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  1. Vaibhav_nitesh

    Saad Bilgrami was perfect as Guddu bhaiya

  2. Gopinath Sahoo

    So, the START-UP of pitchers was TVF.

  3. Yash sadhwani

    Iss saal pitchers ni nikala na...wo bhi end mei dikha ke....ghar pe ghus ke marunga saalo....

  4. Vaibhav Raj Shukla

    Ye bas last video dekh lun uske baad *araaaaaaaam se sounga*

  5. 18 100 VINOD

    TVF is damn good in creation. This video 7 year ago , now godi media is paid by one or two owner .

  6. Harsh Wardhan

    2:23 😂😂😂

  7. Mueen Khan

    Tvf famous for insulting muslim

  8. Kanza Kaleem

    Iam repeating 😂😅

  9. Apurv Gaurav

    I advise students Please don’t make IIT your life, IITs are worth But your childhood and experiences are more valuable Study PCM, don’t study IIT

  10. Safia Atif


  11. Rahul Pratap Singh Shrinet

    चरखा धत्त या गिद्धी खाजदान???

  12. Shivam Aggarwal

    What dialogues are written haha

  13. saurav kumar Dubey

    Cutest scene 31:40 😂😂


    After this I watched real roadies I was like, " I am not interested yaar"

  15. Suraj Smith

    Not realy funny just beaching pak for no reason

  16. Nisarg Patel

    Eagerly waiting for kota factory....😌😌

  17. Vivek Kumar

    When I feeling ... demotivatied ... Then am here ...😍😍

  18. Gourav Aseri

    Fuck flix and prime

  19. Mr Dumbledore

    The best series i ever watched I just forget about black and white theme.... And at last Kachori khaayega....

  20. SoUL SuMiT GaMiNg

    Lol, i am also studied right hand thumb rule today

  21. Mr Dumbledore

    Meena is my favorite character do like if yours also❤❤

  22. Adarsh Singh

    Pappu 😂

  23. karthik kadadevarmath

    Bru you could have made him water. There was bottle right next to coffee 😂😂😂

  24. Aqib Hussain

    Yrrr MA Tera berha fan ho apni videos ma Pakistan ya pakistanio ko Gali Wala dialog ni dalna chaya tha 🇵🇰

  25. Rishister

    Watching at day before exam phir Aaram se padhunga

  26. Whyyouwei _

    Finally flood of good content on PAprom after a long time... TVF... Yes you are awesome...

  27. Daksh Bansal


  28. Prince

    Megha Asthana is so planned

  29. Vinay parmar

    Vabhav looks like small carry😍😍😍

  30. Ajay_x3

    Who is watching in fab 2021 ?? 😀

  31. Haritosh Mishra

    So basically jeetu bhaiya is opening his own coaching centre in part 2..Can't wait any longer.. 😍🥳🤩

  32. Rajeev Kumar c

    00:57 Hame Talash hai uuss Koyele ki 😅😅 happens in mess.

  33. Selmon bhoi gaming

    Physics wallah is my jeetu bhaiya ❤️

  34. Aditya sharma



    Hu hi banaya hai .Tu chutiya

  36. Ronit Gupta

    "Hum 12 ka syllabus shuru kare" and that smile on faces of both the cuties just adorable. 😇😇

  37. Abhigyan Bhadra

    Dont, dont, don't please don't give hope


    Phone nai utha part

  39. Abhay Pathak

    learned many life lessons today, thanks Magha,, (Ma'am :P)

  40. Shashank Khandwe

    TVF god bless you !!!

  41. Anurag Kataria

    Shivankit and Sachin pet dukh gaya hanste hanste 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  42. Mr Dumbledore

    Objective in the exam shouldn't be to solve all the problems, it should be to solve the maximum number of problems... Best thing i learned...

  43. Akshat Singh

    Kaatil 29:26

  44. No Name

    Last wala scene dikhake hamare dil ke sath khelna jaruri hai kya?

  45. Raghwender Rai

    Thank you for revision

  46. Jazeb Jazeb

    She looks like sunanda sharma

  47. Furry Friend Family

    4:03 for which u all all are here 😂

  48. Sourav Das

    The best thing came from IIT before AAP

  49. Srijan Jaiswal

    Don't say... pitcher's s 2 is here? Don't fuck with me guys... please

  50. Ashish Lakra

    Dukh wala sad😆

  51. buzz hot

    Meena is great

  52. Lucifer 007

    Jeetu & Ayushman two Great Actors , 2 Great Friends and 2 great SRKians also ❤️❤️❤️

  53. vegan voyage

    After covid veganism is growing slowly in india And I'm putting my full efforts to spread it✌️Wish me guys

  54. jc q

    Anatomy paper tommorow 😂

  55. Prasun Manna

    Wo kitab kaha milegi

  56. sunny singh

    Best teacher ever for chemistry you must try👍

  57. Jagmohan Mehandiratta

    It's almost 6 years waiting for Pitchers Season 2 .

  58. Muneer Ghure

    I wish this was released during my MHT CET preparation

  59. Shlok Agrawal

    Who's here after JEE MAINS 2021 Feb attempt 🙌

  60. I DON'T KNOW

    Jhakkas salo 😂😂😂

  61. armush yt

    Season 1 was op

  62. raidenplays

    He is real entertainer !

  63. Soumyadeep Karmakar

    Superb movie 🔥

  64. A P

    hahahaha I could not stop laughing. This show is way way ahead of its time.

  65. fazlul jubaid

    Me after watching the last scene: Please don't give me hope TVF

  66. Nav Oberoi

    Fuffa ka saadu bhi fuffa hi hota hai

  67. garv Varshney

    Subah subah 2:00 baje 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣



  69. Ankur Sharma

    never gets old, still fresh in 2021

  70. Mack Sequeira

    RGV will love it if he watches this🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯. TVF Rocks ❤️

  71. Sachin Tiwari

    Itni bakchodi koi kese kar skta h yr 😂😂😂😂

  72. Utkristh Kanth

    baap baap hota h...

  73. shaheer saleheen

    ye apni sehat ke hisaab bht ziada chilla rha hai kisi bhi waqt bhasam hojaega ye.. :DD

  74. Viswanath

    Re-watching for the 20th time

  75. Miguel Nitesh

    2nd season please

  76. Anshita


  77. Indian Railways in 4K


  78. himdr

    pitchers is back🙏

  79. Rachit Kumar Sinha

    The first time i saw this video, i found it normal, like nothing really funny. But you need to watch these videos with some observation, little details are what make the whole video amazing. Shivankit is just amazing, cant match his talent. Man, these guys are always ahead of their time. Humour can make gloomy and monotonous things look very attractive and true at teh same time.

  80. The react master

    Is pitcher coming back?