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  1. Lucas Gatt

    cody can do all those trick shots but not turn the light off at 2:52

  2. Alexander Edwards

    Next time you guys do fight scene I would love to see a medieval battle, that would be cool

  3. Taylor, Micah & Garrett

    they should do there own move!!

  4. Florence Butcher

    If Cat was a Male you should've called it Ned

  5. Nrglogan on yt

    The only way to brake a dimande is with a dimonde

  6. Colton Anderson

    Wwe Serial types


    Watching other people play Catan makes me so happy! It’s the best game ever!

  8. Shirley Holland

    Next fight Seen iron man vs thanos


    Do a all sports golf battle with the f2

  10. Zach Nguyen

    That fight scene never gets old


    Pls make build a boat battle 2

  12. CJL 10

    please do a dude perfect strength test/battle

  13. P0t1oN -yt

    Ned: THATS UNFORTUNATE. Coby: that’s illegal.

  14. Ben’s Corp 12

    The fact Cory was struggling to hold the dog had me laughing so hard

  15. Randy Francisco

    Dude Perfect can you do avengers for fight scene :)

  16. Fred Lambert

    I think the overtime song should be Cory singing it

  17. SheepInASuit

    me at the very start: go back to normal brain

  18. Drew Castronovo

    Wait, are Cory and Coby's actual first names not Cory and Coby?

  19. Taylor, Micah & Garrett

    That auto tuning carioci machin looks [sounds] dop!!

  20. Shriesh Rastogi

    Do fight sence in the next ot

  21. Shrapnel

    That fights Sven was better than the sequel trilogy

  22. Shaheen Ziyard

    I'm pretty sure Lego 'lahs' is how you pronounce the name.

  23. Anita Miller

    I easily got checkers I can't believe Cody did not get

  24. Pokè Zoo

    For fight plz do marvel and Harry Potter

  25. Maria Gazi

    You are perfekt

  26. Bryce Mumford

    15:24 bless you

  27. TheLOOKOUTSquad

    Im surprised cards against humanity isn't on here Actually im not because this is a kids channel my bad

  28. Yug Patel

    Try A Fighting Scene From Avengers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Hoods


  30. YeetusGrid

    has anyone else noticed that in the bookmarks it says "Not Cool Cool"?

  31. Bruh Moment

    I was so close to disliking, but then Tyler put elf on number 1 and that gave it the like.

  32. Taylor, Micah & Garrett

    The mike was pointing to us so i gus its our tern

  33. The Great J

    the whole time i was hoping it was elf

  34. Sophia Basil

    When Tyler said Maybe the ring girl I was laughing so hard😂

  35. Nazar Hasan

    9:30. RIP the handshake lol 😂

  36. Declan McGrath

    Ty teaching Dak Prescott how to throw kills me

  37. Jon Henson

    Also what about the drone

  38. Skeleball

    Who else saw someone in the back seat when Garret was driving home. It looked like this person was hiding from the camera. Lol

  39. Jon Henson

    Cody got the gun that he won the first ABR1

  40. Kieran Maloney

    i have had more than 85 yards of nerd rope

  41. RY - 07MA 752794 Tomken Road MS

    if only my life was this ez

  42. Sean Platt

    bring him back

  43. Sean Platt

    who is the panda!!



  45. Paxton Pitts

    You should do online school stereotypes

  46. Darrick Holloman

    Let’s go hot-tubbin’ nah. That’s not a weird celebrity introduction.

  47. Agnesxvs4 Dickersontf9

    The goofy archeology daily continue because mexico promisingly unite between a adjoining libra. oceanic, bustling father

  48. Liam King

    here before 100 mil

  49. Nora Liska

    It he twins dad looks more alike

  50. Brady Haber

    You Gotta love the rage monster!

  51. Semisi Tuipulotu

    12:54 🤣🤣

  52. Ekta Anand

    Plz check this video of Chapter and game

  53. Sreehari M

    Judge dudy was filmed a long time ago.... look at ty's beard

  54. Satisfying Engineer


  55. big one9732 allairw

    *Why is it always a lego millenium falcon*

  56. Nick Yoplays

    Team necklace

  57. Brady Haber

    So funny 😂

  58. William Mills

    editor edition 3 goooo

  59. Melkify

    Wtffff this is fire 🔥🔥

  60. Punkaroo_RL

    17:05 Welp I scarded my kids

  61. It’s Me

    4:39 ty dies 😭😭😭

  62. Somerandom guy

    Whenever i hear the OT theme song, i just feel joy, and i always sing it too!🤗

  63. I'm Hungreee

    Can we all appreciate how spot on Ty's suburn acting is?

  64. Kristin Tharp

    Some grown ups


    The fight scene was awesome

  66. Cameron Obermeyer

    No black bike

  67. Georgecricket671

    You guys should to Top 10 videogames in the Top Ten show!

  68. Cameron Obermeyer

    I want Tyler’s bike

  69. Shhubu Negi

    Plzz come to India Once.... We will be so lucky to have ur team here....

  70. Kailash Jagarwal

    Why am I here?!? I don't even know what superbowl is😂😂

  71. Yash Mallya

    Who is panda on the inside

  72. All-In Fishin'

    do the most fish caught in a hour absurd record because i caught 30 in a hour.

  73. Agam Singh

    Love to see old dude perfect