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  1. Daksh Gaming

    Galadon had put the builder huts in the non-maxed out side because he predicted the future with his infinity sixed brain and knew that a death star would explode and there would be such a thing as battle builder hut

  2. Angelo Liton

    2021 new subscriber here

  3. Kushagra Shankar

    start rush for th14 with a new id

    1. Kushagra Shankar

      with no money

  4. little kev Doncaster f

    Bring it galadon where @ DONNY SOLJAS My clan 😎everyone is welcome to join us!!! bring the heat galadon please let me know if you're interested bro😎✌💙🤔😎

  5. Mariya Miyaijiwala

    Hey Galadon love your videos keep up your good work. Dose a th1 quality for strange but true. I found one. I found it by accident while trying to serch for someone else.

  6. Kristians Kravalis

    Now guys we can leave him alone with hes th 14

  7. Akshat Chavan

    If galadon likes my comment that means he isn't peter17$

  8. Pranto Nandi

    I play this game for ages but never seen constantly 3 star that much the defence is weaker than any time and the game is broken 😔😔

  9. Jester

    We're the same galadon I am burnout playing using baby dragon

  10. FRH ANK

    It’s almost like no matter what no videos will ever help me because I’m a th10 and every youtuber is a max 14 so like the hero pets won’t even matter to me for another 3-5 years

  11. Nobita YT♡

    I'm watching the whole series in 2021 from starting 😂

  12. RAiny kNight

    I know I’m watching this really late but I think the mistake is that the dark elixer storages are not max and you put it on the max side

  13. HipasLC

    I'm tired of only getting attacked by drag lighting in wars


    Well Builder Huts are extremely weak... like a weak archer tower..

  15. Will Vanier

    Imagine your forgot to screen record

  16. Mr. Programmer

    Where is peter17$?

  17. I'm Gab Animations

    Done for the code...

  18. Arun Dai

    I have my three accounts of clash of clan n still try to upgrade things

  19. Arun Dai

    I m So shock that how many clash of clan accounts can u play n I really like the video too n It was so cool

  20. Aiden Gibb

    The amount of times that Galadon has not promoted his creator code is the exact same amount of times that I have used a different army. Lol... Im so bad at this game..... help me........

  21. Malinda Paz Lapniten

    I supporting you galadon

  22. Blazer Minecraft and roblox

    Not gunna get 1m views 800k views

  23. Larry Herrera

    Galadon I had ANOTHER Pekka go crazy on me! Not as bad as first time you made a rap video of it but almost want to do a remix?

  24. Rajnish K

    Unfortunately Tribe gaming lost to Atn.Attax

  25. Vivek Koirala

    Galadon, by the way who got the first place in your clan war league?(love from india)

  26. SKrilzAzingA ???

    Me playing at th10 almost max galadon here with like 13 fiffrent accounts that are fairly unrushed sorta

  27. satwik jena

    Hey man i can't send u clash friend request...... how can i do that

  28. Rohith

    Even though I enjoy clash now I miss those days when it was difficult to even to take 2 stars from a base.

    1. Pranto Nandi

      Yes me too. Then it recures skills but now gem your village and everything. spam and enjoy crushing base after base

  29. JEFF 369 Minecraft

    You making us Jealous about your gems

  30. stranger._.danger

    Our clan got 1st position we dominated in silver 2

  31. Aarav Khemani

    Watch the outro in 2x speed. it is crazy.

  32. Francois Crisostomk

    Lasing ka pre

  33. JacksonD

    My weirdest one was when one of my inactive accounts, which I play on now, had miners in the army camps BEFORE the housing space was changed so when you visited the village it showed like 210/200 space or something like that. My friend thought I was hacking lol

  34. Jet memes

    Honestly still think witches and yetis are broken you can just spam 10 yetis 10 witches and get a high percent 2 star

  35. Jackson Penland

    you should check this dude out YG9URPYJ2 its strange

  36. Om Maurya

    Didn't know 5 of them expect the clans one

  37. Parth Prabhune

    How in the world did your lvl7 lightning destroyed lvl 8 air defence???????

  38. Beckett Mccord

    Proud to be a supporter of galadon lol

  39. chokingsplitz

    I buy gold pass every month and I switch codes every time from beak to galadon to support both of my fav creators

  40. Om Maurya

    The intro amazed me

  41. Hyper lagacy

    Guys I’m 91 walls from max walls at th10

    1. Saitama • 69 years ago

      Good for you

    2. Brayden Dickinson


  42. Saitama • 69 years ago

    Galadon 1 week ago: Tribe failed their perfect cwl war in day 2 Galadon now *6:43 : they are almost going to get a perfect cwl

    1. Pranto Nandi

      uploaded old video

    2. Saitama • 69 years ago

      @Vivek Koirala * visible confusion*

  43. Brayden Dickinson

    Hi galadon

  44. Dash

    Galadon I went to your discord, but I can’t find the place where I can copy your bases. Please tell me how I can find your bases.

  45. Bach Shanta

    "00:30" 😂 I actually have been using *𝐢𝐧𝐣𝐚𝐩𝐩.𝐜𝐨𝐦'* 📌 no issue with it all

  46. Brayy 19 Is Back


  47. tyler sledge

    how did all the troops spawn almost instantly?

  48. Jack Sparow Gaming

    There’s nothing wrong with having a meta though

  49. Kenberra

    anyone knows what the balloon is for when he does the queen walk

  50. Lina Simeniene

    how cool my clan was in the war and i attack the same kiasha lol :)

  51. Tony Pierson

    I bet no one saw the jungle themed TH14 coming

  52. J C

    Do utubers think tht everyone is skilled as top cwl champions are df.

  53. Alcatraz 185

    The best I ever got was pushing to crystal 1 in early th 9

  54. 『AF』 Apex

    Lol 2021

  55. Chokladboll Mästaren

    its great

  56. wait what


  57. Jonmurray Murray

    Would love go see superarchers used.

  58. Nathan Smith

    Inferno dragons are bent Oh no, that came out wrong

  59. Jack Brennan

    galadon: we need a different army also galadon: only uses baby dragon or sneaky goblins for no cash clash and gold pass clash

  60. john gaffney


  61. Vanz

    Crazy how I've quit the game for a year, came back and now you're literally similar to my th. You're ahead when it comes to heroes, walls, and troop levels, behind when it comes to defense and xp level

  62. Ervin Hashemi

    Inferno dragon is best I used it in cwl in chap 2 and perfect league 7 three stars 700 percent they are the best hooray

  63. Makie Castillo

    😥who want give me account please need account

  64. Arya Pore

    Use Code Gallydon

  65. Su-100Y

    Use code galadon on clash of clans!

  66. Syed Najmus Sayadat

    Of course Galadon is going after upgrading builders hut because It's one of the big achievements of the Gala-family.

  67. Clash gaming with Arjit

    How is Coc broken I think you can't believe attack skill used by players


    dude that was a heck amount of money

  69. Shane

    Imagine that I get a crypto ad

  70. milanomaster

    Finally, the armies and bases! :D