Just a kid, and a dream 💙

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  1. ʚLoli-Bunny . . ୨୧

    That donut looks so real 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  2. target ssc


  3. Jeffy Tabugoca

    Ang hina ng wifi

  4. Catra ?

    I don't want to do the he's the type of guy soo I just hate him

  5. bilal john

    Shi don't look magic Shi looking cam and acting

  6. Dhiraj Gavrikar

    What the 😯😯😯

  7. Kaneky Ken

    То чувство как будто я 1 руский



  9. Bhisham Kumar


  10. anthony contreras

    I saw it it tape this took me so long to find

  11. Lynked

    He’s the type of guy that actually thinks red bull gives you wings

  12. Shoaibe Sunny

    He is the best mad in the world

  13. Leomat r2

    First tiktok from you, that i find impressive.

  14. Arnav Beatz

    Why does this kid appear everytime on my shorts video . . .

  15. Fiery Heart

    Hello from Russia. Я в конце этого видео слышу слово бабушка. Это нормально??

  16. Shashank Sharma

    Stupid person inka naam hai Deb babbu

  17. 1KiNg xX_

    He is the type of guy who call her mom for his fights

  18. R H

    I HATE THE CLOCK COUNTING DOWN. He doesn’t even speak in time with it: super triggering as a musician. Love the trick tho

  19. Telugu gaming

    Don't use cheap tricks 👍

  20. Rockstar Mason

    I saw the ball go down

  21. Madhur Saxena

    Aap Sabko FIR Karte aap kaise dikhte se Samne dekhte hain

  22. ZSEER

    Let's gah

  23. Deepanshu Official


  24. Muhammad Zulkifli Ramadhan

    Mukanya ngeselin

  25. ماريا صباغ


  26. Dipesh Sheoran

    Ht gtiya

  27. Salma Putri

    itu bohon

  28. Sean Gaming

    100% cringe

  29. NekoSAIKOU ;;;;

    He is the kinda guy who sells his phone to buy a charger

  30. Rushabh Rupesh

    wtf did he just do lol

  31. Poncho V.

    How tf does a video like this get 2M likes?

  32. Siama Sam

    Good 🤣🤣🤣🤣


    Nice nice very nice 👌 👌👍👌👍

  34. Reena Chandra

    ❤️in this one

  35. Felisha-!

    It was actually pretty good

  36. jing vallar


  37. Njai Newme


  38. Singdas Chennaiah

    Your videos all super

  39. ღ Xoxo d x n u t Xoxo ღ

    People be like "don't be shy show the other side of the plate"

  40. 1KiNg xX_

    He is the type of guy who doesn’t need eyes to see the color

  41. crisfher2020

    Damn TikToks people are sick 😐👀

  42. veerain Kenam

    I could not stop laughing when he got surprised when he saw the like count.

  43. Israel Gonzalez


  44. Marian Mae Soria


  45. Melika Jahani

    فکر کنم فقط یکم زیادی ضایع بود😶

  46. Heather Frederick

    You ever watched his videos everybody to never watched videos👎🐶

  47. Rita Choudhury

    Kid :- I want to learn magic Mom :- We have magician at home.. *The magician at home* :-

  48. Дарья Татарникова


  49. Wolfie

    Who is the girl

  50. Lakezia Irchi Junior


  51. Farah Shah

    I hate this guy


    Of you don't find a hes the type of guy comment youre god

  53. Dkartin 84

    Banyak bacod

  54. XXx the_trashPeanut yeah

    this one ♥️?

  55. Jon Fredrik Ty

    He’s the type of guy who would bring a sword in a long ranged gunfight. 😂

  56. Tevita Latu

    Of course he is not that smart

  57. Fitastic Ansh

    I don't know why I hate his facial expressions

  58. Ezra William

    Why I really feel irritated when I see his facial expression

  59. Sai Manikanta

    refraction bro!

  60. Summer


  61. Nur Mufazah

    F i miss u to so much syg t?

  62. Hari Haran

    He is the type of guy who copies content from Sean does magic.

  63. 20-StarStrategy

    He's the type of guy to eat Oven Baked Walkers crisps by biting off each rib neatly.

  64. kairie adrianna callera

    Im only asking how did he make his eye black cause i know how the eyeboll was in the spoon

  65. Jasmine Kaur Manshahia

    Was this suga's rap??

  66. Karilski


  67. Madi Madi

    Not him disabling the comments in his last video

  68. Chunching boos wanbe

    i hate this guy