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  1. Bybrison Joel

    Milestone,dig Poles .

  2. Bybrison Joel

    Milestone,dig Pools .

  3. Malik A. Ferguson

    I got mixed feeling on this song but overall its good

  4. Yony Vega

    Aaxx CC

  5. Tray L

    Who ever wrote this song is who write for Drake #FACTS !!!

  6. Dose Promotions

    HOTTEST DROP OF 2020 ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  7. RobinFlysHigh

    Lost: Weight Gained: Shitty autotune

  8. Hunnit Gutta


  9. jojofr30

  10. BeeReaves1

    Shit 🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑

  11. Justin Pearson

    rip all the brothers lost in 2020 & free the real

  12. MMP Movement

    It’s great seeing Durk winning!! 💪🏾🔥💯

  13. Pacman162

    Intro: Meek Mill] (We got Xander) Yeah (Yo Nick Papz, make it slap) [Verse 1: Meek Mill] I'm not the leader but follow the lead Poppin' some shit that's out of your league Shawty identical, Bella Hadid (Shawty identical) She beggin', tellin' me "Please" The Patek keep tellin' her to freeze (Freeze) She think I tell her to chill and I'm tryna tell her to leave (Leave) Woah, woah, woah Bendin' in the corner, I (Bendin', bendin') Bendin' the corner, I jumped out some shit I think you know about times it was lit Seventeen summers been runnin' this shit Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I heard lil' shawty was fuckin' a Crip Bought her a blue Birkin now I got her whole crew workin' on me, suckin' that dick, woah (Woah, woah) I do not parlay with thots (I don't) I'd rather party with Glocks Hangin' with killers and callin' the shots (Yeah) Niggas be beefin' with gang, can't go to the club, we in all the spots, yeah Niggas be beefin' with gang, no cuffin' no hoes, yeah, all of them thots All of my homies a hunnid and more (Woo) Ain't got a honey bun, go to the store (Woo) Not to demean you but I gotta teach you, if you want this money, you doin' your chores Washin' your dishes, the rags and the riches The Glock with the switches, we handlin' business We go on a mission, we don't do no bitching Now spend like a ticket, we goin' to court (Yeah) Dropped in the DM, like, "Fuck is you doin' this for?," you know I was goin' to war She tried to link me and give me two and a four, I left it in a hole in the floor Left on the chopper, I feel like I'm Chapo, I got out that bitch and I turn up some more Went to Miami for four hunnid thousand, to roll up some loud with a boat on the water (Woah) Interlude 1: Meek Mill] Blood still treat me like fam, my youngboy go with his daughter (Facts) Beat the casino for two to four million and text my account, it's slaughter (Facts) I made a fifty now I want a hunnid, a billi', it go in that order (Facts) Ha! [Verse 2: Meek Mill] Daddy died by a .44, I be livin' like a warlord 'Member I was shackled C.S.C. up, now I'm back to backin' in a four-door Million dollars worth of jewelry on, no insurance on, like, "What's goin' on?" In the trenches like it's regular, people think that I be showin' off All these niggas talkin' they be goin' off, gotta blow it off Left my youngin' with the presidential at the Waldorf to hit a star raw Told me as soon as he got it, he dip it inside it and goin' in raw dog I give a fuck she an actress, a singer, or model, I pray it don't fall off Let's pray All these hoes still fuckin' Ran up a check and you know how we bummin' Get to a milli' then run up them Bentleys I'm fresh outta Philly, you know we ain't runnin' I see these niggas talk shit on the internet Catch 'em in traffic, I know it ain't nothin' I told my youngin' to spin and to let out, as soon as he let out I throwed a little sum (Brr) [Interlude 2: Meek Mill] Boss in my hood, I'm like Richard Porter I just fucked a dime for free and she ain't get a quarter But I still wired the five racks because that shit was water Gang! Ha! [Verse 3: Vory] All the money that I sent you, that don't last too long Pussy good, I might just have to put my crew on Ten years runnin' shit, and she know that I'm two on Baby, don't be surprised if I ain't shoot a drop before the team or somethin' I know you started with nothin' Always startin' something but wanna talk about nothin', oh yeah, yeah And please don't be surprised if I shoot the fuckin' broads, girl, you know how it goes Girl, you know how it goes, oh yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah Shawty for the downfall, she wan' spend her own drug So please don't be surprised if I shoot or fuck the team, or somethin' 'Cause you started with nothin' Always turning nothings to somethings Yeah Oh baby

  14. blury

    bro durk said he a suspect then a victim moking on that rondo pack ong


    All i hear is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  16. Andre C

    Wholesome blackmen content

  17. Caleb Kay Yeboah

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    All i got to say to meek is 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  19. Solomon Dunn

    On my mama ion like meek personality or rap career but he killed this and his verse on never surrender

  20. David williams

    Dark came of that first verse hard


    Meek been doing versus for all the young homies 🔥 respect

  22. Maya Dajón

    I needed this in 2020!! My New Theme Songs on Repeat!!

  23. Vino Bull


  24. Maya Dajón

    I felt this Meek!!! It touched my heart!! My new favorite from you!!!

  25. Maya Dajón

    Finally More Music!!

  26. Jahir Butler-Banks

    Damn meek u lost weight but anyways Durk u gotta handle Quando he talkin brazy dissin king Von

  27. Anthony Wayne

    Y is he still showin money in his videos ??

  28. William Diaz


  29. Crookid Stali

    This is rap blues

  30. UncleRob Seven17tv

    Hard but need to check for me 💯💯

  31. QM Lakoopjuice


  32. DRE L3

    Yhuu rarely find ah song where both artists snap on the beat 🔥 I fw i it

  33. Myisha Marsh

    Here for it! 🙏🏽🖤

  34. Tj Campbell

    Behind the scenes

  35. Nebula YT

    i love it but my guy meek bro u just wiped covid 19 all over yo hole face

  36. Derrick Johnson

    I see yo growth durk stay alive out here my boy...

  37. Fire Montana

    Shit speak to me

  38. Austin Barns

    This sounds like a tee grizzly bear fire tho

  39. Walid Ben Jeddi


  40. Adam Smith

    Do it for the hood?? Man ion even wanna do it no more

  41. Edward Logan

    Kiera barreto

  42. Lilteetim J


  43. Getda Bag


  44. AT dadifatsax

    Drake like 👀👀👀

  45. Qua Barber

    The real king

  46. Gage Figueroa


  47. Bryan Michael Cepni

    Lil Durk verse 🔥

  48. Bryan Michael Cepni


  49. Slim Stoner

    42 Dugg snapped

  50. hercules Puga

    Ja ja está nós top dos vídeos em alta da semana... Tamo junto!! Sucesso !!

    1. Big Dreams

  51. Martina

    5 years later and this is still a bop. LET THAT SINK IN

  52. Jasmine Rosas

    Who's here in 2020!! During covid

  53. Archie James

    This meek mill best song ever

    1. Big Dreams

  54. Jon Doe

    Jay-Z: My accountant so good I'm practically living tax free. Donald Trump: this MF spittin!!

  55. Joddi Jay

    937 dayton ohio dj joddi approved

    1. Big Dreams

  56. Cashout 3x


    1. Big Dreams

  57. Jayla Jones




  59. MRS. NDN 2u

    2 pac Bring the pain/ pain away Durk and Meek 2020 ✊🏾 Salute!! 🙌🏽LLKV and ALL our Fallen Soldiers🙌🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    1. Big Dreams

  60. Manuel Flores


  61. GK

    The hook tho🔥🔥

  62. Plug In

    Woah, meek coming heavy on this.

    1. Big Dreams

  63. Don P

    Smocin that King Von Pack vibing to this

    1. Big Dreams

  64. Idris Savadogo

    Wasnt roddy on this song ?

    1. Big Dreams

  65. termlimits4congress

    Durk is a great rapper he bevdoimg all this auto tune sound like shit to me. I know everyone love it and he making money so I would do the same but damn. Always sound like he whining to me.

    1. termlimits4congress

      @Big Dreams Thats fire homie. For sure wouldn't lie to ya.

    2. Big Dreams

  66. Marcus Fitzgerald


    1. Big Dreams

  67. Big Live

    😳New Miami Artist 🌴 @BigLive #Fuego🔥

  68. Big Live

    😳New Miami Artist 🌴 @BigLive #Fuego🔥

  69. Big Live

    😳New Miami Artist 🌴 @BigLive #Fuego🔥

  70. Big Live

    😳New Miami Artist 🌴 @BigLive #Fuego🔥

  71. kellylovesfatty0

    Give me a break. He os the rasist!

  72. GK

    Real Rap

  73. Nb Ty

  74. D Peoples

    🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

    1. Big Dreams

  75. Vicente Salas

    Durrrkkkiioooooooo 🥲🥲🥲🥲

    1. Big Dreams

  76. Mike Tyson 2020

    Everyone want Lil durk

    1. Most Hated

      Yoooo Y’ALL GOTTA SEE THIS😳😳▶️🤯

  77. FranChaze Cheezy


  78. Icey Ace Going bad but its O Fortuna

  79. GK

    Best song on the album💯