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  1. Sonics #1fangirl

    I'm here because my dumbass just learned that he didn't really have surgery he looks like how he does only for after hours but I'm very relieved he didn't do that for real thank god 🙂

  2. Félix Carrillo Hernández

    Soy el único que adelanta hasta el minuto 1:15 🤔

  3. Tor Tumbagahon

    Collaboration with Bella Poarch

  4. Mᴀɪsɪᴇシ

    Abel is so kind and generous, he doesn’t mind how much money he gets, he just cares about making music for his fans. He has also donated to lots of struggling people. He has did so much for us.

  5. lilian umana

    Wonderful performance.

  6. Tesla Nicole

    Есть тут русские? если да то я уважаю ваш вкус)))

  7. Amit Yadav

    🤠 save your tears for another day 🤞

  8. Firstname Lastname

    See you in 2040 where future generations will say that music was better back then compared to theirs.

  9. Krishna Music

  10. RyderCraft

    daft punk Daft Punk DAFT PUNK

  11. Kulitan Vlogs

    did you just hear Ariana humming? Or its just me? XD

  12. Juan.

    Why is nobody gonna talk bout the thumbnail?

  13. Rula Tariq

    #savepalestine #gazaunderattack


    I will never not love this song ♥️ Helped spark a joy in the pandemic

  15. __ KittenMilk_77 __

    I love it 😍

  16. Vanessa Rockmore

    I’m crying I just can’t stop crying please help me stop crying please helppppppppppp

  17. Moestlstudios Karl Moestl

    love it

  18. Vicka Jelena Dacquel

  19. Matheus Henrique

    Queen 💜🇧🇷

  20. Dylan King

    I miss the old weekend this mainstream shit sucks

  21. Kal የ አርሴማ

    "Take me back because I wanna stay" #love it

  22. Carolina Pereyra Rosales 3 G

    All his presentations are incredible, this is an unmatched talent 👌🏻😎

  23. Bryan Jeske

    Jimmy The Weeknd WOW !!! And this happened just before the pandemic ...............

  24. Pamzwhut?!

    Me thinking that Ariana's head was Bella's lmao

  25. Wildan Razin

    That nature with talented boy

  26. Kashi M N

    Somewhat sounds like a tune from Alizee ..Can't recollect the song.

  27. Lustus 🎶🔥

  28. сапорт по игре

    Сколько можно выпускать одну и ту же песню?

  29. Pamzwhut?!

    Is it just me who feels like my phone's screen is going crazy because of the vids lights

  30. Giorno Giovanna

    Its aaa awesom

  31. The Projex

    There’s rappers out there beefing and flexing their riches while The Weekend is chillin and vibin

  32. алёна ташилова


  33. The Fuck

    excuse me sir, where tf is Miss Grande?

  34. Jasson Khoo

    cant believe he actually lit himself on fire... RIP weeknd

  35. Oakley Kamara

    Plot twist: this was the cover version of the Arabic one.

  36. Nur Hidayah

    The moment bella hadid was his ex

  37. Lauzon, Leree Greyz

    hot damn. i really love this song and this version

  38. Minh Nguyen

    Catchy tunes :)

  39. Junior Julian Gonzales Bravo

    Save your tears for another day!!!!! 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  40. Yahya Oa

    A new era is on the horizon! Abel's work rate is ridiculous

  41. Fernando Playz

    I am speechless I love ❤️ it and the clothes look so good and the song and the rain ☔️ the music from the piano 🎹 it matches save your tears and there is rain 🌧

  42. Valeria qk Sebastian

    No se type no

  43. Ghost

    Aun no veo la versión norteña de esta rola :v a como van las cosas seguro saldrá :v

  44. funky dudes

    I begged that he should perform at WrestleMania

  45. SG Anighlator


  46. Arpita Bose

    Listening in an empty hall hits totally different......

  47. Aliifah Bianca

    Arguably the best musician of this generation 🖤

  48. Mr.CrazyPiscean

    Confidence *Twerking

  49. Sae Moon


  50. Nickolas Geluz

    The perfect rocket epidemiologically tug because cancer coherently admire among a round game. , second backbone

  51. Irony

    We need Ari here. Love you Abel, kudos ! 🎉❤

  52. CARLÒ SR

    Esta canción me hace extrañar y recordar a esa persona de hace 3 años que no olvido

  53. Soothing Sensation

  54. Leandro Aponte

    The Weeknd eres un Dios ♡︎ ✨

  55. preshit humne

    I know the storm is coming.., remember what Trump said... 😈

  56. ФЕNИКС

    Лайкните типо что-то умное написал, пусть иностранцы а*уеют

  57. Krishna Music

  58. Blue J

    🖕 [email protected]*k Grammys 🖕 Edit : PAprom insisted that I edit ' ' 'fuck ' . So here it is again . [email protected]*k grammys

  59. StuntXO

    The dawn is coming

  60. StuntXO

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  61. StuntXO

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  62. StuntXO

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  63. StuntXO

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  64. Luis Filipe

    Hints of Morrisey!!

  65. StuntXO

    The dawn is coming

  66. Zenobia. wow Crockett

    Wow that's awesome 👍😎

  67. Dynar Tresnady

    I still hear Ariana's voices <3

  68. Idiom Idiot

    The dawn is coming

  69. Idiom Idiot

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  70. Idiom Idiot

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  71. Idiom Idiot

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  72. Idiom Idiot

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  73. Idiom Idiot

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  74. Idiom Idiot

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  75. Alfredo Cabrera


  76. Idiom Idiot

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  77. Idiom Idiot

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  78. Idiom Idiot

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  79. Idiom Idiot

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  80. Idiom Idiot

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