new album “evermore” out tonight at midnight eastern

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  1. Mike Smithey

    One of the best country songs ever I can't believe she quit country music this is some of the best songwriting and music for country music that I've ever heard shame on her

  2. World Administrator

    I'm a one-stop baby (set theory, color and kinder gardens)

  3. Eliazar Bastidas Cueto

    2021 - 2030 👂👂👂👂👂🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽❤ evolution people from music 🎶

  4. Oh Nothing

    Let’s see who watched Bart Baker’s version

  5. Vicky

    So we are all here at the same time

  6. TayIorSwiftVEVO

    song of the year

  7. xavieryun

    Tiktok is a big help for this song.

    1. TayIorSwiftVEVO

      and 23M sales before its been trand by tiktok, where you been dude?

    2. TayIorSwiftVEVO

      lol this is 14 years old song

  8. A S

    Szkoda ze nie pokazaliście tych elewacji pomiędzy którymi wybieraliście ☺️

  9. Rian Ok


  10. Paris Myhand


  11. Concertmood

    Fantastic Song!

  12. Bradley Crothers

    Plot twist: this song is from a dog’s perspective.

  13. Hanimal 101

    The video is even better than the song and this is literally the best song. 😂

  14. sukhi patel

    this song makes me want to go to london and fall in love!!

  15. Yasmin Salles

    her voice is so adorable and soft, holy shit, i don't resist

  16. Path Isidro

    2021 but I stuck in 1989

  17. Edmond Dantès


  18. TayIorSwiftVEVO


  19. Jamie Lim

    I hope they will perform this at the Grammys. Pretty please?

  20. unethical humanoid


  21. Anime _editz56

    3:07 is the best part 😊

  22. TayIorSwiftVEVO

    song of the year

  23. Fatemeh Habibnejad

    Remarkably perfect

  24. Gail Magdalene

    used to sing this song in 7th grade i feel so old

  25. allison gorden

    It do be hittin different do... straight facts *lol*

  26. Sofia Justiniano

    Idk sorry taylor but it is not here Selena Gomez :(

  27. DiscoJake369

    Getting bored of walls 2 I should find a new mini game

  28. Sofia Justiniano

    Taylor QUEEN

  29. Jeremy Sereno

    Let's see how many people are watching this song in 2022🤧

  30. calm to clear

    How is still after pandemic 😊☺️

  31. samantha da cat

    i love this so much but i wish she included reputation 😭😭

  32. Claudia Hermano

    Eu amo demais

  33. Louis avma

    Yesss ❤️

  34. Eugene Tomayao

    This song never gets old

  35. VenferX

    dont waste food.

  36. Takumi Gaming

    1:05 if you don't want this car , so give me You don't think for us

  37. Roxana F


  38. Why you Should know

    1. Why you Should know

      Now that's blank space

  39. brian murphy

    Taylor Never Ever Ever Ages.

  40. Evan Said López Nuñez

    soy la única que no se había dado cuenta que esta Meredith de grey anatomi

  41. brian murphy

    All these people like “I’m here 8 years later, must be a legend”... We never left...

  42. dan z

    Wow like TS is sidejob to Bon he ruled this song

  43. nadnad mhrn


  44. Nora

    Somebody's gotta make this a movie!

  45. jedrel sanchez

    03/08/21 looking at my window while it's raining...🥺 I remember my childhood 🥺

  46. Shirley Dodd


  47. 『 XxRosemaryxX 』

    Ah yes back to the song I was addicted to in 2015- 2017

  48. Chan Stone

    I surrender

  49. Charlie Curtis

    I cannot believe that I've listened to this song since it came out but have only just watched the music video...... Imma watch it again

  50. Jade Martin

    Me here in 2021

  51. Taylor Noren

    I remember 16 year old me was mad at her for dressing up like my husband Harry Styles to make fun of him lol

  52. Emma Brown

    So much 2012 in one video! I love it

  53. Cristina Lexy Reef Tank

    Great video Taylor,keep it up!

  54. john schomer

    Brilliant video. LOVE it Taylor.

  55. octavia sheppard

    This songs is a perfect Wattpat story bksnkznxosjsojzoxjxk

  56. octavia sheppard

    Tam bir wattpad hikayesi değil mi

  57. Andrea Gomez

    I don't have to listen to the old version anymore (I haven't since that awful guy bought her masters).

  58. Andrew 73

    A dagger is more painful when pulled out

  59. jie li

    Biden 1.9trIllion is actually warning us that the US economy is still worst!

  60. Ava Killion

    Do you see the view count!!! 1 billion people have watched this video:)

  61. ꧁༺Nanami

    alguien q able español no les recuerda asu infancia.....

  62. Serenity Stark

    Roses are red vio

  63. cassidy frater

    *definitely not straight panic*

  64. Joslyn Cooke

    Can we just appreciate that when she sings "she does not get your humor like I do" she holds up the paper that says I love you

  65. marybeth kindlesparker

    This ain’t it

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