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  1. Jai Shri Ram

    Sishupal Yashohantri - As mentioned in Mahabharat, Shishupala had started saying wrong not only about Shri Krishna but also about Rukmani Which further infuriated Shri Krishna and he killed Shisupala in anger This is why Rukmani is considered to be the cause of Shisupala death And ‘Shisupalayashoantri’ name is one of name of Rukmani Mata in Skanda Puran; which means reason of Shisupala death

  2. TP Sharma

    RK serial is silly because according to show, Radha tried it first and Krishna lifted Govardhan Parvat only for Radha but according to Shrimad Bhagvad Puran, Vishnu Puran, and Harivamsha Shri Krishna lifts Govardhan Parvat to break ego of Lord Indra

  3. TP Sharma

    I do not even need to tell how fake this serial is accoring the show, Radha commands Krishna to punish Kaaliyan naag until then Shri Krishna keeps quiet whereby in reality according to Shrimad Bhagvatam, Harivamsha, and Vishnu Puran, Shri Krishna sports with him and break his hood Again RK distortion

  4. Anil Chouhan

    Iove you krishna Radhe radhe

  5. TP Sharma

    Even a mad person can tell RK is distorted. Vyomasura never tries to marry Radha Rani In Shrimad Bhagwad Puran, he tries to abduct the friends and Shri Krishna kills him

  6. TP Sharma

    RK show again gives fake information by showing Bakasura trying to kill Radha and Shri Krishna even trying to kill him back. This is not supported by Shrimad Bhagwad Puran again when Bakasura tries to attack Krishna to avenge Putana. Bakasura devours Shri Krishna but Shri Krishna is like burning sensation hence Bakasura spits him out and Shri Krishna kills him The story is affirmed by Sridhara Swami, Vijayadhvaja, Viraraghavacharaya, Yamunacharya and Madhavacharya and hence RK is wrong.

  7. Abhay Yadavp7j

    Radhe Radhe

  8. TP Sharma

    According to RK show, Radha inspires Shri Krishna to kill Aghasura and Radha gets liberated from fear. Aghasura story is narrated in Shrimad Bhagwatam is in order to kill Shri Krishna, he lies as huge python and devours his friends which is why Shri Krishna enters his mouth and kills him. This is mentioned by Sridhara Swami, Vijayadhvaja, Yamunacharya, and Madhavacharya among the acharyas of different sampradayas and different schools of Vedanta

  9. TP Sharma

    RK Mallika is expert in creating family problems and family fight. Do not you believe me:- Let's analyze it:- 1) Create difference between Rukmani Mata and Krishna 2) Because of her, Sambh is hating his father 3) Because of her, Krishna's wives are unhappy that they think Krishna only loves Radha more

  10. TP Sharma

    Sambh and Laxmana wants to seperate Sumedh Mallika #I support Sambh

  11. TP Sharma

    They are showing typical teenage romance in the word "prem". And our little cute teenagers are enjoying their strawberry love story I was reading Garg Samhita and by reading Radha Rani and Krishna story, I was understanding true love between Radha Rani and Shri Krishna Thanks to Radha Rani and Krishna, I was understanding and felt devoted towards their prem Because of this serial, I was getting irritated with word "prem" By reading Radha Rani and Shri Krishna devotion, I felt the inner peace which I was seriously missing because of this serial This Nasthik Puran once again destroyed my inner peace of mind

  12. Misty Raj

    Do anyone know how to join this watch party ? 🤔 If you know then please response . 🙏

  13. Medley 12


  14. TP Sharma

    With Pradhyumna and Aniruddh, you have even downgraded them

  15. TP Sharma

    #BlockBuster News:- Radha is going to stop HariHar Battle

  16. TP Sharma

    Banasur kidnapped Radha Rani and Mahadev attacked Govind with Trishul??? I have a doubt that what are people doing in Barsana ?

  17. TP Sharma

    What all they are showing in TV serial is all rubbish. They should be sued for such nonsense presentations.

  18. TP Sharma

    There are many frustrating things about the serial. I really don’t understand which text are they referring. I think this serial will even leave behind Suryaptra Karna in authenticity. They are just showing anything……

  19. TP Sharma

    Indians love to watch anything and anything can gain trp and popularity

  20. TP Sharma

    this serial main purpose was to downgrade Rukmini and Ayan character I think their new episodes are directly doing that krishna doesn't know anything about Rukmini Mata in this serial. Also this serial purpose is also to downgrade Radha Rani devotion by showing her having vikaras and as a angry bird(I am not talking about real Radha Rani. I worship Radha Rani and I am talking about this show Radha).Even they showed she always shouting Krishna. Also, once I was seeing Dyut Sabha and I remember why Radha had to shout at Krishna to protect Draupadi???

  21. TP Sharma

    In many Puranic literature, both Radha Rani and Rukmini Mata is believed to be an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. And Lakshmi being the inseparable wife of Lord Vishnu took birth as Rukmini in her next life. She was born in the house of Bhismaka, king of Vidharbha.Rukmini Mata is the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. Radha Rani is also incarnation of Laxmi.

  22. TP Sharma

    Rukmani Mata names states that she was an ideal daughter, wife, mother. She is "Shri" in the name of "Shri(Rukmini) Krishna". Isn't this goddess special?

  23. TP Sharma

    Rukmini is the goddess of love, devotion, courage & kindness. How will a woman who can go against her brother & society for love & devotion towards Shri Krishna be weak? Her other names Ruciranana - One who has a beautiful face, expanding like a lotus flower Vaidarbhi - Princess of Vidarbha Bhaishmi - Daughter of Bhishmaka. Maanini Mani - Jewel among women or Supreme reservoir of love. Krishnatmika - The one who lives in Krishna's heart. Rakhumai - Mother Rukmini. Rakhma- Lakhma/Lakshmi. Dwarkeshwari- Goddess of dwarka.

  24. TP Sharma

    Rukmini ardhangini is of Krishna if you can't consider her goddess then at least respect her as she's is someone's wife, she's someone's mother, she's someone's daughter. A man will never be happy after listening to his wife's evils no matter if he's a god, a human or an evil. No man will be happy by seeing someone is defaming his wife.

  25. TP Sharma

    Blaming Rukmini Mata is absolutely childish as if a 5-year-old child is saying "Radha Rani parted due to Rukmini Mata". I have literally saw that comments. Does blaming Rukmini Mata really make any sense? Rukmini Mata came in Krishna's life when he was in Dwarika & not in Vrindavan. Rukmini Mata had proposed not to forced him for the marriage because Sri Krishna had said after reading the letter "I too want to meet, the time has come for us to be one".

  26. TP Sharma

    People think Rukmani Mata and Radha Rani must be jealous of each other. Those people really need to grow up! They were born in Dwapar Yuga & not Kali Yuga in simple terms their thinking must be different from us they're from different yuga. When a yuga changes every single thing changes so obviously thinking & perspective has also changed

  27. TP Sharma

    Only Sagar Arts represented Rukmini Mata & Radha Rani from the eyes of Shyaam i.e both are adorable, Poojniya, selfless, great devotee & equal. Other serials represented “Rukmini Mata v/s Radha Rani” or “Radha is superior of all; Shir Krishna have no time for other devotees other than Radha Rani”. Serials & films are for entertainment not a history a lesson. Go for the scriptures if you really want to know about the both.

  28. TP Sharma

    Her one of the other names is Krishnatmika - The one who lives in Krishna's heart. So there's must a be reason why she lives in Shri Krishna's heart. She's is Shri in the name Shri Krishna

  29. TP Sharma

    Most people think that Rukmini Mata is married to Krishna i.e. "Her love is not selfless", I will pray for those who really think so; May God grant you wisdom. Lol! Marriage means no sacrificial or selfless love, you people really need some wisdom.

  30. TP Sharma

    Today Rukmini Mata is considered weak or not special due to films and serials. Indian people are fond of love stories, especially those who are apart, which is why films & serials mostly portray the story of Radha Rani & Krishna but not Rukmani Mata and Krishna

  31. TP Sharma

    Phir bhi koi kuch nahi bol raha hai kyunki hum log seriously le ja rahe hain Sab bolenge bolke aur hume sab orthodox bolenge bolke. We accept that we are orthodox if our devotion towards the Hindu god called orthodox then we are. We have to oppose this serial. Adharma karne wala se bura adharma sahane wala hota hai. This serial has no connection with any Hindu scripture. They insulted Lakshmi who is wealth and Fortune. If Lakshmi become angry on them then aap log karte rahena Radha Badi ya rukmini .

  32. Raju Pk

    Jai Shree Radha Krishna 💝😍🥰❤️💕💕

  33. Alok Padhy

    Krishn hni jitenge

  34. Alok Padhy

    Radhe radhe 🙏🙏🙏

  35. Indu Love

    Omg this vyamasur is from Jai shore Krishna my fav 🥰

  36. Kya Kasoor Amla Ka VMs

    Yeh story thoda apni Nazar jaisi lag rahi hain. She is a durga-vakt (like daivik piya) and the boy's mum is evil like dayaan. Mixing in a bit of Nazar 2, jahan hero mentally challenged tha

  37. Vikash Nishad

    जय श्री कृष्ण राधे राधे राधे राधे राधे राधे राधे राधे राधे राधे राधे राधे राधे राधे राधे राधे राधे राधे राधे जी

  38. bimal roy

    I liked Radha Krishna serial this is my favourite show 😊😊😉☺️☺️ like

  39. Mona Sharma

    Jay maa sherawaliye 🙏🙏🌺

  40. TP Sharma

    Sambh tried to attack Krishna before and still planning to do in future. It's a planned strategy for Trp increase. Because clearly in comment section, you will see andhbhakts insulting Sambha too now First those andhbhakts were insulting Rukmani Mata and now Sambha

  41. TP Sharma

    At least remove jewelry from Mahadev. Mahadev never wears jewelry.

  42. TP Sharma

    Something nonsense you are showing... Mallika got captured and trying to stop fight between Mahadev and Krishna

  43. TP Sharma

    Kheer in this serial plays a major role than lead actors. When you are in serious situations, Radha will make Kheer. And even you know they showed Rukmani learning Kheer lessons from Radha I illiterate thought making Kheer is easy procedure but after seeing this I understood it is so complex Kheer plays a major role in this serial It's written in Kheer Mahatmya

  44. TP Sharma

    Future predictions of this show by TP Sharma:- 1) Instead of Rukmani Mata, you will show Radha Rani trying to stop Dwarka from getting submerged. 2) You will show Jambavati as another Gandhari and in Putra Moh.... 3) You will keep insulting Rukmani Mata 4)Radha will never forget to make Kheer in serious situations You will keep showing more conspiracies from Sambh and Laxmana, and Jambavati will protect her son

  45. TP Sharma

    This show is taken from these sources which are authentic:- 1) Sumellikan Puran 2) Nasthik Puran 3) Kheer Mahatyma Do read this books. It is not available in google. It is available with writers. Do not forget to ask them

  46. TP Sharma

    it's enought!!! What is this nonsense!!! Sudarchan Chakra was stopped???For Prem??? This show is the worst show and i have seen people telling it as a best serial What is this? "Is this a best"? Okay! Fans and crew members are liking this illogical show If you have courage, kindly reply me where this nonsense is written? This show is showing Krishna as weak.... This show is showing Radha!!!Oh sorry I will say Mallika getting kidnapped and telling Mahadev to do it... Oh sorry again!!!Mahadev attacking Krishna with Trishul and Krishna in pain...... This show is insulting each character except Radha...Now they did not even spared Krishna too What is this Siddarth Kumar Tiwari pls stop this show Your creative producer Nithin Gupta has blocked me because I am exposing the truth Tell this to andhbhakts who are insulting Rukmani Mata and even Sambha

  47. TP Sharma

    This show is not RadhaKrishn This show is Sumedh Mallika or say Sumellika show.

  48. TP Sharma

    There are few people who keep saying we do not have any rights to say anything against this serial. Wow according to those fans logic... 1)We do not possess right to freedom of religion 2) We do not have right of freedom of speech 3) It is not democracy We can protect our religion sentiments.This right has been in constitution of India.... And there are few people who will tell that Swasthik as done a deep research and making famous show. But hard reality is they never did any research at all.... Wake up Hindus Wake up Andhbhakts

  49. TP Sharma

    If you want to watch this show as a cheap remake of Devdas, go for it. Oh I forgot, fans coming to abuse me and giving their prem gyaan in 3...2.....1......

  50. amar pamma

    I don't know how many times I've looped this one. It is perfectly calibrated. A pleasure to watch and opens the mind to understanding the concept of femininity.

  51. Fake Serial Exposer

    You have crossed your limits in today's episode. Never thought like that. Mahadev hitting Krishna with trishul and Radha telling Mahadev and Krishna to stop the fight. Listen you all andhbhakts who liking this show, this show have crossed it's limits. First of all, come out of your fanzone. Fans are doing biggest sin by beleving this all as true. My foot....... And wow! Radha got kidnapped. Wow hats off to the research of Nasthik Puran team. Wow ! I am amazed to see the research................ I want to see where are those andhbhakts who were keep telling never judge with the promo. I want to see your face............ Now some people will come here and justify this as true....that fight did happened. Listen those andhbhakts...... That fight between Mahadev and Narayan was different story where Mahadev had attacked Narayan with trishul And there was no Radha...In fact, it was Mahadev who gave idea to Krishna to hit him with the weapon that will make him unconscious... And how dare you insult RadhaRani by showing her getting kidnapped....... And you always showed Krishna in pain or Krishna as cry baby and Radha as angry bird.... And Nithin Gupta loves to block people who even questions him.... Where are those people who even telling they showing true stories....... And you even showed Banasur stole all weapons And Sudhrchan chakra getting stopped by Balram love This is not Radha Krishna serial This is Sumedh Mallika love story. And fans are loving this love story. Because it's really said, "andhe serial ke fans andhe hi hote hai".... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  52. Sharmista dhar

    Hello sumed and malika I love you to much and I am parijat dhar 💄👞👟👑👒🎉🎇🎊🎆🎍🎊📣✉📭📢📯📯

  53. Sayan Saha

    জয় শ্রী কৃষ্ণ 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  54. Like भारत


  55. Parth Saxena

    Aaj ka episode dekh k pta chla devo ke dev mahadeva is 100 times better than radhakrishna..... Mahadeva k charcter ko hi chnge kr dia ki mahadeva khudh keh rh h samadhaan k liy sb aap k pass aate hai narayana ap hi upay btaiye.... Ye kya baat hui.....very dissapointing...

    1. 091_Meet patel

      It can't even be compared with Devon Ke Dev Mahadev. It is 10000 times better than this show. And even they changed the character of Krishna too.... They never truly showed Krishna as warrior actually... They always showed Krishna as crying or Krishna getting weak

  56. Kausar Shaikh

    Yeh dono behne hai 🙄😨

  57. dipika singh

    I like krisan bani 🙏🙏👍👍👌👌

  58. priyanka saha

    Yeh key hogaya😧😧😧😧🤕

    1. 091_Meet patel

      It's such a disappointment. Never thought from RK makers. Never beleive in such stories. This show is not showing true story at all

  59. Krishna Jaiswal

    Bs bollywood ki trh love story main story gayab

    1. 091_Meet patel

      Cheap remake of Devdas movie

  60. Krishna Jaiswal

    Main main story 2- 2min ki or jb bkvas krni ho 3 -4 episode kon sa naasa krte ho aap log

  61. Krishna Jaiswal

    Arre yaar isse achcha to cartoon vale bante Without story do kodi ka show Time waste arre mahadev show ke leval ka bna yaar ya mahabhart ke leval ka Time na waste kro isse achcha bnd kr do plzzz

    1. 091_Meet patel

      Little Krishna cartoon is way better than this

  62. akash godwal

    Jai shree krishna ji

  63. akash godwal

    Jai maa radhe rafhe ji

  64. akash godwal

    Jai mata di

  65. akash godwal

    Jai mata di

  66. akash godwal

    Jai mata di

  67. akash godwal

    Jai mata di

  68. akash godwal

    Jai mata di

  69. Divine Peace

    Remake with Same Name.But Nice Promo for Pan India Audience 👌👌👌👌👌👌.

  70. Krisha Elle

    Love these songs

  71. sanjay bhosekar

    Missed it. Hard luck. I always miss Sumedh's live. Lots of love. Huge fan

  72. amit #123 yadav

  73. Nikita Parchure


  74. Munna Kumar pandit

    Prem se bole Radhe Radhe

  75. Munna Kumar pandit


  76. Guru dath Govindaiah

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I am jeevika

  77. B Mehta


  78. Lisa Acharya

    Dono bohot badiya dancer hai

  79. Srisaathvika

    Very excited for this episode.Really😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀.Best serial 💯💯💯💯💯💯

  80. sayyed misba Sabri

    Episode no.??