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  1. killua zoldyc

    Hahaha real classic

  2. zachary Francis Rubido

    Pls clash of clans bring back clash a rama

  3. Narciso Jacob Balagon

    1:01 there townhall is quite low for a grand warden

  4. ty Last Name

    I can finally live my deepest fantasy. Thank you Clash of Clans.

  5. Sloopy {ZR}

    lmao i loved the rocky part

  6. Revvere

    Im glad this is recommended to me again after 4 years

  7. sammy_1_1

    10:08 yOu MeAn, OiL?

  8. Gaudiyoso Wiliam

    Hey, guys i think elixer is Sake in ONE PIECE agree!?🙂

  9. Brim With no yank

    The giant is the same voice actor as the guy from cyberpunk

  10. scary drawings

    2:14 I feel bad for him

  11. Gaudiyoso Wiliam

    I think! Elixer is sake in ONE PIECE agree?!!🙂🙂

  12. yazan halawi


  13. Gaudiyoso Wiliam

    I think, elixer is sake in one piece agree?!🙂🙂

  14. Royal Cavalry

    idk why after 7 years they recommend this again to me.... childhood memories goes brrr

  15. Jiyed.m

    Wow lvl 4 xbow at th7 😯😱😱😱

  16. Flipa Nyash

    А вот и арабский мем подъехал он говорит что он ещё не: مات في مسرح الجريمة

  17. S.T.E.X

    Can you guy Join my Clan my Clan name is S.T.E.X. SX

  18. CJ Grant

    3:15 they left a helpless man suffocating

  19. Ron Ronn

    this series is amazing

  20. Jannel Degal

    Wow villager is smart

  21. Quem Sabe?


  22. LandShark 11

    5 vs 5 doesn't determine which clan is the best, there's up to 50 people in a clan

  23. VSF Slickk

    Of course 4 years later this is on my recommended

  24. Harold Padayhag

    Hahahaha nice

  25. Эдуард Габараев

    Thats villager..❤

  26. XS



    Finally it's proved that pekka is a girl 😑

  28. balegh islo

    Who is in here in 2021?!

  29. Julio Jones

    Remember, no russian

  30. Anubis Gaming

    0:54 who's the tall one

  31. sniper is ded not big souprice

    Tree 10,000 elixir. Time: 24 hours Gems: 4

  32. luis alfonso

    Nice animation

  33. Emilee Clarke


  34. CA N

    7 sene sonra anasayfama düştü

  35. MS BOK


  36. Dr. Awe

    4:50 I know it's late to say this but man I want a full version of that song.

  37. MysticShadowGaming

    1:12 Wizard has an arrow?

  38. Gavin Aikens

    0:4 the teachers method 0:7 my method that still works but is hard and long

  39. Danilo Ribaudo

    Mega knight

  40. Ann Tomlin

    Wait how are the goblins when the battle ends talking? Normally they can’t talk hmmmmmmm...

  41. Sama Sameh

    ilove yur videos

  42. qing yun wu

    9:49 Hol' up

  43. English Only

    I use in clash royale lavaloon

  44. 016 Abel Thomas

    Can you make lava hound little more exotic He is basically lava so can you make damage of lava hound increase over time . Just like lava launcher

    1. 016 Abel Thomas

      Make lava hound a truly majestic beast

    2. 016 Abel Thomas

      Anyone supporting pls comment and like



  46. Lika Ouan

    Superpoivre. (McFly, Carlito, Michou, Inoxtag) Team français

  47. Fakez

    After 4 years, why is this now on everyone's recommended page?

    1. EnderLord_016

      Hello verified person👌🏻

  48. Jacob Weston

    When they said supertroops don’t affect clash Royale, hay day, or brawl stars, I imagined boom beach crying in the corner

  49. xSalih _


  50. xSalih _

    Bring back the Global Chat !!!!!!

  51. Voyager Playz

    Why now

  52. Trashy

    tbh they should've saved the super witch for a halloween update

  53. Mohammad Saleh


  54. Şevket Eken

    l Love You Clahs of Clans

  55. Stinky Lol

    Me after drink 5 cups of sprite

  56. Мортис на учебе

    9:00 half-life 2?

  57. Fishee

    You know since th wizard said that the villager wall breaker where the only troops since the beginning both the builders and villagers story’s are wrong

  58. Alex Panitsidis

    Anyone watching this 2021? 😷 🦠 😷

  59. Денис Моллов

    Hahaha all for nothing they didn't know the have mare crowns I want more videos like this but to don't be a skeletons every time

  60. renato dias

    my favorite is giant

  61. :P

    The way Wizard talk and his voice is amazing

  62. Riyom K.

    Omg.. I am so excited. I hope it release soon

  63. Renndy Ch


  64. senkapaupau

    "Your Base got Attacked!"

  65. Christian Wijaya

    Indonesia 🇮🇩 here 👋

  66. JMPEliteYT

    is the worst has a hideous design. Clash of clans really didn't come up with something better? I will not buy it and nobody should buy it

  67. Alessandro

    where are the voiceovers in portuguese

  68. LOL

    2:55 miner is really walking O_o

  69. iLeX_ Boi

    This never gets old and the game is still mad fun 🤩

  70. NaamLooss

    Almost 4 years already😱 it feels like a year or less

    1. Comic Sans

      Damn nostalgic make me cry

  71. BRAWL TV


  72. :d :D

    Next season: rogue champion

  73. J҉O҉K҉E҉R҉-及-

  74. Карман

    Вставай донбасс

  75. NAE NAE Ymir

    Korean or Japanese King lol That coconut hair

  76. Nathaniel Abboud

    I haven’t played in a while and my village is super good now

  77. Jake plushy Collector Farrel

    Make more

  78. Akshay Chauhan

    Without builder wizards cannot be born and wizard tower also.

  79. Mousumi Sarkar


  80. Soviet wizard69

    I miss this