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  1. Aditya Dubey

    Love Frm Mohun Bagan💚❤️

  2. Abdul Razik

    Actually Goa played well... They deserved 😕

  3. Atul Mishra

    So proud of #city💙 let's get into the final 👍❤️

  4. naan dhan kadavul

    Fluke win by Mumbai. Goa is the real winner. Not even a single shot hit on target by Mumbai in the entire match. Lucky win for Mumbai Goa deserved to win

  5. Richard Gamings

    Martin glans and Donchie was the only reason they lost the match

  6. GAMER 10

    Facundo 💛💛💛💛💛

  7. मराठा पाटील

    Amrinder is the Hero of the match saved many goals

  8. jasmine


  9. Gill Production

    Naveen kumar performance 🔥


    What a match really a Goosebumps during.. one od the best matches of isl season history... Some indian players are improving alot... Adil khan and Brandon win hearts. Respect for fc goa n congratulations to Mumbai but its a win for indian football community..

  11. Atul Mishra

    Ufff what a thrilling nail biting match certainly one of the best match in isl this season with result being decide on penalty #city💙💪

  12. nidal ismail

    Goa played a perfect attacking football but amrinder saved all of them. So he is the hero. I think Goa deserved the win. Anyway Congrats mumbai city Fc to qualify for the finals. Best of luck for finals

  13. A.pixel's photography

    Goa played well

  14. Gowtham Shetty

    Goa deserved to win this match based on their regular time performance.. but unlucky..

  15. Afshan Shanz


  16. AB KM

    Goa played very well. Goa deserve it. ❤️

  17. Afshan Shanz

    What a match🔥

  18. Stormyman Edm

    Gerard nus ന്റെ ശാപം ആയിരിക്കും. 🤣🤣

  19. দিগন্ত ঢ়ূড়

    Mumbai did not deserve this. Goa played way better

  20. Siraj Paul

    Glan Martin 😞

  21. AB KM

    Goa played very well

  22. Mr.Apurba Pátøwàry

    Very nice Script..🤣

  23. mithun asok

    why did both the teams substitute their goalkeepers?


    Don't worry goa next session we come back 🤕🤕🤕🤒🤒🤒

  25. Sports Lover

    Goa is better than any other team in isl....

  26. Aslamz vlogs

    Thrilling match💥💯

  27. Miya mehsin

    Really unlucky team.. Always they take their best on playoffs and finals... But💔💔💔 Better luck next time... Really played well... Good performance 🔥👏👏👏👏👏👏 Its really make sad while seeing the tears on Goa players and coach face💔 Donot be sad.. Once you will achieve.. 👍👍All the best

  28. Ajum Garam

    Love you all❤️❤️❤️❤️

  29. AWM family

    Glan is 😒😠😡

  30. Alphy Ta


  31. Priyanshu Pattanayak

    Ishan pandita is a good striker he deserves more play time he is class.

  32. Poke World

    Oh man what a game it was🤯

  33. Mahamadul Hassan Taufique

    Chokers fc goa

  34. Hammad CP


  35. Emmanuvel Johnson

    Sorry goa its not your day...its mumbays day...😎😎😎😎

  36. B5 GAMING

    For those trolling Goa,lemme say, we have been the most consistent team, in the 7 seasons they played 2 finals 4 semifinals Most goals Qualified most times Most exciting team Longest unbeaten run Just some bad luck in playoffs is what costing us.. We'll be the champions for sure 🧡🐃

  37. harkrit singh 89

    Indian football is improving support indian football

  38. Sidharth s nair

    This match refree is good not like other bad matches worst by refrees

  39. harkrit singh 89

    Indian football is improving support indian football


    This not semi...final game

  41. Jharna Banerjee

    What a match

  42. Rupesh

    My brother died because Goa lose 😭😭

  43. Bhaskar Jyoti Barman

    I'm a NEUFC fan but I wished Goa to win because they deserved it. The match could have ended in injury time but Goa got unlucky.

  44. Sree Santh

    Forca goa😘

  45. Md. Hossain Ali


  46. mohammad jamshad

    Mumbai mere jhan

  47. COMMENTER 10

    *SHIJU* ചേട്ടൻ്റെ വോയ്സ്🔊 കാരണം എൻ്റെ സ്പീക്കർ അടിച്ചുപോയി😨😨


    We hate u mcfc🖕🖕🖕👎👎👎😡😡😡.I wish next season goa became champion in isl season 8👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏.we love u Fc goa 😘😘😘.From ATKMB☺☺☺.

  49. Riya Mahanty

    Ohhh, if you watch out the 1-90 minutes Goa played more better than mumbai, feeling really bad for goaa but I appreciate the coach, he really played his team well 👏👏👏👏👏,

  50. PFP Gaming

    Prnalty poli naveen and mumbai goal keeper ഒരേ പൊളി.



  52. Naveen Cinoy

    My favourite team in ISL after Kerala Blasters is FC GOA.. 🧡🧡🧡 They really deserved final match😪😪😪😪 Love From KBFC💛💛🧡

  53. laren Fernandes

    Next season fc goa into the finals some top signing is upcoming ❤️

  54. simple gaming

    Goa ne hag diya

  55. Darsh Pai Angle

    If Glan, Donachie and Brandon had shooted on target, it should have gone in the goal as the goalkeeper dived on the other side. Anyways, Mumbai City FC got their place in finals for the First time

  56. Govind Krishnan

    So isl is going to finish this season and now we need to support indian team

  57. juliet dsouza

    Worst part is I didnt see anything more than the match...the commentary who spoke after the match, the post match presentations...nothing of all that! Cause I was literally upset for my gaurssss! N when I see their sad faces I too get emotional..so I changed the channel.🙄but still cant control..🙄🥺🥺😭😭


    Amrindar 👍👍👍👍👍

  59. Vixcerr

    Away goals nai rehte kya?

  60. sovan Goutam

    Fc goa good playing

  61. juliet dsouza

    Referees: Mumbai never went to the finals..let these kids go for the finals for the first time..otherwise they'll cry!😂😂😂


    As a goa gans i would like to say that forget the past and start working for the future one day we will win yesterday match we gave our 100% so dont cry be proud of goa..... love you goa forever......

  63. KAZTRO boy

    Well played goa Love from kbfc💛🧡

  64. B MEDIA

    Thrilling match.. Goa.. Better luck next time

  65. Debasree Paul


  66. neha rai

    Well played fc goa

  67. Sreedevan SS

    I AM KERALA BLASTERS FAN BUT YESTERDAY I AM PRAYED FOR FC GOA WIN BUT I am not belive the fc goa loss not sad fc goa fans we have scored the next season the cup

  68. Avradeep Chatterjee

    Most heart touching match ever seen. While watching the miss of glan penalty my eyes are filled with tears and then rowlin borges score.Goa dominated full match but the foreginer need to practice penalty shootout but after all indians score most of penalty,s apart from foreginers

  69. iNVicTuS GAmiNG

    Goa vs amirinder

  70. maharoof moideen

    bad luck goa