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  1. annaliza

    I feel like WWE2K20 was a prophet warning us of the trials ahead in the year of our Lord 2020.

  2. J. M.

    Bummed that griffins bby arrival coincided with max fun, and now all we have is griffinless content ._.

  3. Justin Watson

    If there's a degree on his wall, I haven't seen it.

  4. Jesse Thornock

    Them jutting this forehead all the way up near the beginning activated all the acid stuck in my spine at once

  5. Cas March

    Travis directly inspired me to dye my hair purple and here I am, betrayed by the middlest brother.

  6. august marquez

    You have got to be kidding you guys with the title like please why would you do this

  7. CaptainLiv

    Teresa's hair is so beautiful

  8. James Jones

    Damn they knew Travis almost ruined the show dropping this so fast lmao

  9. Olivia Rosario

    I still haven't started Graduation.

  10. J G

    i keep coming back...

  11. Haburd

    you ppl: travis supports the LGBTQ+ community and has for a long time you know he admitted recently that he does that shit for attention right

    1. Kyle Jacobs

      You’re the second person I’ve seen say that. Care to cite your source? I’m interested in seeing it for myself. I don’t pay attention to everything Travis says.

    2. Joe Pringle

      Cite sources or stop chatting shit

    3. Nobody McGee

      wait what

  12. Apolo Trevent IV.5

    Set dressing tips, staright out of twitter dont come. If you got a serious message and a joke message, try not pin them in a way that looks like they are in the exact piece of paper

    1. Chris Dimaculangan

      @Joe Pringle "straight out of twitter dot com" is what they meant most likely

    2. Joe Pringle

      @Chris Dimaculangan ok that's a fair point, it was just the "straight out of Twitter don't come" part that threw me off. No sure what they were trying to say there

    3. CaptainLiv

      Using basic analytical skills should prevent any confusion here.

    4. Chris Dimaculangan

      ​@Joe Pringle papers in the background are pinned in a way where it *really* looks like he wrote "TRANS RIGHTS also i am a sexpert look at my degree :')" on the same paper, the optics of which are.....iffy lol

    5. Joe Pringle


  13. Fischer Price

    This was absolutely unwatchable but the seventeen audios layered on top of each other was the icing on the cake.. i was almost disappointed when yall figured it out

  14. Naomi Javor

    Happy birthday! This was so funny and y’all are adorable. Love 💜

  15. suggy

    Sad trolls being sad. Go out and touch some grass for goodness sakes. And kiss your dad on the lips.

  16. RosieG9012

    Ugh so many bad faith criticisms of Travis in the comments. Makes me sooo glad I’m not on Twitter

  17. A Stripper Ho Named Diamond

    Loved this! And love you guys together, you're such a cute couple!

  18. Rachel

    So glad I discovered this PAprom channel recently 😁

    1. CaptainLiv

      Welcome! There's some fantastic stuff to find

  19. Paulo


  20. Suspicious Clams

    Notification of the year.

  21. Harry Stevens

    I love Griffin just not knowing about dying by radiation.

  22. Darth Boxman

    That was kind of boring.

    1. Vivienne White

      is just travis failing to be funnier than the jokes he’s joking about

    2. aboxofbeans

      Welcome to shmanners

  23. ᏴᎬᏞᏙᎪ

    i am engaged to this music

  24. LeoIsAway

    Happy definitely not Teresa’s birthday day! No one tell the internet it’s her birthday because it’s not :)

  25. Toe to Tip That's a Bart

    Video starts at 7:45 thank me later!

  26. Juul van Dijk

    Nice video! Don't get why the comments are weird. Ps they're not giving actual sex tips

    1. bigsour

      It was just a poor choice of name. Saw this and went "Thats not really something I want to hear or see, and only clicked after I heard it *wasnt* some nightmarish college sex ed seminar."

  27. alyssa hayes

    geez, the hatred towards travis has become just as performative as y’all accuse him of being.

    1. alyssa hayes

      @BlindErephon i totally get that. i relate to him a lot because i have a disability symptom that’s also fairly stigmatized and can make me seem “performative”.

    2. BlindErephon

      Travis is my ADHD "blurt shit out and make jokes that are only funny to you" hero. I love you, Travis. Never change except when you want to and it's a positive development.

    3. Naomi Javor

      @McBehrer me too!!! Brain twins, I swear 😂💜

    4. McBehrer

      I don't get it tbh, he's always been my favorite. There are a lot of times that I'll be listening to MbMbaM and I make a joke, and he says the exact same thing seconds later.

  28. Surfdog2005

    wait it’s my birthday too!!!

    1. Frog

      happy birthday!!

  29. W14A

    am i the only trans person thats actually happy about the trans rights poster :")

    1. W14A

      @cottontaelle yeah the sexpert part is funny 😭

    2. cottontaelle

      no i think its just kinda funny ,, its a joke on his sexpert degree like hes using it to say trans rights & his word is law bc hes a sexpert AKDKF ?

    3. Joey S

      No you're not. I find it comforting.

    4. Frog

      some people are just obsessed with assuming the worst in people

  30. Cal6009

    Travis it would be weirder if you didn't say orgy of sexual lust.

  31. Jack KP

    Why no banana-condom demonstration?

  32. Vivienne White

    my favorite genre of travis jokes is when he makes jokes about a joke that are much worse than the original joke. (his only other jokes are portmanteau and “lol wacky pickles unicorn waffles xDDDD”)

  33. Alex Smith


  34. Jacob Grando

    As a trans person, the crudely made "Trans Rights" poster in the background is more insulting than inviting. Definitely feels like he just wants a cookie. He put more time into his weird sex degree joke than that. 0/10 gives me weird vibes and would prefer nothing

    1. BlindErephon

      @shockofthenew Yeah I'm curious too. I am up to date on MBMBAM but I don't follow all Travis' podcasts and it doesn't sound quite right. Plus, at the end of the day.....doing the "trans rights" thing is sure as hell not going to make you feel good. You'll get it from fascist goobers and people bitching because you don't care in the right way, in their opinion. Personally I'd go pester a TERF instead, but maybe I'm just a fool who thinks being an ally works both ways.

    2. shockofthenew

      @Jacob Grando Could you tell me where he said this (genuinely asking bc I'm not up-to-date on podcasts)? It seems totally at odds with his behaviour for the last several years... did he say "lol psych I was only ever doing it for attention" or was it more like a self-reflection/self-criticism of "I have to admit to myself I enjoy the positive attention I get from being an ally." Because the latter is, like, an important conversation to have, and admitting it would be the opposite of performative.

    3. BlindErephon

      @Aaron Maybe learn to take what you can get, I guess. Travis has been "performing" this stance for quite a while now and frankly, it's probably changed some minds or brought y'alls issues into focus for more than a few people like me, who don't really have a reason to care aside from being empathetic. Yeah I guess it smarts having to accept what you view as shallow performance but, do you honestly prefer when people didn't visibly give a shit? Because if people like Travis do like you seem to want and stop, how many other people are going to stop? And is that going to be a net positive or negative for the goals of your communities? What more do you want Travis McElroy to do that he isn't doing to demonstrate allyship?

    4. alex

      @Prince why do people say things like this? Being black, gay, trans, and disabled I always far prefer over eager "cringe" allyship to people calling me any slurs. This is WILDLY disrespectful, out of touch, and inappropriate. Having been called real ass slurs by people who wanted to do me physical harm, this is totally disgusting and weird. Do better.

    5. Jacob Grando

      @Aaron Yeah, I agree that it's not a big issue for sure, but it's still important to recognize the difference between an ally and an Ally™

  35. Bob Baggins

    Yall are so adorable ❤❤

  36. Escapist

    Is there a way for me to watch this a negative amount of times?

    1. U.S.A. TIME

      @Haburd also, your whole _"we here on the _*_real_*_ left make fun of YOUR kind..."_ schtick Is predicated on the fact that we aren't on the left ourselves... What makes you think this? Why put ally in quotes? Your whole steez is just a mess, you really gotta get it together.

    2. U.S.A. TIME

      @Haburd I didn't actually. College is a scam, as I'm sure you're well aware 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

    3. Haburd

      @U.S.A. TIME "i'm a writer" bro we get it you passed your academic writing class

    4. Haburd

      @RedTailedDolphin googoo gaga

    5. RedTailedDolphin

      @Haburd you sound like a very unpleasant person to know. I’m glad I don’t

  37. Cory !

    Oh wow this sounds gross and i really wish it wasn't in my subscriptions

    1. Cory !

      @Conner Wilson oh ok. I didn't read the description. I really thought schmanners was taking things to an uncomfortable level

    2. RedTailedDolphin

      @Spectrum ........ so the opposite of blue comedy isn’t white comedy then? like low and high brow??? I’m devastated

    3. Spectrum

      @RedTailedDolphin I don't know if you explicitly refering to the Blue Collar Comedy tour, but blue comedy is different than blue collar. Blue comedy (without the collar) is what you appear to be referring too.

    4. Drew Peterson

      Wish in one hand, shit in the other.

    5. RedTailedDolphin

      If this is too blue collar for you I’m surprised you like the McElroy’s

  38. aurory

    Teresa is so pretty!

  39. shockofthenew

    I know the book was satire, but I can't help imagining some poor young lady back then stumbling across it and taking at as gospel... Anyway, would totally be up for Bake On episodes recapping previous series - reminiscing about your initial reactions and how your feelings changed after re-watching would be fun. Keep it up you two! Also: Trans rights ✊

  40. Gideon Ebeling

    Travis, your hair is gorgeous

  41. Amelia Moore

    Happy Birthday!!!!

  42. T

    Are you trans?

    1. Apolo Trevent IV.5

      @Aaron as a person thats not a native speaker i though the whole (when to use female and women) stuff was merely grammatical and it was only when done like.. intentionally when it was mean iirc isnt it like. females from when its an adjective for poeple and women's when its possesive or or an adjective to not people?

    2. Sam Campbell

      His wife is, I think. Edit: Ok, I looked it up and she’s not.

    3. Aaron

      @U.S.A. TIME Not an issue with it but many women find being called "female" to be unsettling, as female refers to a gender in any general species but terms like woman are typically human specific. Many people, typically cis men, who use female tend to be misogynistic which makes people even more wary of the term. Not all women feel this way but a bunch do. Hope this helps

    4. Frog

      @Escapist “performative”? that’s incredibly uncalled for. you don’t know someone else’s feelings on their own gender or how they present themselves.

    5. Frog

      that’s a personal question you’re not entitled to an answer to

  43. Hana Oji

    Teresa, drop and eyebrow tutorial!

  44. Probably Possessed •

    Stream starts at 7:44 !! <3

    1. BearLizz

      You are doing the lords work

  45. The Don Purpleman Radio Hour

    Soon, we will get another...right?

  46. Yvette Torres


  47. Yvette Torres


  48. Yvette Torres

    NO WAY

  49. aola wili

    damn anyone else hear griffin start talking and thought it could’ve been lucretia? anyways psyched for this

  50. Zoffee

    Goddamn im behind.

  51. jbs4575

    I happened to be eating a giant plate of crackers at 6:38 and felt attacked.


    welcome to wet vegas, the wettest place on earth

  53. gioyu comi

    damn anyone else hear griffin start talking and thought it could’ve been lucretia? anyways psyched for this

    1. aola wili

      Oh fuck yes

  54. ghost Subz

    Adventure time vibes

  55. WriterPlaysMTG

    My god I’m gonna use this setting

  56. Hist

    rest in peace monster factory, we will never see the return of beetlejuice-beetlejuice of house beetlejuice

  57. Alex Smith

    this was the most incomprehensible stream ive ever seen i fucking love it

  58. Ollie Brunton

    Nothing will ever match the first season of TAZ

  59. Blake Ashby

    This is like my 20th time watching this amd I just realized this is the same music played during the final battle in the suffering game

  60. charlie B

    Why am I just now finding out about this

  61. Explolsive Cake

    I feel like noones talking about the fucking great music Like I know every season has absolute bangers but damn this slaps

    1. gioyu comi

      balance (each campaign had its own charms so im not talking shit to anything im saying this looks like a similar quest system)

  62. Grimprime01

    36:00 break ends

  63. Dreadlord Scorp

    cool, George Lucas, Nick Cage and RuPaul, what an eclectic mix

  64. adamsransom


  65. Peggy

    I am so unbelievably psyched! I absolutely love the premise.

  66. Meg Rose

    Want some rye? Course ya do

  67. doliio volay

    betting my life that justin is headless coral head armour character

  68. Austere Artist

    I know no else cares, but griffin and I have the same starter island and I think that’s pretty cool

  69. Cara B.

    Is this a griffin led campaign??

  70. Dillon O'Neill

    Starts at 4:13

  71. bobsled-philosophy

    Griffin's unique cadence when saying "folks can see your beebo, my hairy beebo" is legendary

  72. GorillazZilla

    I'm so far behind, I'm still on the first season.

  73. Mae McBride

    Broooooooooooooooo this looks so good!

  74. Hallie Snyder

    oh i’m loving this

    1. doliio volay

      I've run an undersea arc with a lighthearted group before and let me tell you the Little Mermaid and Spongebob references are both unavoidable and immeasurable.

  75. Mel Jayne

    They somehow made chilli super nerdy... mainly travis

  76. Grimprime01

    Ned gets bamboozled the episode lol

  77. spehizle

    I had to pause when Travis said "Would jorts be the Slytherin of Hogshorts?" I wasn't even laughing at that point, it was sort of a deranged cry-wheeze while I gripped my sides and shook.

  78. bugs are people

    sometimes its like i can still hear their voices

  79. umbreonic