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  1. art blast

    This episode was awesome

  2. Adeat Adon


  3. Deepak Bankhede

    Rukmani mam really look like akshita singh dii

  4. monazza Fatima

    I'm not sure this is legal yet lol

  5. Shabnum Gulzar

    @asaviry khan

  6. Vanshika Srivastava 'sweet pyrus'

    Watching it after NEET feels different 😂

  7. Rohit Acharya

    Tera bed bahut chhota h. Toh good na! Bed chhota hone me good kya h.....? 🙄🙄🤔🤔🤔🤔

  8. Aryan Roy

    This season is bit serious

  9. bhushan nagare

    # operation mbbs # season 2

  10. Abhiti Tiwari

    I think jimmy ji is the broker of all the channels😂 Do u remember adulting🤔

  11. Prisha Gupta

    Most iconic dialogue: "Barkha yaaarr" 😁

  12. Sandeep Dahiya ji


  13. Akanksha Bhardwaj


  14. Khushi Malhotra

    I felt like it was not a satisfying end..but then I thought about it..and I found that life is just like this..we never get a satisfying end in real too.. Really loved the series..though I know I'm quite late to watch it

  15. nitya tripathi

    i am famous my name is NITYA

  16. Ammu

    This web series is so nice except one thing in my opinion,the smoking thing isn't no nice. Teenagers are also watching and this is the time they learn new things (good or bad).So this can have a bad impact on them

  17. tech time

    Super excited for thissss🔥🔥🔥🔥


    This couple chemistry is awesome... Love that to watch again n again... Pls release it soon na..

  19. Fathima afreen

    Where is your shoot site????

  20. Anushka Tiwari

    That uncle is so sweet

  21. Anu Anagal

    I watched this once when I was a medical aspirant.The second time now, I am watching it as a medical student.😄😄😄

  22. Pradeep R

    Love it...


    Which is that song?

  24. nikky chowdhary

    just one day..... and yeahhh love actually never comes easy.... but when it comes it makes everything else easy....

  25. Movie Zoned

    Where is Mission MBBS ??

  26. independent soul


  27. Afreen Khan

    The question in comment section that "kon sa schl hai jo openly hug krne deta hai.." There is no schl who allowed this but they both don't care about anyone ...

  28. Dharmarajsinhm Nakum

    Waiting for this 💯💫😻

  29. Anshu Raichur

    I can't wait for it I am dying It's gonna be out tomorrow wohoo

  30. suryakanta pradhan

    What a amazing Web series one piece of pizza + one glass of red wine + inside out with our beloved partner

  31. to become a docter

    I liket this video

  32. devashish agarwal

    dice media predicted 'work from home' exactly one year ago

  33. Shreeya Jyala

    But who said love comes easy?...... Mannnnn🥺💙 I was touched by that single line💕

  34. independent soul

    4:44 iam in every hematology lab🥺😭😂 25:58😍😍😌😌

  35. shreeram

    I am just waiting to see it.....❤❤❤😊😊😊😊😊😊

  36. Aditya Dutta Mishra

    The background music was amazing.....wish this could be released as a full song by dice Media

  37. irfan khan

    Season 2 kon banayege kota factory la bhi season 2 ane vala h yaar jldi kro season 2

  38. Anmaria Teres Paul

    Waiting for this ...... Ayush 😘😘Barkha😘😘


    At lest i hope no vulgar scens.....

  40. Mira Jategaonkar

    why hate on hufflepuff tho

  41. Hrishikesh Mane

    Ab jaldi jaldi series se phley background mei jo song dala hai wo release kardoooooo...plj❣️😋🙂

  42. Suyash Tiwari

    Can't wait for the song!

  43. Kartik Nikam

    Agar Amazon pay ke bare me kuch bhi bole to janta maf nahi kregi

  44. Krishna Vora

    I like the bgm it's amazing

  45. Amritansh Bharti

    Isha talwar...Wow...A years ago at filter copy❤️❤️

  46. Urmila versetile

    It is similar to combined studies😅 scenario but in a grown up way 😂😂🤣

  47. harsh vardhan sharma

    Thankyou for 2nd season Love 😍u

  48. Muskan Mann

    What’s the song in the end !!! I want it @Dicemedia

  49. utkarsh gautam

    These guys are defining their own niche on OTT platform. keep it up. And dude those abs .... mere muah se apne aap "barkha yaar dekh toh" nikal gaya.

  50. bhushan nagare

    Plz comment We want more

  51. bhushan nagare

    Plz want more episodes

  52. Researcher

    10:26 - You have a big day tomorrow , such a nice caring attitude .

  53. Aishwarya Korde

    I'm really very excited about this

  54. shajee shalu

    Hi dice media please make a web series about a one girl want to became actor the girl family is not supporting to the girl becoming actor but the girl with his hardwork she become actor please make a web series about that

  55. prem allenite

    Like this couple😎😎😎😎😎


    my favorite😘😘😘

  57. suwaaq kothari

    Who all are waiting for season 2

  58. Aswin S


  59. Urvi Shah

    OhMyGod I'm in love with the music! Specially the end! ❤️❤️

  60. Piyali Halder

    Season 3 kab aaega yaar ?😟 Waiting for season 3 please #DiceMedia Adulting season 3 jaldi lao...

  61. Agam Chemistry Vibes

    I’m here to check the views, who else?

  62. Basappa Mali

    Finally i can die peacefully,ayush and barkha are the besssssssssst couple.

  63. Joel Varghese

    The song that played in the trailer is just amazing.....

  64. Reevenjela Gaire

    They are my favorite couple ! 🥴❤️

  65. Miss Neina

    I just love this couple 🥰🥰🥰

  66. Rachit Mehrotra

    2020 deserve Season 4. Please launch it Season 4

  67. S. Raj Kumar

    There's a fight ?😪 no please..

  68. Lakshmi sai

    Wow, im eagerly waiting 😍