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  1. Archna Shinde

    Really very beautiful song and amazing voices of udit and Sadhna sargam

  2. rajeev kumar

    Agar tum ye gana sun rhe ho toh, ek baat jaan jawo. i still love you. Noor, gaali no3😒

  3. satyam batra

    Come here from instagram reels 😂😂

  4. Kingslay Khan

    Jitni bakchodi pelni thi saari pel di

  5. Atif Hashmi

    You searched for this masterpiece! Its not in your recommendation

  6. Kingslay Khan

    Bakchodi* into100

  7. Kingslay Khan

    Bakchodi into 100

  8. Qamar E Alam

    Yeh Gaana Official Channel pe dhundh dhundh ke pareshan ho gaya tha. Ab jake upload hua hai...

  9. Technology Guide

    Don't forget to mention the Legend Udit Narayan

  10. Mukesh Mehta

    The name of these characters in this movie are Karan and Pooja and are from Hindu families. Then why they are going to a Mazaar(Mosque) for prayers. This is just another example of Islamization attempt through Bollywood, as if there is only "Allah" who is responsible for all good things. Through music they were and still are trying to glorify Islam and mock Hinduism... shame on Bollywood

    1. Prem Prasun

      It's just a song dude

  11. SAMARA !

    This song tells all those hidden unheard stories which every person recalls once in their life.

  12. absar ahmed

    0099 pm

  13. Usman Patel

    Pardesi pardesi hout songs

  14. avid learner

    I have watched this movie on VCR.. Nostalgic 😇😇🙂

  15. Manu Panicker

    This song was so ahead

  16. group D only

    Remember helicopter climax scene😍 I watched this movie many times in my childhood

  17. वीडियो वाले

    Hero CBZ old model😍😍

  18. Emaan Azam

    Atif is just love 💘

  19. Manu Panicker

    Hariharan ji aur rehmanji take a bow

  20. LIJEESH sg

    My favourite bollywood actor in childhood days

  21. Akshay Sharma

    Yeh kaha se aaya trending mein

  22. raman kumar

    I don't remember my age but that is still in ❤️

  23. Himanshu Kumar

    Nadeem sharwan or udit G all time blockbuster song..if agree like here?

  24. Prince Raj 169

    This song is copied or another version of buhebariya cuz tone,rythm music is same🤣🤣

    1. Ramsha Raaj

      Yup it sounds similar to bhe bariyan by hadiqa kiani

  25. Exploring with Pratham

    Awesome body

  26. Sayanee Biswas


  27. Positive Kawser


  28. Arpit Tewari

    CBZ ...the original one

  29. Educational video

    Fev💖 song 😘

  30. Naira angel

    4.04 are gaana khtm bhi ho gaya kash na hota

  31. sanjay sanju


  32. Mhi Afrid

    Love this

  33. sparsh saxena

    Kammal hai

  34. Jatinder singh

    Sira 22 G.kraya tusi gane ch..

  35. comedy sab kuchh dubbing

    Nice song

  36. كرامه ك


  37. Krish swamy vines

    Legend watching 2021😎

  38. Imran Hossain

    Excellent song

  39. ViPUL 22

    Choreography made this song more attractive 🔥❤️

  40. Nashim Ikbal

    Hamari desh ki bewakuf ki kami nahi hay.. Itni acchi song ka v views itni kam hay... Suno tomari baap badsah aur tomari fupari behen neha kakkar ko..

  41. Abhii kr

    Ye kaise aa gya bhai trending me..😍😍

  42. Nitish Pandey

    4:27 male voice

  43. Abhilasha Sanyal

    I first heard this lovely song in my MBA days ..used to rush to my hostel room to listen in radio whenever heard the tune - seriously if made me fall in love with sumone even though I was single !! ♥️😍

  44. rahul N markam

    My childhood song.... every time I and my sis dance like chamma chamma...👍I miss those 90s era❤️🔥🔥👍

  45. Mohammed Hussain


  46. Haroon Rasheed

    Jab suno new song lagta hai.

  47. Faizal khan

    Someone late night listening....?

  48. Nitish Yadav

    I come here to care my ears damged By varun ,is mirchi lagi

  49. zakir khan

    Trending 13 ...this is crazyy Only 90s kid understand 👍🏻

  50. zakir khan

    It's trending

  51. Anil Shisode

    Wo. Teri.. Best

  52. Priyajit Paul

    Those were the memorable days ❤️❤️❤️.. Feeling nostalgic ❤️