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  1. FatBoi Gaming

    Upload speed cannot be considered 5g speed. I get better service with jio

  2. Sudesh Chaudhari

    Airtel 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  3. Sudesh Chaudhari

    Airtel 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  4. Sudesh Chaudhari

    Airtel 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  5. Kladius Ghosh

    In India 4g speed is like 3g, some european countries are still providing better speed at 3g, In India 5g will act like 4g


    Hamare yaha 4g kya 2g e padta hai

  7. Gaming X YT

    in beta = 300mbps when in hands = 5-7 mbps

  8. Harsh Sinha

    I am getting 20-30 Mbps on jio SIM (got highest of 44 Mbps once) which is enough for me for now


    Is this backpack recommend for college student?


    Apple might discontinue 2017 model anytime. Should we still continue buying it in 2021?

  11. Áímöñ síñgh

    Sir I am handicapped and I won gold medal 🥇🥇🥇 three times in cerebralpallcy is twiiter verify my account ?

  12. Suyash Sahu

    Meanwhile me :- having less than 2mb speed.

  13. Vivek Priyam

    4G bhi airtel hi laya tha pehle....

  14. V J

    1.which 2 in 1 would you recommend for professional sketching? 2.what is the sensitivity value for this laptop? 3.what is the sensitivity value of the 2 in 1 laptop that you would recommend?

  15. Xperia A.D

    4G thik se nehi chal raha or 5G ki batt kar rahe he

  16. Sudip Gon

    Is it support hotstar ????

  17. Pradeep Tiwari

    Uploading very less

  18. Pradeep Tiwari

    Use kya hai itni speed kaa😂

  19. Dorjey Gailtsen

    I couldn't even touch 1mbps in the 4G network. If we get the original 4G speed that enough for me.

  20. Bineet Ghosh

    Airtel is the worst network of India

  21. the_ V3 GUY

    Does it's hdmi arc port support 5.1 dolby ?

  22. Hemad Khan

    for the very i will download all my games that i have purchased on steam 😍

  23. Asif Ali

    Aare bhaiya arsh ka speed kuch dino baad farsh p aa jta h jab jyada customer aa jate h. Abhi mujhe Jio 4G m jo speed milta h kuch saal phle woh 2G m milta tha. Halaki Airtel ka condition thoda better h. Can't deny that.

  24. Yogita Patil

    Why are you comparing mac air with it

  25. D-MAK Productions

    Nice, you talk about a lot of good tips in the video production space! We are interested what you do, keep going. Anytime you are in Scottsdale hit us up. If you can, DM us @dmakproductions on Instagram and we can connect. You kill it!

  26. Mali Dan

    Oneplus have been hammered speed heading into to year three, so here we now have a stacked speed test with a fully caches 12 Gb OP against a crippled uncached SD888 8gb Mi 11 🤭

  27. Sahil Singh

    Redmi Note 8 was launched at ₹9999 with SD665, is receiving Android 11 (its second major update). What is Nokia even thinking? Stock Android is barebones and unusable for most of the tasks or features available in other skins. Nokia is over!

  28. Assam Online Tech

    Sir apka mic change ki ji a awaj puri tarika se ata nahi 😐 😅 😕



  30. Onkar Wankhede

    My product is missing plz what should I do they not give me my refund

  31. Sayan Banerjee

    4G is more than enough speed to run our daily life but due to connection and bandwidth load we do not get the actual speed of 4G...and now it's time for 5G again a business twist to make the people forcefully to buy new 5G phones...!!! I'm using iPhone 12 Pro Max but seriously I will not switch to 5G...I have my own 100 Mbps broadband in my home and Airtel 4G when I goes out side...It's enough for me....

  32. Manikandan J

    Is it support 4g (India jio sim) ?

  33. Brot TV

    Is the Sound very Good??????

  34. Action With Mortals[AWM]

    Video start at 1.20


    I have 1GBPS network in Assam gogamukh

  36. Biki Ahmed

    2.6 Likes 2.6 Dislikes 🔥

  37. Sohan Sarkar

    what was the ping in cod?

  38. Mayur Wadhwani

    Pannel kon sa ips or va

  39. Noah Yek Zong Ren

    May I know what’s the ram spec? I can’t understand the language..

  40. Satheesh Batchu

    Is this support sound bar

  41. аюш упадхяй

    2021 still watching on my Oppo K3

  42. Sandeep Saini

    Phn se kase connect kre

  43. Arshdeep Singh

    Help me to choose a led tv im very confused

  44. Rudra Chauhan

    The price might not be in the best interest, with respect to the speculations.

  45. vn sudheer

    i want it

  46. FGT - Facts,Geography and Tech

    This is around 30MBPS (~240 Mbps) 30MBPS is 5G?? Some claim 5G to be 20Gbps(2. 5GBPS)..30MBPS Little over 4G's 13MBPS

  47. Raj Roy

    OnePlus 8 vs o OnePlus 8t speed test please

  48. Tobi

    tomanocu vei q lingua é essa

  49. Ashish Mehta

    Is it good for playstation 5?

  50. Mithun vj

    This can play at vivo v11 pro is there any problem because my phone doesn't have lhdc only have sbc,aac and Bluetooth version 5.0.

  51. Kapil Boro

    My experience with zoom car has been very bad to say the least. They first charge a deposit before any booking which is fine. However they cancel the bookings on some flimsy grounds and then do not refund the deposit despite several reminders. There's is also no contact details of any of the higher mangement to whom to escalate your issue. Now after my experience I have also seen several such issues with others.


    I liked its unique dual display design Just wondering

  53. Nagendra Reddy Maasireddigari

    Bloody airtel network......I am getting even 3 G speed

  54. Vishal Chaudhry

    How high were you while “pre” ordering ?

  55. Kapil G

    Watching from my F1

  56. bikash kumar

    Mobile hotspot se chlane ke liye ko lena shi hoga q ku mere pass WI fi nhi hai


    Bro karnataka mei kab ayega 5g network

  58. xRaptorGG

    you mean 4G+?

  59. S.A Ansari

    Backwash hai .bolte 5G dete hai 4G speed


    Arrey bhaiya price point v dekh lo zamin aasaman ka faraq h

  61. Love Kush

    RTX 3060 is 12 GB VRam

  62. Govinda Asawa

    Can the SSD be upgraded to 1tb ?

  63. Govinda Asawa

    Amit Sir does the pen has magnet so that it can be attached to the laptop ?


    Mivi full of tatti

  65. Shravan Salian

    I like custom UI Samsung Galaxy ui

  66. Rohit Roniya

    PAprom recommend me your video after a year or more maybe


    I feel JBL sound is better than boya light clear sound l feel in JBL

  68. Archana More

    When you will bring the Mac mini giveaway results

  69. Shehub Howladar

    Upload speed is bad 👎 I want 100 Mbps Upload Speed !!!

  70. Rishabh raj

    Did you test the phones continuously ?

  71. arun kumar

    Humne video dekhi ki ap btyege ap humi se puch rhe

  72. Vikas Yadav

    Airtel is indian proudly

  73. Radhe Damor

    Kas aap Hindi me bolte to me bhi samjhe Jada zoom car k bare me

  74. Kramika Deshnehare

    I am facing screen burn issue on this model. If you are facing the same please confirm.

  75. Muhammed Shadaab

    Amit Sir, HDMI ARC kis port me hai?

  76. Dhananjoy Roy

    Wait what was that 5.4 😂 7:09

  77. SAITAMA xzx

    Sab se pahale main apna 2year purana Router bahar phakunga..

  78. S H A B B E R .S H A I k

    Pehale 4g ka speed badao😂

  79. Adrià Sánchez

    How is the fan noise?