Hey guys, I'm Sejal Kumar. I create Fashion and Lifestyle videos and some music videos as well. I love creating and not being in a box! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do making them!

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  1. Hasna Hannan

    Hi i am army

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    Thankyou for sharing this ⭐💫

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    Ya I am bts

  4. samee

    Hey, I am only 12 right now and I freakingly love bts .💜 Whenever I get phone in my hands and I only watch bts 💜 And started to learn Korean and watching Korean learning tutorials 💜

  5. Shrestha Asmita

    Literally PAprom is recommending me this after 3 years lol

  6. shanvi jaiswal

    U r my idol...ily❤️

  7. balakram shinde

    Amazing video and such a unique idea. <3

  8. Ehsan Khan

    I also love bts and specially V😘😘😘😘

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  10. Rahul Yadav

    Actually I am a girl Di and this is my brother's I'd I wanted to ask can we get pregnant before we have periods like is it possible

  11. Vinaya Joshi

    Love ur videos ❤️and vlogs .... Really interesting... Keep making and love ur voice too❤️

  12. Nupur Jain

    So nice to see Delhi in her blogs!!! It's just a part of this channel, Mumbai made it boring

  13. deepti Sharma

    Woow ...how u draw flow chart ? ....it was amazing ......I was only thinking about ur flow chart while watching...I need to learn this to for my upsc exam 😁

  14. vivek PatiL

    lovely to see u young lady

  15. Milk Mello

    Are u Hindu


    Plsss do more fashion challenges

  17. snehal more

    I am an army of bts i love junkook and jimin i love u bts when i saw first time bts songs so i thought to be a singer and my parent dream is that i should be the singer

  18. Annapurna Mishra

    I love bts too

  19. Richa Pandey

    Fuck bro I missed

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  21. Sparkle

    You should be the singer in the bollywood

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  23. Dimpal_Kaswani _BTS_ARMY

    BTS Are Very Attractive......💜😍

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  25. Dimpal_Kaswani _BTS_ARMY

    Wow Finally We Have a Big Indian Army......

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    Who Is Your Bias In BTS Sejal.....

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    I purple bts and you💜

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  29. medasani parijatha

    Why ppl make such big deal of pads dunno

  30. Vasundhara BAGAVATHAM

    My friend’s gallery: filled with her pics My gallery: filled with bts pics

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  34. Nahida _

    *MOST OF THE TIME THIS HAPPENS:* *_First:_*_ u watch something often and kind of hate it._ *_Later:_*_ after some days or weeks u love it and become its fan._

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  36. Thambu Raj

    💗⒜⒧⒧ ⒴⒪⒰⒭ ⒞⒪⒧⒧⒠⒞⒯⒤⒪⒩⒮ ⒜⒭⒠ ⒧⒪⒪⒦⒤⒩⒢ ⒮⒪ ⒝⒠⒜⒰⒯⒤⒡⒰⒧ ⒣⒜⒮ ⒧⒤⒦⒠ ⒴⒪⒰💗

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  39. manoj kumar

    My fav. group are also bp and BTS 💜💖

  40. manoj kumar

    Me seeing k-pop Me:- clicking💜😎

  41. tourasia 360degree

    Hi sejal i am a big fan u and ur voice is amazing

  42. Mubaz Basheer

    she can plan a vacation so quick..... for me 1 week will go by searching cheapest ticket.

  43. S M

    Do a video about personality development series for girls ... socializing, pr development, dressing sense in general, personal grooming, love life, getting over boys, don’t fall for boys too hard.. basic financial independence...so many things we girls need out of big sister experiences

    1. Jasprit Bumrah

      Sure I will definitely make video on this, thanks for the feedback ❤

  44. Sagar Badeewal

    Omg what happened to her

  45. Raizel Ami bts

    I am an Indian armyy.. I am from Delhi... I would love you doing some more videos on bts or kpop💜💜💜💜💜💜purple u... Fighting💜💜

  46. Riya Mohan

    This is all happening with me..

  47. Vidhi Randad

    I love BTS 💕💕

  48. Anisha Juneja

    This is so serene.

  49. Pankaj Kumar

    are your parents from US? europe? Australia? ... why dont u talk in hindi does it feel shameful or inferior?? please tell us so called " influencer"


    I think she was about cry and her voice was heared like she is almost cried 😶😶 did she really cried

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    100th comment

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    I one

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    Abhi 97 comments hain mai, ninty eight kr rahi hoon

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      @Jasprit Bumrah 2 comment aur kare the maine 100 kne ke liye. Thanks

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      Thanks❤, keep supporting💪

  54. East Italian

    I love you Sejal Thier is one thing to change from u....

  55. Sayeda Saniya

    Army here🙋‍♀️

  56. Riya Malhotra

    Yrr sejal edit out less. Show the struggle with collg guards. Show more of your mom dad and just more of authentic deep talks like that 30 second clip.

  57. iSiri

    Why don't u wanna do backpack alone?

  58. Annu yadav

    My inspiration 🌝🖤

  59. Madhavi Jha

    Koi yaad dilao Sejal ko fashion basics series ka🤪

    1. Jasprit Bumrah


  60. Antelxpe_playz

    I want the female toilets at public places to have pads and more for your periods


    Am so glad that am not alone in this😂 am at similar stage like you sejal. Having the same feelings ❤️

  62. Jhalak Singh

    Hi Sejal Please make another episode of fashion basics Love u ❤️

    1. Jasprit Bumrah


  63. T meena

    Lots of love from tamilnadu 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😍😍

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    Makeup less