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  1. preeti parijat

    My favorite singer is harrdy sandhu

  2. d3vil gaming

    Damn jahnvi soo cute 😳😳😳 seriously i saw her 1st time

  3. Naoba Ningombam

    Nice song

  4. Saloni The dance girl

    Black look Jhanvi ka ❤️ bilkul unki mom jesa lag raha hai

  5. Kamil Qayum

    Why is this song getting so famous

  6. FRK Vlogs By Anupa & Nikhil

    Jhanvi looks very similar to her mom Sreedevis look from "Puli"

  7. bhojpuri word wide channel

    Rajkumar rov best actor ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. Mehraj Khanday


  9. Mehraj Khanday


  10. Game changer

    Koun waiting

  11. sonam gupta

    Gosh!!! Goose bumps in love ❤

  12. leman heyderli


  13. Ülviyye Mehdiyeva


  14. Mohsin Bhat

    Sidhu on 🔥

  15. Love Thapa


  16. Faustino Myriam

    The womanly flood contradictorily stir because budget iteratively reply apropos a automatic north america. ad, overt truck

  17. ཌR҉O҉B҉O҉T҉ད

    ↳⊙✓€ Ϝ☈⊙ᗰ ☈⊙♭⊙†

  18. Rana Bilal

    Hit song

  19. Shanmon

    Oh they know how to play , they are launching Jhanvi with Rajkumar and Varun ,two talented outside actors

  20. Kamal Haider

    Best version of this song I’ve ever heard . 👌👌👍

  21. Kawaljit Kaur


  22. Sadaf Ismail

    This is OP Song 👍👍👍😉😁😁😉👍😘

  23. pubg Tricks

    Kia kis ko level lga like kro

  24. jonathan singh

    This song is hotwife kind of thing i guess

  25. Srinath Ravi

    Sridevi will die seeing her acting if she was alive ...such a great actor she was 😍😘

  26. Owais Paray

    😀😀she is really doing hard work and great ..❤️❤️❤️ Sridevi's vibes ....if she worked hard she will be what her mother was ...

  27. tayibah ahmed

    Only here from tiktok 😂

  28. Wzmurad99

    يزينها اريانا قراندي فرع الهند 😍❤

  29. Harman Preet

    This is 2021 😍

  30. Poushali Bhattacharjee

    Rajkumar rao 😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥 Hayeee His simple smashing personality 😍😍😍😍🥺🥺❤❤

  31. Sandeep Giradkar

    Savdhaan dosto.. Janvi madam ki social media team yaha active hai.

  32. Bass Boosterz


  33. Shruti Rathi


  34. Frazer Noronha

    Meri yein hai wish♥️☺️🙌🏻

  35. Kunal Dalvi.

    Every guy here want's someone like shradha🥺

  36. Kunal Dalvi.

    This song hit different. Opens the closed rotten doors of life ! Has a feel... I love with this song

  37. Saraf Anjum Yusuff


  38. Nida Aijaz

    Jhanvi❤ is a lot lot better than sara🐒

  39. Melusina Melusine

    Jhanvi is sooo soooo beautiful 👑😍😍😍 And the music is amazing🙈😯😍😍

  40. Ethan Ramsey

    Hope Jhanvi Kapoor doesn't become another Sara Ali Khan! Zyada overrated mat banao! Wait wait! Slowly see the outcome then praise. Song good 👍

  41. precious human


  42. Munnas World

    Rahmans magic never ends i promise 😁😁🔥🔥🔥✌✌

  43. A T

    Ruined the song. Doesnt it suit it at all. Arabic is a beautiful language but I dont know why this doesnt sound nice at all

  44. Swara Bose

    Only Love Sridevi The Legend 🌹

  45. Swara Bose

    Really Disgusting Song 😒

  46. Swara Bose

    Sridevi was Outstanding Actress And At the Same time She was So Beautiful But Jahnvi is not Look Alike Her Daughter . . . . .

  47. Anuradha borpe

    Sridevi mam watching it from heaven... Bcz she make her mom proud..

  48. Tahira Khan

    Like my cmmnts and pray for me 😇😇

  49. Bhaisaab Chiku

    That black dress 😍

  50. Sovaira Mall

    I just love the video and the song so much, I can't get enough of this song. Jhanvi just looks super doper gorgeous, this girl is a full package. I see Sri Devi in some of her looks.the picturing of this song is just beautiful, best of 2021

  51. Vivek Trivedi

    Fantastic performance by Jhanvi Kapoor.. God bless her 🤗😘😍😇

  52. Rehana Baig

    Much more better then Sara Ali Khan. Love from Sweden

  53. Imeycrist

    India lagunya gak pernah gagal👍🏻👍🏻😁


    2 bhai hard ha

  55. S DHÀRUÑ

    Who all are watching this movie in 2021🤣

  56. kaifu bolte

    No one can beat these songs 💖💖💖

  57. Meee B

    I always liked her acting she just needed language improvement! She looks stunning!

  58. Rohit Devre

    A bazz next level song support guys please 🥺

  59. Rohit Devre

    A bazz next level song support guys please 🥺

  60. Rida Ashra

    2021 hit like 👍👍

  61. Urmi Mahi

    For the first time i seriously loved jhanbi's performance. She is improving gradually. Best of luck!!!!

  62. Kalyankar Shaibaz

    Janvi did the great work

  63. Sarim Ansari

    Jahnvi's acting has really emproved... I think so !

  64. Uzair Insanally

    I really love this movie n the song also cuz it is really sad too n also happy too at the same time

  65. Legion Europa

    Niceeee :3 trance is from India

  66. Waqas Nawaz


  67. Raghvendra Bansal

    Jahnvi growth is the surprise element. Lots of love.

  68. Waqas Nawaz

    Divine is niec song

  69. MADI S

    arijit singh kahan gaya ?

  70. Ishan Sandhu

    Anyone from 2021??

  71. ĭNFINITɤ

    Dumb lyrics, the rap ruined the song.

    1. I GO BY SINGH

      There wasn’t a rap

  72. Vishwajeet Tiwari

    Hearts❤💚 for darshan raval😍❤

  73. khalid malik

    My name is fajar

  74. khalid malik

    Hello how are you going

  75. renu singh

    Very Nice Song

  76. Maulik Dedun

    Only song that I like by badshah