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  1. Rotten Slushie

    Not gonna lie, I burst into tears watching this.....

  2. BowserSofly

    A heroic diving DIlF don’t mind if I do...So dreamy!😩I wish someone would dive me...

  3. TheSnowFoxParty

    This isn't surprising....

  4. Ana Lyn

    It took 4 years for YT to recommend this!

  5. David Smither

    Nah, still get your shower everyday

  6. Lynn Is BREAD GOD

    1:10 umm...what's wrong her neck.😕

  7. Exciton Knight

    They probably thought they were light as a feather. Unfortunate and hope they recover but deserve to be honest.

  8. Dan Vakamoce

    We shouldn't take any boy or man we want..... Because we don't know if he is taken or married ....💍💍....Just a message Good luck😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Khhff Khggg

    Chains being on deathwish one down in "bank heist cash" be like

  10. cdm386

    heartless animals

  11. Big Money's Life

    I'd have done the same thing had that been my kid.

  12. Shark -TOH

    As a dog lover if you feel taking care of your dog is too much please ask a reliable dog caretaker who can take care of the dog please don’t abandon them ,Thank You

  13. Rahasia umum

    thanks to him the FBI has a job like in a movie. Thank you, Mr. Villain :')

  14. robert reyes


  15. Sam Kostos

    she is wayyy to good for him whats going on here?

  16. Jimmy H. Manback

    Wait. Y’all let one man hold you hostage? Not a man in that bank.

  17. JollyWalle1

    God bless her 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  18. Trucie Bedford

    😆😆lord i cant🤦🏾‍♀️. Idiot. Big ups to the reporter🙌🏾!

  19. Noizy Hill

    At the end the robber was the only one in the bank wearing a facemask

  20. charles taylor

    Sue their corrupt asses

  21. jerson Joseph

    And people say every cop is bad im black my self but not all every cop is bad

  22. JRBROOKS42

    HE SAID NOW THIS IS HOW YOU PICK UP HOT CHICKS !! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥😭😭😭😭👄👄👄👄💋💋💋💋💋💄💄💄💄💄💄

  23. Lizette Hernandez

    I don't see anything wrong with this...shes showing motherly love...people always want to criticize the good things in life...😔

  24. Garden Frenzy

    You don't mess with our cubs. And keep your damned dogs on a leash. Bless mothers that love with an unapologetic ferocity.

  25. αθανασιοσ ΚΥΡΙΑΚΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ

    I don't even care about rules, if you were standing in a balcony with 30 people, wouldn't you realise this is a bit dangerous? This is common sense!😤😔😢

  26. Mr Muslim

    He’s a father material, ladies.

  27. blurdd

    is it just me that things she just wants money

  28. Big Ears Tv

    Why does everything have to be connected to one's race when it's a judicial issue? We failed as a society back in the 90s too with the same during OJ Simpson's trial

  29. edub590

    I can't imagine what happened to his daughter

  30. shawn carter

    Yeeeaahh!!! Defund police !! Then they save your kid

  31. McKenzie Kremer

    I understand the title because I knew about the title but they need to rename that title. It doesn’t make any sense. Lol

  32. Ftd jay

    Dang, they finessed it.

  33. Eric zapata

    Nasty as hell . You don't lower your standards because u got none to do . So sick 😷

  34. Phil

    Shoulda been social distancing

  35. Riley Madison

    Sorry, not sorry. They floated the rules and got instant karma. The guy the lady spoke to obviously didn't care because he was casually sitting on the balcony not even attempting to get anyone out.

  36. Starseed95

    Why do the dog owner and the dognaper look like brothers?

  37. G. K.

    I can understand this man's happiness. I had a Labrador Retriever stolen from me years ago.

  38. James Robert

    why pop the tyres, it would make the vehicle more dangerous on the road! how about clear a lane in front of the vehicle and let it run out of fuel. or drive something bigger in front of it match the speed then slow it to a stop.

  39. Binod

    It's about time Hollywood...

  40. SSS🌙

    Probably from the tap water. Irony: tap water quality is so bad because the Obama administration allowed TCEs to pollute our water sources and did nothing about cleaning them up.

  41. T S

    Gansgta ass sniper shot.

  42. Nataly Mariscal

    Lmfao we make everything a big deal 🤡🤡🤣🤣

  43. Jennifer Sherrick

    Uhhhhh lol

  44. smileforhiba

    Showering too much will strip your body from its natural oils causing your skin, scalp, and hair to become dry! I used to do that when I used to go to the gym every day. it also caused me hair loss! Now, I shower every other day or every 2 days depending on the weather (I don't go out). However, I do wash the "sweaty" zones on my body twice a day and I follow a skincare routine religiously. I imagine when the summer approaches I will shower every day though :P Happy cleaning everyone!

  45. ReynaldoRay

    Cop was TRIGGER HAPPY. Idiot just get out of there a 9mm is going to make it mad.

  46. Lisa Jackson

    2:20 lol 😆

  47. liessa padilla

    this just proves that FAs dont clean after flight. cuz their job is supposed to make sure table trays r up, their r no seat reclined, all over head bins r closed and locked. make sure no one is in the bathroom, and do a final walk through. how did they not see the woman.

  48. Goldenguard

    Plz tell me why the suspect looks just like the victim????

  49. Endless Summer Me

    It made me almost cry when I saw Titus and his owner reunite!❤❤❤

  50. JRBROOKS42

    HE SAID CAN I STILL GET YOUR PHONE NUMBER ?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😫😫😫😫😫😫🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥💋💋💋💋💋👄👄👄👄👄💄💄💄💄💄💄👠👠👠👠👠👠🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂💃🏼💃

  51. Spontaneous-Vulgar-Lingual-Combinations

    We're still in a pandemic so I couldn't care less.

  52. Mr. potato

    Moral of the story don't marry a boxer

  53. Nicumecu 3

    Ahh yes the usual suspects..

  54. Tatiana Melendez

    I’m glad this is being told across our nation! This has got to stop! Too many women being killed for simply being a woman!

  55. Kidspleastakedrugs

    This is fake af this video quality and how she asks the questions lmao

  56. Cheeze Playz

    The gun pulls a gun: ha now people will think I'm cool

  57. Big Daddy C

    And some of you want to defund the police smh

  58. FaceRanger Gaming

    Haha were in danger

  59. Kurt Russel Corpuz

    Lol that's so crazy lol

  60. Kozi

    im sorry what? i thought i misread the title- WHAT

  61. Autumn Joy

    This is what's wrong with the system. Why the hell would you only make her serve 2 years? Dumbass's!

  62. Anthony Benardo

    What a creepy guy

  63. Night Owl Gaming

    Who gives a f**k about murica

  64. Alissa Tyau

    What a disgusting person he ended up looking like!!

  65. KitsuGem Gacha

    does he ever lose his voice ;-;

  66. Mikey Shakes

    What a piece of trash.

    1. Mikey Shakes

      And that reporter is amazing for spotting him and the quick thinking

  67. Queensyndr Yo

    Such important news...

  68. Spjuthinator

    I like having some duck butter

  69. Gaming Time

    Atleast it’s not a bad guy i mean he didn’t hurt the dog but took good care of him but still it’s wrong to not have called the number.

  70. marcelino rodriguez

    If he want to cry imma give him something to cry abt if he don’t shut the hell up

  71. Guy DeGregg

    I was horrified when I caught my 15 year old daughter smoking but this is more than just wrong, more than just neglect, more than enabling, its facilitating.

  72. MindSET

    wait, why did he not put it on neutral? And the obvious, breaks. Smh.

  73. JP Perkins

    Woah easy there Tiger.

  74. Heart Fam

    Omg i feel so sad for her head When The girl said she’s my hero I literally cried

  75. Jay Jay

    Florida will do that to u…lol

  76. Zo Mendoz

    Take 3 to 4 a day ....this went up not down due to working out more.

  77. AJEMN2433 シ

    "AHHH THIS IS NOT COOL" That was good