'S SO CUTE 🥺



  6. Ashley Jones

    I don't like Kylie all that much, but I will admit she looks beautiful here; and Stormi looks absolutely adorable

  7. Mathilde Reborn

    Sooo cuteeee

  8. chillinforever

    I AM CRYING OK!!!!!!!!!! Stormi is SO adorable and articulate! I’m sure Kylie is happy to be spending more time with her daughter. Loved this video.

  9. lola le vesconte

    this is literally the cutest thing

  10. Auria Ngo Kanga

    Storm I is so cute!!

  11. Thi Dinh

    Stormi is adorable

  12. Ava Deguire

    stormi is the sweetest!

  13. Elizabeth Onyekwere

    Am I the only one who thinks that Stormi is so cute and that Kylie is an amazing mom anyone could wish for like she uses her money to give gifts to her family and to make stormi happy but still gives her true love and a mom to live on like shes not like a rich mom that doesn't have time for her kids and think that "money should make them happy money is happiness" like she the example of a good mom hope you see this Kylie you are a great mom you inspire me to be a good person

  14. mars rodrigiz

    kylie : sae bye to that camera stormi : bye that camera the baste kylie and storme aver you soooo cute

  15. şeyma nur

    Videoyu izleme tek sebebim ingilizcemi stormi ile beraber geliştirmektir

  16. Mira Dali Balta

    stormi is the cutest thoo

  17. Macy Marie

    omg they have the best mother daughter relationship😖❤️❤️🥰

  18. ylfa og óðinn

    Also wats stormis age

  19. ylfa og óðinn

    Who is stormis dad 😘

  20. Charlotte Ruizendaal

    I want Stormi as my child!!

  21. Purple Seasons

    Awh god 🥺❤️

  22. Daniella Ibe

    Petition for a day in stormis life 👇🏾

  23. Elena Nicolae

    u are a real mommy . ur stormi is such a smart girl

  24. Xfost. Fr

    She is cute 🥺

  25. luciana Ramirez

    Stormi is the most beautiful baby I have seen

  26. Salma Abdullah

    Kylie and stormi are sooo cute there are the perfect mom and daughter btw love you Kylie and stormi

  27. Isabella Rojas

    I love them but I don 't Speak almost english but I admire them a lot, Estormy is a little angel and your kylie is unique

  28. Hiba And Her Style

    Shes so cute 😍😍😍❤❤❤

  29. Anna

    Stormi : « i love you so much » Kylie: « i love you more » Stormi : ...you’re so beautiful » it’s too cute for me. 🥺

  30. Itz yo girl Hamnah


  31. luciana Ramirez

    Stormi and Kylie love them so much

  32. Serena Morales


  33. Gus YT

    chao mi mol ✨❤

  34. Chelita 20

    2:37 why is no one talking about how kylie is educating stormi to say “thank you”

  35. Muria Tiwari

    omg she is so cute

  36. Snamiso Bengu

    Kyile:Say bye to that camera Stormi:Bye that camera Camera:👁️👃👁️ 👄

  37. Kristine Clemente Tamayo

    "Thank you, mommy." 😭😭😭😭

  38. Esra Avuçan


  39. Skyler Winslett

    What a precious and sweet little girl 😇

  40. omn _054

    Hello 💙💙

  41. btfy99

    Love their bond but how can she bake with these ridiculously long nails

  42. Laiane Kelly

    I love the Stormi

  43. Sakina Shaikh

    Were is ur husband

  44. Sufyan Arshad


  45. Anity Roblox

    Stormi is so cute🥺🥺🥺

  46. iLoveYourHair87

    All the kids are black now.

  47. c o z z i 123

    It’s to early but who cares

  48. Lewis Saunders


  49. So fine

    It is important to find out the truth about your relationship and plan out your next steps. @steve.watcher on Instgram gave me access to my spouse social accounts and he's just the best !! 😁

  50. Univxres XXX

    The kiss 💋

  51. Romina Ortiz Davila


  52. Romina Ortiz Davila

    Kylie best mom que ever

  53. Daniel michael Flores palomino

    Kuiut en estormin

  54. Laura Corona

    “This bag is a great investment” well so is a car or like... rent

  55. MandyT

    I love seeing your baking videos. You’re an amazing Mom cresting beautiful memories with your little one.

  56. Bellaa Monika

    Gumushhh bgt stormiii💖💖

  57. gift natima

  58. gift natima


  59. Emely Dallana Ortiz paz

    No hablo inglés ni entiendo pero por la vos le entiendo no se me entienden de manera que hablan como si hablaran español

  60. Rhuscaia Carvalho

    So cute !!!