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  1. Romjan D. Hossain

    this is copied from "The Outlaws" movie by "Ma Dong Seok"

  2. Ashutosh Mishra

    264000 dislikes

  3. Ahmad sadeed


  4. sTaYlisH RaHuL

    Bakwash picture he mene dekha

  5. Shanky Tyagi

    चूतिया आदमी की चूतिया मूवी। इसे अच्छा तो कोई साउथ इंडियन मूवी देख लेंगे।

  6. City Vlogger 11

    balwas acting hai salman khan ek kese heeee har movie main

  7. Pranay Siddhanto

    Idiotic trailer


    Ye movies se Achi web series bana raha hai... Actually bollywood learn from South movies, acting, stories, everything.

  9. 365 Label

    One of the worst ratings mila hain imbd main! 🤣

  10. shivcharan singh


  11. Examधाम

    1M chhake hai kya sale

  12. Rachit

    Selmon bhai again did potty


    Is se jayada chutiyapa aur ni dekh sakte 😂


    Faltu movie no stories Only good work randeep hooda.

  15. KSHITIJ999

    Only liked for randeep hooda

  16. Evan Aabir

    I watched the Movie 5 Time's, 1st In my computer, 2nd TV, 3rd Mobile, 4th and 5th in my mind. Love the movie Sir. You looks better in beard. #BeingHuman #SalmanKhan #SalmanKhanFilms #SKF

  17. Rajat mishra Mishra

    kattu bhaijaan

  18. रोहित राज सिंह

    सलमान बुढ़ऊ एक्टिंग नहीं बकचोदी करता है..

  19. motivational status


  20. Punjabi Soorme

    Failed actor lol this guy so full of tatti... khud paisa karch karke apne app ko hero banata hai lol koi itna Kaise gir sakta hai bhai 🤮😂

  21. thinK biG

    dislike think Hindu vaio

  22. Pratibha Jose

    Haan salman most wanted criminal bhai.. Bc ese aadmi ko hi police banana tha... Jo khud ek gangster h.. God can also not save this country if people are still watching these kind of bulshit stories

  23. Radhika Kapoor


  24. Dilip Kumar devraj

    Beta tumse na ho payega 👍🏻

  25. Prashant Haldiyal

    Dannnnng son this is feels more like comedy to me than action.🙄 Bollywood should move away from making musicals it just doesn't make sense anymore.

  26. Dilip Kumar devraj

    It is fully time wasted money wasted movie

  27. Dilip Kumar devraj

    This is not the reality

  28. Bihar dhamka

    Miss ssr

  29. Mukesh Poddar

    Ye movie nahi movie clip ka samisran hai

  30. Mukesh Poddar

    Last Bakwass movie hai

  31. Amit Ranjan

    Bhitre jaega sala film

  32. Kashif Islam

    Like wanted nothing new

  33. Jeet Rajpoot

    बहुत बेकार है movie🤢🤢🤢

  34. Pawan Rawat


  35. Mayank vlogs & gaming

    Is baar physics ki maa bhn ni ki ..chlo troll ko asar toh hua salmon bhoi pe 😂

  36. vinaykumar kashyap

    Chutiyapa h ye movie 👎👎

  37. Rakesh kumar89

    Boycott Radhe

  38. Diwash Timilsina

    Bollywood produced such a mesh. A 10 mins short movie in youtube would be 1000 better than this shitty movie. Don't play with people's money.


    I hate this lady faltu ki nautanki karti hai bjp ki chamchi

  40. Reelsplease

    Lalit level acting 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  41. Aman Bhatia


  42. Jinang Shah

    trailer khatam ho nahin raha toh movie kaise se hi dekhe :D

  43. King Kong

    Motu khi ke🤣🤣 Boycott Khan industry..

  44. Youssef Bennasser

    IMDB rate is 2.2 , all the time indian films which contines stupid action it takes worst rate , i love to watch indian films , but when i come to chake the Trailer i found no sence ik film i move to Americans, i hope indian Directors to make more logical films and stop making stupid films

  45. I'm Sangam


  46. Vishnu Priyan

    Rendu kailyum sambar vaalia thookitu pora marri ... Any one here came after blue satti review ???

  47. Soft Korner

    Where we can watch this movie

  48. Kapil Kumawat


  49. Shambhavi Kumari

    This movie is such a blockbuster Kash Mai ye movie hall me dekh pati

  50. abhay kumar vishwakarma

    ए मोवी एक इसलामीक जीहादी की है।

  51. Prakash Bishnoi

    Watch this movie on your own risk 🤣😜😂

  52. AS Ranger YT

    Tollywood- seeti maar seeti maar Bollywood - copy maar copy maar

  53. Talal Hussain

    honestly westing time it is bakwas movie one thing best action only vilan

  54. Gayathri Gayu

  55. Swapna Kumari Shaw

    Salman khan trash as usual

  56. amrutanshu dash

    Buddhe haj pe ja🤣🤣

  57. amrutanshu dash

    Kon dislike marne aaya h 🤣🤣

  58. play with me

    No story, no acting nothing.. Only bakwas, over fighting (bina baat hi 🤷‍♀️) Or salman ki entry ke bare me baat hi na kre to acha h.. South walo ko bhi piche chod diya 🤣🤣 bachalo apne aap ko🙏... Tha kya puri movie me kuch smjh hi nhi aaya 🤣

  59. Anuradha Jaishwal

    Please Salman khan ko chord deni chaye acting. He doesn't know what is acting . He is just surviving on the basis of power . However, we are giving him more money by watching his movies and making him popular.

  60. aditya gupta

    ek tatti specialist radhe chahiye

  61. Smart Entertainment

    ,,,,,, I Wish the person who are reading this Comments may your parents alive for years ,,,,,,,,,Love you all ❤️ 🙏🙏🎉🎉

  62. Patil Pooja


  63. Dreamer Sulup

    Only legends can watch Salman khan's movie since MAINE PYAAR KIYA to RADHE 😎 One of the most successful and talented actor in the history of bollywood 😍 from Melbourne Victoria 🇦🇺🙏

    1. Franckon

      If you are saying this, your whole life is a myth my friend.

  64. Franckon

    Remove Salman and its hit

  65. Supriya Sharma

    All bakwaas except Randeep Hooda (he is the best of the best)..

  66. Drugshant singh rajpoop

    0:08 Drugshant singh rajpoop ka cameo 😂😂😂😂😂

  67. mikdad sakarwala

    Worst movie if you guys want to waste your time you can watch this movie

  68. Being Talented

    Watched the movie today..... its a good movie like Southindian touch and bollywoodstyle...everyone has equal participation too.... but haters wants to judge on salman every time and critize it. They dnt understand that he is an entertainer ....if u looking for artistic movies then watch that but y u trying to change perception of fans he has..... every haters has a propaganda to reduce his fan based...he is the most follow guy you know..... if u watch the movie carefully it has really a good fighting sequences and ofcourse randeep hooda nailed it and salman emotions scenes gave me has a purpose but ppl want to call it as they have theirs mind🤣Eid Mubarak Sallu we liked it....n where ever u go we will subscribe that channel 🥰

  69. Hari Kishor

    फिल्म देखना समय और पैसे की बर्बादी है ।

  70. varsha tandav

    1m likes itne chutiye bhare pare hai india me 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  71. Rekha Decosta

    Whats that... Still he is playing with our mind... Kya tha movie me.. It's 2021... Kuch toh new karo... Mixed up all movie stories...

  72. Amit Singh

    Justice for ssr sushant Singh Rajput 🙏🙏 aaplog janwar ho Susant kya bigara tha Kya maar diya gya kyu???

  73. ashwani chandel

    No more salman chutiya ,plz justice for SSR boycott bollywood🙏🙏

  74. Sudhi v t

    Sorry, cooling no:1 you were far better than this.stay safe,Never open your eyes while watching this🙈

  75. Mania Vlogs

    O Bhai flop ha yh