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Yashraj Mukhate is an Indian engineer turned music producer, composer and social media personality. He is best known for his viral parodical video where he set rap beats to a scene featured in the television soap opera Saath Nibhaana Saathiya in August 2020.

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  1. Oggy the noob ❤️❤️

  2. haudidare army

    November weekend??????

  3. gaao mata gaao mata

    This is the best 👍😂😎 video

  4. Honest Memes

    How Simply he made a brilliant song. Love from Pakistan

  5. S Devi

    Ja guh khale

  6. Honest Memes

    Mein Pakistani hon lekin Bhai kamaal kar dia. Dream 11 par team bana kr aaya hon


    KATAI jeher💥💥🔥🔥🔥

  8. kinemster editing


  9. Razel Arenas

    I'm not indian can someone translate this lmao I'm loving it

    1. Razel Arenas

      @Honest Memes why not what? XD

    2. Honest Memes

      Why not???

  10. Vishnu M

    This channel became an addiction...ohhh shitt

  11. rudra gajera king

    Famous me ho jata hu app dreem 11 pe team bana lo

  12. Danish

    Bhaiyo aunty nahi hai wo, mushkil se 20 ya 22 saal ki hogi lekin simple hone ki waja se thodi badi dikhti hai

  13. Arush Aarya

    Ok pranam

  14. Arush Aarya


  15. Aarav Talati

    Happy Birthday Yashraj!!!

  16. dheeraj kadam Plz support me i also make videos but views don't come

  17. Random Productions CJ

    0:30 1:10 this is good!!

  18. Priya Singh

    Binod real

  19. Priya Singh

    Binod real

  20. Priya Singh

    Binod real

  21. Priya Singh

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  22. Priya Singh

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  23. Priya Singh

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  24. Priya Singh

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  25. Nikhil Savita

    Zeher 🔥

  26. Priya Singh

    Binod real death

  27. Divesh Dhiman


  28. Zakiya Shirin

    Unacdemy ka ipl song ka chori kiya hai beats

  29. Ashish Vasava


  30. Royale_.Sasuke

    the f u c k

  31. Humansh Gaming

    Good musician


    Bhai log inke videos me yadi koi ads aaye toh uspe click kar dena because talent ko paise ki kami nahi honi chahiye iss naye bharat me

  33. Samriddha Talukder

    shit shit shittttt mannnnnn U ARE JUST AWWWMMSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  34. Poornima Rathore

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  35. Aaditya Parab

    T - series copied his song and got 70 million views T - series is full of shit they don't have their own mind they just copy . I think in future yash raj will have a music company which will be 10000 times of rubbish T - series

  36. Chocolate

    U are so talented o my god wow oo

  37. Twisted Zone

  38. Twisted Zone

  39. Shivam Sharma

    You are superb, such an inspiration

  40. Legal Affairs

    Best of you sir which i listen sir.

  41. Gaming First


  42. MrHoneyhit

    Flute play is awesome...😍

  43. Anamul HS

    Bhai,tunhe to hame chadha diya Love you 💖 bro

  44. Aastha Sahu

    This Man has all my ❤️.....❣️❣️❣️😇😇💕💕💕🤣🤣😅😅

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  55. Ajay Ujwal


  56. Kavita Roy

    Uff hot hunk bulla getting orgasm👅

  57. babita iii

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  58. babita iii

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  63. YoYo Creation

    Very Good! Superb! Fantastic! Outstanding! Mind-blowing! Historic! Unbeatable! Fantabulous! Jai Mata Di! Let's rock! 🤘 😂 I hope Himesh Reshammiya sir will never repeat this dialogue in the upcoming events. It seems that he mugged up these words. Anyways, the song is superb! Yashraj Mukhate Sir, you are really an inspiration to others. You have a great talent. Keep going your work. One best thing about you is, you are not depended on anyone. You edit, sing, compose and everything you manage by yourself. That's great 👏👏 Waiting for more of your videos. Thank You sir!

  64. यशवंत मेहरा

    Supar yarr🤔🤔🤔

  65. tushaR patiL

    While watching I'd forgotten it's mimicry and said in mind irfan khan sir have gifted by very nice and pure voice.. and I backed into reality when I was watching ur subscribe share vala part.👍❤️

  66. Payal Saluja

    Yaar ye tiktokers ne bhagwaan ko bhi nahi chodda, koi lihaaz nahi sanskriti ka

  67. tejas patil

    I don't miss Arijit... while listening to him.

  68. Siddharth Chandarana

    Better than original.

  69. Raghav Ratan Yadav


  70. Ayush Rawat

  71. Ayush Rawat

  72. Ayush Rawat

  73. Ayush Rawat

  74. Ayush Rawat

  75. Ayush Rawat

  76. Ayush Rawat

  77. Ayush Rawat

  78. Ayush Rawat

  79. Ayush Rawat