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  1. Cameron Gleason

    No long hair and all country

  2. shiv daly

    This is fire best come back track ever

  3. Ashley Duffy

    They should hire him on ERB

  4. Clutch og boi

    Is he racist

  5. James Filion

    Thanks again Tom. Music worth listening to.

  6. Frances Hicks


  7. anton de swardt

    We need more of these singalong lyrics you have in your songs. Super fun song!

  8. Frances Hicks


  9. Eric Brandt

    This song hits deep everytime

  10. Bloodshot

    Sober and cancer is.....SO INSPIRING

  11. Frances Hicks


  12. Frances Hicks


  13. Robert Oniel

    Is the t shirt in this video for sale cause i want it omg

  14. Manny Suesse

    I hope they do clone Eminem and Tom McDonald💯 but question why bluu ?

  15. Kimberly and Jarod Stormant

    I recently discovered tom macdonald hands down best music if heard in year's. Keep killin em tom.

  16. Krista Smith

    Well if you say that people are stupid then your stupid because your a person

  17. Kimberly Inman

    Ngl I feel offended by you hanging on the cross and saying Christians “complain” like bruh wait a min... that ain’t right ;-;

  18. Kimberly Inman

    Christians get hate because we speak the truth🤷🏼‍♀️😌 also I am very concerned with you hanging on the cross🙃like are you trynna act like Jesus?

    1. Kimberly Inman

      Plus as a Christian I find it good when people hate because I know I am doing the right thing. I mean being hated on is not fun but it’s a nice reminder that you’re speaking the Truth😎

  19. Nameless Cowboy

    I like the vibe but if you are referring to upchurch hes a rapper who just likes country shit the same as nf is a rapper who just happens to be Christian.