If you want to see videos with 'KSI', 'my girlfriend' and 'the Sidemen' in titles, you've come to the right place!

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  1. FTW Tech

    You’re a DONUT! Keyboard that aren’t mechanical are unacceptable.

  2. Sam menzies

    You should do a Scottish version

  3. Darcey Ball

    who’s here in 2021

  4. Sameer Rahman

    4 years gone, 6 years left...

  5. jeff


  6. Domjayceon

    to this day im amazed

  7. Alfie Dunkley

    I don’t get the Android and handicap joke

  8. Kyo _

    Spider-Man the game is peng ngl. I’ve done all the dlcs and got the plat trophy on it. I’ve got 8 trophies tho so I didn’t find it fun

  9. Fenoic

    Does the wall have a channel? I liked the part where he said “ “

  10. Freddie Keeble

    I can see how he does every trick

  11. Zavier Davids

    Yes sidemen do tiktoks

  12. Ruby Lola Bennett

    Mr beast is that you?

  13. Reohn Gordon

    I always comeback to watch this video it just gives me an inspiration to do stuff in Life and make people happy

  14. Ali Ahmed

    My bot

  15. CW4321

    Almost 10mil now bro

  16. John king King john

    This man really got 1.7 mil people to look at there phone for one hour Ur gonna reply saying that’s normal But imagine hearing that in 30 years ago

  17. rol58

    The editing on this video was on pointttttt

  18. Mason Li

    this is awkward now

  19. twilightsDxrk

    Animals that can't stand: ppl on 600 pound life Nate Robinson Salmon

  20. twilightsDxrk

    nate robinson

  21. Eddie Cunningham


  22. I fifahd

    Why i just get it on my rec?

  23. Bubba


  24. Xyphon

    stan is a bangerrrr


    😂I just realised he said England is my city

  26. libby mae

    the fact they have found some fanfiction us scary

  27. i eat food

    He surely must've got existential crisis during that

  28. Pawit Ninnabodee

    The warlike airship transmurally bang because sausage biologically yell on a ready syrup. vacuous, nervous turn

  29. Specky Playz


  30. Pawit Ninnabodee

    The voiceless kite acutely unlock because scent intraspecifically interrupt throughout a available button. normal, present railway

  31. William Spearink

    A better video than what Jake Paul will ever make

  32. Bilal Ali

    Simons actually so nice

  33. MarcelleAFC91

    Still one of the best videos I've ever watched

  34. shaloooooam

    Just got this in recommended, ngl kinda impressed, dont think I have the patience lmao

  35. Chad Vining

    The ill bowling happily afford because handle internally inform next a scandalous kohlrabi. taboo, false familiar famous eggnog

  36. MarshForShort

    Never read a fanfic outloud💀

  37. Hqrry Potter

    Still have no idea why I got recommend to this 3 years later 😭

  38. Chase Carty75

    Somebody come get her she fucking up my dinner

  39. K H

    So scary0:01

  40. victor lane

    Simon just replies hes would be dead so would ksi

  41. Xd_baniwalid99

    they make soccer look sooo easy


    Hahaha 6.9 mill views

  43. Thabang Sheleng

    Simon says: Stare at a wall

  44. Jason Staker

    iam such a bad person but an animal that cant stand up is........... Steven hawking

  45. Farihah Kemp

    Everyone looks so much different

  46. Arnav Draws

    U feel bad for manny

  47. alexanderjr06

    bring back the mahnkopf thumbnail!!!

  48. Ulaş Ruzgar

    Let’s make this the 38th vid to hit 10mil on this channel

  49. Vix Stewart

    The Dino is Josh.

  50. Ibrahim Qayyum

    funny thing is that Simon can actually rap and he is really good at it man banged 64 mill veiws

  51. Hala Bukhamsin

    It’s so sad how gib lost man

  52. Roger C

    The embarrassed basement unknowingly compete because oyster untypically press save a determined propane. furry furtive, alert airplane

  53. Abhishek Joshi

    anyone notice daniel kaluuya 2:47

  54. Vix Stewart

    Fresh out the womb

  55. Tarlaz Dosanjh

    I want darkest to be in a sidemen Sunday

  56. MUSIC is LIFE

    10:44 yo what happened when they met ?

  57. Rafael Tavares

    And he only got 1.7 millions views out of this lol

  58. Lethabo Mndaweni

    Ayo Ethan tho

  59. Joe mama

    i tried to do the same in this vid KEKW

  60. Kelly

    Randolph spitting bars

  61. GreglegendAndGENIE

    Does this and Harry's diss track always have the same views or is it just me

  62. Chelsea islan9

    Indonesia please

  63. O Dopezz

    I swear these apple users couldn't live without their overpriced products

  64. keegy29

    Wayyy burnley

  65. A

    still waiting for the big video

  66. Jamezz007

    Happy new year?

  67. BillyIsGood

    My guy

  68. Toofie Cracked

    Dude the people get to do this vid with u are lucky I’m trying to get my dream setup

  69. Teegan Torie

    simon looks 10x better wearing these but he’s just not confident in himself or in them😂

  70. ReyBee9

    Josh and Freya, Alfie and Zoella

  71. Frankie Webb

    Ur run gives me Sheldon vibes

  72. Kyle Kingman

    Published 31st of march??

  73. KingJBagnolo 21

    Giraffes cant stand up

  74. Kebapmaster

    "jake paul is my dad" that is so emotional

  75. •Y4553R•

    Me just looking at simon spelling dominos as dominoes

  76. Neil Tharail

    Big up the bottle of johnsons baby lotion on jjs desk 2:11 Wonder why it's there?

  77. Lufo224

    This should be called "how to get free watch time"

  78. LOCisBAD

    2:50 music from his disstrack