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  1. Aswin Arunachalam

    Idhella saptutu angayay bed ah potradhinga

  2. rithika sudha

    Nice akka

    1. rithika sudha


  3. Tejasvini S

    Achuma only will the title.....


    What happened to arjun sir I think his hand with bandage.who is behind with bandage any way I pray the god for speedy recovery I think it is arjun sir....

  5. Morinjeniffer Jeniffer

    Zarras in all comments I am asking pls zarras can u share us wht are the material u used in making lanpshades were did u bought that pls yell zaaaru

  6. Shiny Prem

    See archana was one of the very fav of mine because of her positivity but today episode she was d first one to start a negative talk about sanam saying tat she is a devil,to be honest very disgusting which I din expect from archana.u all will say we din know wat is happening in d house whole day,wat ever let it be we din expect this negative portray of one person to others . she should have spoke openly to sanam.if sanam is acting let it be one day it will come out .see almost it is 15 days over still she is d same I think all r scad about sanam's attitude tat she may won d title

  7. madhu george

    I love achuma.... your mother is a such a positive person....seeing these vedios it's merely a stress buster

  8. rithika sudha

    Hi akka your age and std and your school name akka i know you miss your mom akka

  9. Shahul Hameed

    Who is this anni?

    1. Wow Life

      Archana’s sister

  10. Abdul Abdul


    1. Abdul Abdul


  11. Ayishafarhana U19MA510


  12. Kalayani Sivasubramanian


  13. Vijay Kumar V

    Total how many shop???

  14. Good day

    Ithu Vinayagar chaturthi function a celebrate panrathu oru side endralum deepam vilaketrum ennai oda ad tan athigama varthu😂😂😂😂😂😂Amount heavy a vangirupanga polayae!!!!


    Super Vera level game 👏👏👌👌❤️

  16. Janu Janie

    Museum maari iruku😍...Elam ivlo panirukenga ..Pooja room ku perusa highlight ah panirukalamae

  17. Twinkle Vlog

    Any archana haters after bigg boss here?? 😂😂

  18. Suplex City 007

  19. dgsanthosh dgsanthosh

    Where are u pls tell

  20. Syed ali Fathima

    Zara what is inside bag podunga and zara morning to night routine podunga pls

  21. VJ Channel

    Still Buying a 650sq Empty plot is a life time achievement for a middle class boy😭 Y god is so Cruel.

    1. Wow Life

      Yes it is a big achievement and we r proud of u 👍 😊

  22. Muthuvel Narasingarayar

    God bless u my child zaara

  23. Abdullatheef i like shin chan

    kavala pathinga fasta velila kunduvanthuruvanga...neenga podura athathuku.evolo seenu bb house kulla bbku munnadi ungala romba pudikum but ungaloda attitude erukae....1st neenga bb ku vanthuku na romba happya erunthen but eppo kevalama eruku ungaloda attitude.

  24. meka

    Athu epdi unga ponuku neenga video edukurenganu theriathu.....oh neenga casual ah zara room kula porenga pola avangaluku rhombaveh surprise aiduchu then she started explaining....paahhh😂

    1. Wow Life

      Yes it is scripted. But it’s a room tour anyway. We don’t see anything wrong in that na. It’s our way of putting content across. Our audiences are smart and know what we want to portray 😊

  25. Karpaga Lajju

    In our home we will keep 11 steps akka

    1. Wow Life

      Super da 😄

  26. Ms.Tamilazchi 2.0

  27. rekha jain

  28. Karpaga Lajju

    Happy navarathri in our house also we have Golu....



  30. Tharun Krishna


  31. Thiliphan KaviNilavu

  32. single singers

  33. Sangeetha Dhamu

    Really Superb... Home Happy Home

  34. Mohanraj A

    Superb - nice home, your family

  35. Sasikala Sasikala

    Very nice house

  36. Sarala Sivabalan

    Which standard u r studying zaara

  37. Sarala Sivabalan

    Which standard u r studying zaara

  38. Anjarai Petti - Masala Dabba

    😀😀 super 👍😘🤪 Ennoda cooking channel videos um parunga support pannunga 🙏🙏🙏

  39. meena meenu

    Hey guys it's #2 on trending... Congrats 🎊🎊

    1. Anita Chandhoke

      Thank u 😊

  40. Tharuni G.tharuni

    I also drink boost only zaara

  41. Reena Iconic

    She's grown she looks pretty chances to get into movie as heroine

  42. pavi

    Good idea. Nice vlog

  43. Sundaram Solaimuthu

    You look beautiful in saree

  44. Murali Tharan

    Super papa

  45. Sallath mary mary

    I want Zara's crafitti.

  46. Kiruthika Kiruthika

    After big boss 4

  47. Raju Rekha


  48. Mythili Muthukumar

    who else feels annoyed looking at annes is overactinng

    1. Wow Life

      I am Annie and being myself da. Sorry if u feel I am overacting. That’s not the intention. Take care da 😊

  49. krishnan srivaramangai

    Money irnudha

  50. Pooja priya

    I am a true fan of Ann... love you Antha akka..u r the one who smiles from the heart..lots of love

    1. Anita Chandhoke

      Oh.. thank u so much dear. Am touched by ur kind words 😊

  51. Leema Rose Raj

    Anitha's voice is very nice..

    1. Wow Life

      Thanks dear 😊

  52. Nehaastalaxmi S

    Bobi brown

  53. Ranji2401

    I love your games

  54. divya elangovan

    Where is ur husband

  55. Senthilsiva அனைவரும் தவறாமல் வீடியோவைப் பாருங்கள்

  56. Senthilsiva அனைவரும் தவறாமல் வீடியோவைப் பாருங்கள்

  57. priya suresh

    I love achuma

  58. Kavitha S

    Thank u Achu for sharing all details will be helpful for many of us.

    1. Devi V

  59. Harsini Ravi

    Really u r lucky girl

  60. Ranji2401

    Your video si so nice

  61. Makeshwari L

    I will support achu amma...

  62. Ajith Antony

    Good soul Archana❤️

  63. Darshan Darshan

    Alla don't cry even we will miss ur mom 😭😭😭😭

  64. Lakshmi Prabha

    Very cute person.......😘😘😘

  65. Chandrasekhar T

    Super zaraa

  66. Bakthaaa Balaji

    U all so so cute

  67. Gopi Nath

    Super script

  68. selvi selvi

    Akka without you zee Tamil awards not fullfill with fun we miss you in zee kudumbha viruthugal😢

  69. Ramya Krishnan

    Adengappaaa 🤨

  70. Gopi Nath

    Behave like a kid

  71. Veerammal Kiran

    Akka ye ztamil la vittu vijay tvkku kudipukunthirukkanga

  72. யோகி tv

    happy birthday zaraa chellam god bless you

  73. Zoh Channel

    Happy birthday dear

  74. Jothi Lakshmi

    Beautiful 🌹😘


    எதுக்கு அந்த எலவு மியூசிக் ... எரிச்சலா இருக்கு

    1. Wow Life

      Ezhava? Feel pannunga ji. Feel love not hate 😊