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  1. The Last Warrior

    2:01wow man that is harsh,wow man jeez for someone like me that happens to me all the time that’s harsh man jeez

  2. NinjaJakestar

    Noahj thinking the laybrinth puzzle was the hardest boss *loses braincells* Noahj beating the hardest zombies maps to date and not thinking they were harder than this *confusion*

  3. Joshua Pomeroy


  4. Deak

    Wtf man stop crying

  5. Corey Salzman

    17:38 “ohhh it’s just a little mousie” *five seconds later* ohhh it’s just a little housie

  6. Reno Sephiroth316

    Ewhat mode are these soo cool.


    Jokes on you I'm in an apartment

  8. Sean Brooks

    Can’t wait for the subnautica is going to be so epic

  9. Jimmy Neutron

    11:05 loadout drop inbound

  10. Alen P

    He makes 10k a day on stupid shit who cares bro

  11. Dykish and Friends

    Honestly hope they bring Ethan back somehow. Really made us like his character in this game just to murk him :-(

  12. Anthony Draze

    Thank you noah we need good content creators like you I found you late and I'm happy I did THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  13. Connor Rowley

    If it wasent for your entertainment and videos my anxiety and depression would have got me down even worse

  14. RC360

    If I hear Milo's voice I smash Like before the video os even introduced.

  15. Linda Huffman

    Noahj has played doom and didn’t know that the boss is a cyber demon wow just wow

  16. Simeon Gaming channel

    Yo Noah the Easter eggs is easy now I beat it 2 times in a role thanks for your tips

  17. Rocco Stewart

    Part of thr ee

  18. papagrande GDT

    Heisenberg part especially that blade whatever that thing was is trash. Overall 9/10 great game

  19. Vítor Castanheira

    👉😬👈 lets gooooooooo

  20. T dunphy

    Noah’s famous last words “time for a pipe bomb”

  21. parsa toxic boss

    Bruh his voice is sooooo diffrent lo

  22. Arosi kurdi

    I’m still amazed by that for not shot even in 2021

  23. Rexell Bartolome

    When someone says they identify as an Apache helicopter😂😂😂

  24. The Yuca-clan

    Bro this is what nightmares should’ve been if anybody agrees let me know down on the replies section

  25. Merch On DAVE

    Bruh you’re goated when I say the goodbye video I was heartbroken. Like omg. You’re my favorite zombies youtuber or youtuber ever. We love you Noah. Don’t go please

  26. xDakidTone★

    this throwback in my recommended <3

  27. Jackson Lark

    This level was pure nightmare fuel, like what a spike in the level of how scary shit is!

  28. Son Buu_Saga

    Noah just wants more money for pokemon cards

  29. Michael Guzman

    2021 still no director's cut i think im just never gonna have it

  30. Sukayame

    What game is this?

  31. Eddie Valencia

    And a nice T-BAG for the dub 💯😎🥃

  32. Tepq :-:

    How many times has Ethan has got stabbed and beat up so much and can’t die he’s like I always come back

  33. Angel Salcedo

    This games AMAZING and I’ve been here since the beginning of this game play!!!

  34. Samuel Treas

    Watching this

  35. John Martinez

    9:38 The irony

    1. Sqii

      The nerd...which is you

  36. Grim

    The dialogue in this game is so corny. They didn't pay much attention to that 😂

  37. Cyber Frost

    Did they remove zombies on mobile

  38. Jacks Playzz

    I just saw that the blood of the dead map looks like the call of duty warzone rebirth map 😮

  39. Conrad Quankep

    My man Chris Redfield playing Modern Warfare search and destroy

  40. David Gomez

    bruh the 50 bomb is an "n" bomb XD

  41. Ammo Beatz

    i would love to see you run this back with the infinite ammo on the ak and granade launcher id definitely watch all over again lol why not? extra views and people will watch it even more 😂

  42. UltronLoves CivilWar

    That thundergun with Dark Matter though 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

    1. Sqii


  43. Daffodil sea rocks

    I’m so confused is this Cold War or a different cod

  44. Jacob Christensen

    Boy says this won't be as long a stream in the last part, ends up being his longest part of the playthrough.... Noah I know I made 2 smart remark comments in this series so far but I'm sorry thats just how I am lol, this is honestly my favorite series besides your dying light playthrough, keep up the amazing work my dude!

  45. elijahv

    No one: Literally no one: Noahj: EUAGHGAHAGHAEGAHAGHUGH

    1. Sqii


  46. Dice and Rolls

    Calm down on the ad$

  47. Mr. Cheese

    Why didn't you guys jumped to hit the ? rock shaped squares xD They had bonus 😂😂 Haven't you played mario before? lol

    1. Sqii

      Maybe they didn’t want to? Nerd

  48. KillShotDead420

    It's the avocado


    where’s lex man, don’t get me wrong everyone has their own personality and it’s great but it feels a bit dead without lex. idk maybe it’s just me

    1. Sqii

      Yea it is you nerd they don’t have to play with everyone every single time

  50. Kevin Hanoomansingh

    4 minutes in and im already laughing 38:58 he got bars

  51. Zeek Shepsky

    This is like saw 5, where if they'd of worked together they would of won, but selfishness gets you stuck forever..

  52. TheRealest Asian

    I respect lex for being the comedic relief in the group, even if it can be a bit excessive at times

  53. Bones CS

    My face when Ethan woke up :D

    1. Bones CS

      I just saw the last cut scene I’m going to be very sad for a week

    2. Bones CS

      This comment was made prematurely I’m very sad now

  54. Dan Knudsen

    "it can be done in any order" Easter egg hunters: Oh thank god

  55. Michael Barraza

    Saint Jude was my college project charity and you are doing wonders for them thanks !

  56. xxheadshots 1

    Noah:ngh Arnold Schwarzenegger: I’ll sue yo

  57. FkW Huncho

    Conspicarcy the daughter are like the 3 monsters from the book.

  58. Zech G.

    1:56:09 thank me later

  59. Carsonwolf871

    Very very popular

  60. Carsonwolf871

    U are going to be popular

  61. Linda Huffman

    Lmao they actually think PAprom is hard earned money 😂😂😂 I’m legit crying when he said that

    1. Sqii

      @StormFallGaming973 shut up all you do is play games that shit ain’t hard work it’s tedious but it ain’t hard

    2. StormFallGaming973

      Its almost like youtube is a job to them, since they do hours of gameplay to put out videos for people to watch so they earn money. That sounds like hard earned money to me

  62. xxheadshots 1

    Noah:”That looks like a scar Me:Can I kill this man

    1. xxheadshots 1

      Noah:”Nobody’s allowedto read these name Me:*Reading everything

  63. Successful Jay

    Great job with the advertisement

  64. Tepq :-:

    Why can’t we just shotgun the doll in the face

  65. Josh Nunya

    Let it be known that he lost because some rando joined

    1. Sqii

      Let it be known you’re a nerd

  66. Carsonwolf871

    U are the best

  67. Raz0rCrest__

    big oof

  68. Eather Trap

    Ch0pper: In the end of the day you all schemed against me, so i could go rougue.. Milo: Go rogue and do what? Ch0pper: just die

  69. Brummie Deano

    18:35 im going dead silence. team mate says ok and proceeds to smash through the window and alert everyone 😂😂😂

  70. Chris Sunter

    Glad to see it

  71. CriTical Ace360


  72. Kelvin Bell

    anyone seen a mans soul drain out any faster

  73. Beverly White

    Nice map And good game Noah

  74. NiceRiley

    Is this bo3 but the mod makes it look like Cold War?

  75. Yung Apolo

    Yo that mission reminded of Capitan price going dark

  76. TRAGIC_Phoenix *Leader of Tragic

    I would just play doom soundtrack and murder everyone

  77. myles dockery

    nohaj is like i saw chopper and i was scared lol jk chopper is a pupcin

  78. Youtube Red

    Noahs sensitivity is painfully slow

  79. Ryan Heywood

    Just looked it up, hiesenburghs voice actor did gaven and elijah in detroit become human :)

  80. Some Radom dude

    Should let dalek join the team...