Hi Welcome to my official channel, my name is Kris Srikkanth and my friends call me Cheeka, i m a former Indian cricket Captain and i thought i would make some videos about my experiences in life \u0026 cricket both on and off the field. Over the course of my life i am blessed to have met some extraordinary people and in this channel i will be talking about those experiences. Hope you enjoy my style of talking and lets see whats in store for the future!

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  1. Balasubramanian N

    Virat Kohli should have congratulated Mr Gavaskar. We could not see Kohli Coming forward and congratulate the Great Mr. Sunil Gavaskar for completing 50 years in International Cricket. Mr. Gavaskar will always remain great and a legend without a Helmet. My heartfelt respect to Sunil Gavaskar Sir. The government should confer him with the Bharat Ratna. salute Shri Sunil Manohar Gavaskar . We indians are proud of you Sir

  2. Naveen Naveen

    Super Cheeka Sir 👌👍

  3. Pushkar Khati

    Cheeka sir mujhey tamil nhi aata English kam aata h fir bhi subscribe kiya h Q ki mai apka bahut big fan hu great cheeka sir

  4. Pushkar Khati

    Cheeka sir ..sunil Gavaskar sir ko apke show mai ek baar jarur bulana cheeka sir PLZZ reply

  5. Srikanth Sharma

    Cheeka show that bat. Gavaskar enjoyed his cricket in his final phase because of cheeka as partner.

  6. Balasubramanian N

    Virat Kohli should have congratulated Mr Gavaskar. We could not see Kohli Coming forward and congratulate the Great Mr. Sunil Gavaskar

  7. Nanmaaran Sivakumar

    What i want is a like

  8. Chandramohan G

    I have seen sir sunil gavaskar play live , but he is definitely the father of Indian batting ever

  9. Mohan Ram

    Tell about rift between Gavaskar and kapil dev

  10. Anto Rovin

    Gavaskar - The Legend, The Hero etc....

  11. L.M.G.R

    You always respect your senior persons we salute be a your followers

  12. Kevin Smith

    Marshall, Holding, Roberts.....ziccu, ziccu....zingu.....zingu.....mooku mela Raja....

    1. Aaryaman 9B 1


  13. saravanan HCU20A40

    Road safety series india legends match video pannuga bro

  14. Prasathe Saminathan

    dear cheek, what an amount of respect you are giving to sunil ji, hats off to you,

  15. Srini Raghavan

    I wish Cheeka had discussed Sunil Gavaskar’s only hundred in ODI at Nagpur in 1987...awesome match and some great batting by both Gavaskar and Cheeka.

  16. Vatsal Sr

    MOST OF THE CRICKETERS who played during 1970s (early were nor wearing helmet). U can see lots of AUSTRALIAN/WEST INDIAN cricketers playing without helmet

    1. Aaryaman 9B 1


  17. JudgementRavi JudgementRavi

    Tamilin perumai pala vidathil ellorum virumbakoodiyadu yes okkumbodu otha ommala otha thookudee ennum eppo eppdee irrukku answer pattala mmm ommala irru endaa eppdee sonna thaan ful trpthieee solikeney okkanum sollanaa keapaalunga ada sollunganu edudee addaanadu😄😃😀

  18. Johnson Durairaj

    Kl Rahul should replace Virat Kohli in test cricket

    1. Rahul sharan


    2. Sri virat


  19. Johnson Durairaj

    Virat Kohli should play County test cricket

  20. H-BangerZZ_From_Hell

    As a kid I remember that 96.. One of outstanding batting performance amongst the best in the world. Iam also intrigued by the legendary 36 n.o in 60 overs and cheeka sir, as the closest cricketer of Gavaskar, can you tell us aboit this also

  21. Adrian Srikanth

    Sunil Gavaskar and L Sivaramakrishnan were talking a lot about Srikanth yesterday on commentary when Cheeka got hit on the foot and LS was the runner. The producer should arrange for a show with Srikanth, Sunny Gavaskar, and LS. Triple fun show!

  22. John AJforwork5

    Poducer should arrange for a show with Srikanth, Sunny Gavaskar, and LS.

  23. nadiminti krishnarao

    Yes sir. He is the only batsman who can hit yorker for a six at will. You and Shewag, the next best.

  24. Vijay S

    Its Rohit, Spiderman and Washi Game

  25. Ravi Kumar

    கண்டிப்பாக நடக்கும் என்று நம்புகிறேன் ரிஷப்பன்ட் மற்றும் வாஷிங்டன் சுந்தர் ஆட்டம் மூலமாக

    1. Ravi Kumar

      @Hariharan s வாசிங்டன் சுந்தர் சதம் தவறியதை நினைத்து வருந்துகிறேன்

    2. Hariharan s

      Sundar and Axar Patel have established their performances in batting..It is unlucky to say that sundar had missed his century besides 50runs by Axar Patel.i think Sundar batting order has to be changed .Had Axar Patel imparted coaching he will establish his efficiency in batting as he is having effective bowling .Good selection .All the players of this match are efficient players and experienced persons comments of Sreekanth are absolutely amazing.

  26. santhosh ilango

    Ani bro picked fantastic team🎉

  27. sabeer ahamed

    Cheeka love U

  28. பாரதிராம்

    Will Gavaskar participate in this show for a surprise?😃 Cheeka and Gavaskar combo😍

    1. Aaryaman 9B 1


  29. Mahesh Natarajan

    waiting for session

  30. Kasturi Rangan

    Yes it will be 3-1. Tomorrow innings win for us

  31. sandeep sr

    Pujara is a good player people think that playing like Russell is t20 it's just that his test shots ,, drives that he plays in tests should be implemented in ipl n am confident

  32. Srinivas Sankarsh



      NOPE 7:30PM

    2. K. M Subramanian

      Yes BRO

    3. priyasai Ganesh


  33. Vikram Dharma

    Cheeka inaiku live vaange BOSS ; YUR FAVOURITE RISHABH 101😎🤩

  34. Sandeep KANHERE

    Why don't you do it in English

  35. bhadhri l


    1. Vinay Varma

      ipo score paaru da bunda

  36. bhadhri l


  37. bhadhri l


  38. Ganesh ss

    The student is bettering the master .

  39. Ganesh ss

    Anirudh prediction nowadays is really good . Predicted today exactly

  40. Nanda R

    Cheeka sir next video speak about ipl auction

  41. Ganesh Babu

    # Pollard 666666 paththi sollunga

  42. Vinayaga Murthi

    Kl raghul

  43. Vinayaga Murthi


  44. STaLiN

    Happy Birthday Aditya bro. Continue ah video pannunga please. Thanks

  45. John AJforwork5

    KL Rahul has had too many chances, for now, others have to get chances.

  46. FLY and FOOD

    Thambi ani Tamil la pesalam.. Cheeka ve Tamil la pesraru idhula ivaru English peter

  47. Vinod V

    Virat Kohli is the best batsman in the solar system. Podhuma?

  48. Rajesh A

    Kannadiga always super

  49. Rajesh A

    Shame on your tamilians . not even cant spoken in tamil

    1. Aakaasavelu Saravanan

      @Rajesh A okay ee sala

    2. Rajesh A

      @Alloy Yokesh sorry dude . Let me correct myself. Meaning is they are not elaborating about rcb

    3. Alloy Yokesh

      What is the meaning of "not even can't spoken"? 🤣

    4. Doughlaus Prashaal

      wow your English is soo great bro 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 your English teacher will commit suicide after seeing your English

  50. Kavi Ganesh

    Confirm virat 100 this match 💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥🔥 srikanth Sir

    1. bhadhri l


  51. Rajesh A

    R u tamilian. I'm kannadiga

  52. Srikanth V

    The Energy of cheeka is always the same(legendary) no batsman in the world can match his level of energy and the way he analyze the game is so genuine from audience point of view, remember the guts of this guy who not only scored highest runs in 1983 world cup final, but also cool enough to smoke a cigarette in the balcony , that too in LORDS, cheeka sir , pistha sir neenga. TC of ur health vaazhga valamudan🐅

  53. Chandrasekar

    Ani confine urself with just anchor/compere role... questions from viewers are posed only to only cheekkaa..... let him answer first...u don't reply first as if u r a better player/expert than him...u r obstacling the popularity of the show,I say honestly.

  54. Giridhar Ranganathan

    Many more happy returns of the day Aditya.

  55. Smart Man


  56. Venkattramanah

    Vedha vaaku superb

  57. Venkattramanah

    Thanks Cheeka Sir

  58. Venkattramanah

    Very interesting Madras Style speech

  59. Madhan Madhan

    plz naraya video poduga😢

  60. Vishnu Sharma

    He is back virat Kohli

  61. Giridhar Ranganathan

    Cheeka sir I am eagerly waiting for the March 6, special episode on my cricketing god Sunil Manohar Gavaskar.

  62. Arul A

    India's strength has been their lower order batsman lately. We have greats the top 5 , but Pant,Ash & Washi provide those valuable runs.

  63. Hari Nath

    Cheeka sir don't smoke too much . I aware you already stopped. Please take care cricket world need you many more years. Sorry if I tell anything personally, it's bcoz of pure affection only. We are loving you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Vini vidi Vici

      He quit smoking long back but I guess he has lost a lot of weight

  64. Aadith Shipra

    England will win

    1. bhadhri l


  65. sd.sathish Kumar

    Proud to be cheekas fan

  66. Dhanush Dhanush


  67. Arul A

    England approach: Batting - sweep or reverse sweep, getting down the track has poor foot movement and no balance. Team selection- India went with 3 spinners every game, Eng - 1.5 spinners. Now 3 front line bowler. Confusing rotating policy, focusing on future instead of current series. Now they go to 100 balls cricket. They're successful in limited format because of 2 new balls which took spin and reverse swing out of the game.

    1. Manikandan Ramanujam

      Right analysis

  68. VVP .S0498

    Happy birthday aaditya bro🎉🎉🎉 congratulations 🔥🔥

  69. student



    🔥H🔥I🔥T🔥M🔥A🔥N🔥 200 HUNDRED ON THE WAY💚💚💚💚

  71. Krishna 卐 ISKCON

    Pls Collab with Ashwin 🙏🇮🇳❤️

  72. Yuvanesh Kk

    Producer anna romba nandri ani anna chekka sir missed you guys❤️😇

  73. Ananda Raj

    I think Corona affected all country players except Indians 😘

  74. SS Bama

    Yes yes, 100% sure. It will be 3-1 only