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  1. Thrinadh Reddy

    "Entry" " Done" Best feature : screen quality & best camera

  2. Rohit jhariya

    Rohit jhariya

  3. LøW End gAmEr

    Want that phone🙋‍♂🙃 btww suprb videooo

  4. Gaming

    #askArun bro You are buy this fram tv or this is review unit

  5. Kashyap dayal

    Sir you are watching The Snakes In The City in the new samsung tv🤩🤩😎😎😁😁🥰🥰

  6. Karan Explores

    Fully copying TECHNICAL GURUJI.....

  7. Jatin Baliyan

    Superb 🙉💕💕 Love from Muzaffernagar UP

  8. Lokashreya Abhilash Padala


  9. Rohit jhariya


  10. Subir Bagchi

    Samsung is the best brand ❤️

  11. Ankit Kumar

    Hello friends love you

  12. Vivek Yadav

    Best Feature like:- "48mp Camera and 5000 mAh battery in a entry level phone".

  13. abhishek singh

    Ye duniya me akela banda mila jisne buds2 ki tareef ki.

  14. Satwik Manne



    Awesome room bro

  16. Bishnupriya Sahu.

    sony 85 inch tv

  17. Sai Angre

    Giveaway announcement

  18. Sanjay Solanki 5

    Wow what a great 🏠👍🏻❤️

  19. YNK

    Ye phone ka screen ko bend kartha hai na tho TV ko kyu nai , no fram completely wall ka sath match hogaya , masth lagaga , I'm not saying I can afford it though 😂

  20. Govind Gaikawad

    Arun bhau mala mazya papa la mobile geycha aahe mala chagla phone sanga na plz 10000₹ cha aat ani features 3GB ram aasa 5000 mh battery

  21. Ayaan Mankad

    sir apke house ka tour dedo

  22. Mohit Pradhan

    Copyright nahi lagana is video pe

  23. raaviraj01

    Samsung do's great job in high end phone... I like the color options Camera one link feature Vdo 60 fps with boke effect Slick and shine glossy premium design Overall does great non chini

  24. Pratigya Shroff

    Used vivo v5 s for 3 years 2 months, then needed a new phone, cuz dad wanted my phone. I am glad i waited and now i have a nice phone.

  25. Divyanshu Derwal

    Jis m bhi JOR h vo Ye VIDEO dekh ke btao

  26. yash gujral

    Isski hdr performance and gaming performance kaisi hai?

  27. Ramesh Parmar

    Ma Kar hi video calling

  28. Tech and Fun with Shanky

    03:01 who else also watch snakes in the city like him

  29. Divyanshu Derwal

    Jis m bhi JOR h vo Ye VIDEO dekh ke btao

  30. Divyanshu Derwal

    Jis m bhi JOR h vo Ye VIDEO dekh ke btao

  31. TecH MasTeR


  32. Titora Gamerz

    Please give ❤️ because I will comment under 1 hour

  33. 61 Atharva Urunkar

    Ye 3d tv nahi hain kya

  34. 61 Atharva Urunkar

    Sir it's no 3d tv

  35. tricky hacker

    Wow nice TV bhai please reply me I am big fan of your bhai please give me one like❤❤

  36. Naveen Sharma


  37. Divyanshu Derwal

    Jis m bhi JOR h vo Ye VIDEO dekh ke btao

  38. jayanta rajwar

    Apke thambnail me jo painting he uske bareme kya apko pata he ?

  39. dsudheer Tech News

    It's Part Of family Wali feeling...

  40. Arkodeep

    Sir sony 7400h wale series ke tv ka review krea 4k android TV hai 43 inch 53k ka

  41. Jatin Rabha

    Love from Assam ❤❤❤❤

  42. d dhanunjay

    Lg nano cell sey Kya faraq hai. Compare it


    Sir did u buy it off or an unboxing from samsung

  44. Gamer Priya

    To The Early Squad Reading This: sending virtual hugs to everyone who need it.always stay safe read my name 💖💖

  45. Syasam Ranga

    Samsung always super sir

  46. Nagnath Mane

    Honar 9x

  47. papu gamears


  48. Sumit Kumar

    It's phone cameras module is owsem and it's beautiful diwali edition is hot🔥🔥🔥🔥

  49. Sudarshan Bhalerao

    Mastch tv

  50. Ankita Jaiswal

    Apke link se mobile order krna h.. Original hi aata h na

  51. bolly fun tv

    Super information

  52. Nikhil Sharma

    Samsung Ka frame TV gajab hai Arun dada 🙂👌👍

  53. R2F Heartless

    Mujhe square shape me chahiye mi se pta nhi kv milega

  54. Harshwardhan Patil


  55. maharashtra king status



    Really what a technology :@

  57. CoOldUd 58

    Sir Phone is best in all way I love 64 mp camera... Thanks sir apki vjha se bhot logo ko fayda hota h or acha phone khrid pate h apne budget ke hisaab se Thanks you sir...


    Amazing video 👍 Love from Bangladesh ❤️

  59. mr addy

    Kese ho sir... Redmi note x ki price kitani ho sakti hai Ans send me please

  60. Manish Khedekar

    85 inches TV is Sony TV


    Flipkart crazy deals that's why I am here Lol

  62. Sharwan Thalor


  63. vivek patel

    The Frame It's good

  64. navratre agye maya de Jai mata de

    Nice video sir

  65. kichu sreehari


  66. AKSHU Gaming


  67. Yogesh Pathania

    2:51 that picture.... yaad ha na

  68. Sourav Das

    How's the comparison between the mic quality both indoor and outdoor or in a background noise rich environment?

  69. Dipak Creation

    Sir vivo v20 ka giveway winner announcement kab korogi

  70. Vivek Yadav

    "Entry" "Done" Reason:- Good Camera and Fast Charging.

  71. Sanjay Bhowmick

    This phone look is flagship Great camera and awesome color

  72. Abhay Gupta

    Vivo ne 1 bar bhi update ni diya

  73. Aryan Agarwal

    plz tell the refresh rate of this tv

  74. Raj kamal Prasad 30

    I am see technical guruji but I am see this channel last month starts and I see more video than see from technical guruji love like a addiction if video

  75. Àñish Goswami

    No android means no tv That's it

  76. rahul tiwari

    Bhai pls smart watch ki deals pe videos

  77. Arun Kumar

    Mera pAss tv nayi hai aap merku ek tv deydo 🙄🙄🙄


    He Making Everyone's Quarantine Million Time Better Like For Him 😊😍🥰👍