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  1. Ayesha Saleem

    Tower with clock is “ Big Ben” here in London. London Bridge is just a bridge over River Thames.

  2. Boo Kan

    What roti is low carn

  3. Boo Kan

    Diet plan for full month pls

  4. nazni tanzim

    Plz rply me mam 🙏 😢 😔 mai aapke family ki fan hun .....I like everyone in ur family especially ammi she is so sweet

  5. Bebisha Chetri

    Looks yummy il try it... And u look little healthy ad beautifuldeepika mam

  6. Healthy Flavors

    Live ibrahim family

  7. nazni tanzim

    Hello mam .....whenever I see ur family I feel like am there with u people... I like ur kindness....ham banglore se hain jab bhi mumbai aien toa aap hamko ghumane le jana aisa lagta hai aap k khala ,mamu jaisa kabi ham bhi aienge aap k ghar

  8. ALI

    5 minutes main band baja Di 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. Aditi Saha

    Hello Dipikaji pls share your homemade biryani masala...love your recipes

  10. M M

    One of my fvrt jodi shoika love from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦❤️

  11. Shubhra Gupta

    hey bhagwan kitna kaam krti h ye

  12. Misbah Ali

    Wow ap bismillah bolti ho km krte main❤❤

  13. AH Home Vellog AH Home Vellog

    Lovely video 🙈😍💞 lovely girl 😍💞😍🤗💞

  14. Stitching Ideas QUETTA


  15. Mehwish Khan

    dipika coments like nh kartin😔

  16. Ismeel Ahmad

    Shoaib k father ka zekar ni hota🤐

  17. Sara Khan

    MashaAllah 😘 Allah protect you all evel's eyes

  18. Vaishali Goswami

    Hi dipika plz muje Ripley karo aapko aapke patiji ki kasam plz Ripley kiji a kyoki aap meri favorite hoooo

  19. Zee B

    Ur brownie look amazing but u cn't use baking powder?

  20. Syeda iman Fatima

    I'm impressed jb apny chicken dalty huy oil mei bismillah kha or aj mny apka channel b subscribe kr lia because dill jheet lia apny

  21. remi hajee

    Lovely receipe enjoyed the whole clip mashallah lots of duas for you always ameen 🤲

  22. BTS Army

    Try vercetile Vicky egg diet for 10 day you will lose 10 kg in 10 day

  23. Meenal Tak

    Looks very yummy 😋😋😋😋

  24. Aisha Baygam

    Yummmmn mouth watering ....😋😋😋😋😋😋😋 thanks 4 d recipe .... Dupatta on ur head look so good Masha Allah. Luv from Bangalore...

  25. Ashna L


  26. Ashna L


  27. Nidhi Tandel

    Why adding milk in dough ?

    1. R Lumière Éclairante

      Makes it softer and moist.

  28. Sobar Style


  29. cooking connection with Heena

    Love from us #cookingconnectionwithheena

  30. Ayesha Khan

    All fake .. just to gain subscribers ..

    1. R Lumière Éclairante

      @Ayesha Khan - As a human its our duty to be kind towards each other. It doesn't matter how others treat us. Every human has a weakness, nobody is perfect. But that doesn't mean you can say all those things about her. There are people on social media platforms doing things just for 'Likes'. As a PApromr it is necessary to keep the (permissible) Likes in mind when making videos, there is nothing wrong in that, as long as the content doesn't have bad things in it. Every human has plenty of love to share it with the world. There is no need to limit that to only family and friends

    2. R Lumière Éclairante

      @Ayesha Khan - You said *"All Fake... Just doing to gain subscribers."* So it's only natural that people will judge you that statement. If you don't want to be judged, then don't judge others.

    3. Ayesha Khan

      @R Lumière Éclairante evn u dnt judge me , jst tryin to say dont follow ppl , fr those whom we even dont exist , only give importance to those ppl who give love n respects to us like our geniune family n frens fr whom we matter , however u praise her , shez not goin to care , they r only bothered abt views fr tht they cn go to ny extent.. n y would I get jealous of her , nways its ur choice sorry fr wasting my n ur time😝

    4. R Lumière Éclairante

      *"Jealousy Destroys Good deeds, the way Fire Destroys wood"* *"Be nice or remain silent."* *"Slandering & Backbiting are Sins."* Your name is Ayesha, haven't you learnt even these basic teachings? Have some *Shame* , Don't be so judgemental about her. May God guide you.

  31. A&H Cooking

    delicious yummm

  32. Rumana Khanum

    Pls make ur full home tour

  33. Sadaf Sheikh

    So yummy😋

  34. Khan Khan

    May ALLAH bless u and ur family... Amin

    1. R Lumière Éclairante


  35. Akram Akku


  36. Ashraf Abbasi

    Dipika bhabi u r looking like a pregnant women. Ameen summa Ameen. N summa inshallah

    1. R Lumière Éclairante

      🤦🏻‍♀️ Even tired normal ladies, keep hand on the hip, not only pregnant ladies 👍🏼😊

  37. Priya Tomar

    You r the best dipika diii...delicious roll😜😉😍😍😍

  38. jisha john

    Hats off Dipika..!! You’re way too talented..!! God bless

  39. Masti Bari Zindagi

    Yummy recipes 😋😋

  40. Mohammad Ali

    Bahut acchi lagai h aap mehndi

  41. Mohammad Ali

    Aap mujhe bahut acchi lagti h aap log ki jodi best h

  42. Manasi Bishoyi

    Mam apaka jar ka linke plz ..

  43. Simran Jain

    Khahan humkhan tum 2 aayega kya?? Kpk. Hoga chalu

    1. R Lumière Éclairante

      It was having a bad script. So hopefully No season 2.

  44. Sabiha Akhlaq


  45. muskan khan new

    Hello 🌹🙏🏻

  46. Shimona Singh

    Love you ❤️di

  47. Shamaila Shameem

    Deepika please suggest some good skin clinic with good reputation and is not costly and placed in Delhi

  48. Priya Jagtap

    Apki family bohut achi he

  49. Priya Jagtap

    Apki family bohut achi he

  50. Md Eisa

    Ap serial me kab wapsi kar rahi ho mam

    1. R Lumière Éclairante

      She is currently taking a break, she told that in one of her old videos 😊

  51. Kumarika Varshney

    U r so sweet and beautiful 😘😘 😘😘😘😘😘we love u simar

  52. Farheen Sultana

    Assalam u Alaikum dipika ma'am apko r shoaib bhai ko .today i tried your recipe chicken bhuna roll and i also tried maggi manchurian both are yummm.thank u

  53. Ranjeet Kour

    To aapny yeah job kyu shodii

  54. nidhi soni

    Inki itni Umar hogi Aab baby kr Lena chiye inkoo aap SB Ko kya lagta hh

    1. R Lumière Éclairante

      Having baby is Not like going shopping to a supermarket and getting what we like. Having a baby has a lot of other matters involved. Destiny, time, health, priorities etc. Faiza and Shoaib are adults, so they definitely know when to decide on that. It's something personal for them and we should not get involved in personal matters, its unprofessional and unfriendly. No offense meant for your comment, just explaining 👍🏼😊

  55. Sayma Khan

    Yrrr ap each me bht amazing amazing dishes bnati ho😘😘

  56. Sabiha Fatima

    I like Deepika main aapki bahut badi fan hun aap aur aapke husband bahut acche Hain

  57. rabia sami

    Masha Allah very nice !! Surely will try .

  58. Sharmistha Parida

    Every animal has there scientific name given by the scientists that's why scientists have named 🦍as a gorilla.Hope you understand rehan😀

  59. aakriti verma

    I tried the recipe today for Egg Chicken Bhuna Roll .. It turned out very yummy 😋🤤 Thanks for sharing the recipe.. 😘

  60. Ayesha Saleem

    You teach us the real meaning of life and happiness. Lots of love 💕

  61. Malini Kavandar

    happy family ❤️❤️❣️😍

  62. Eman Fatima

    You said 'Bissmillah' 😍❤

  63. Prerna Soni

    Can you make veg Biryani recipe for those who love to eat Biryani

  64. Namu ki rasoi

    Nice 👍 #namukirasoi

  65. believe ur self

    Aap plz aapka healthy diet routine share Kijye please 🙏🙏q k mujhe v weight gain karna h , lots of love ❤️❤️

  66. Shab Shams


  67. cook o fun vlogs


  68. Khaja Moin

    Ma Sha Allah.. so beautiful family.. Allah save from devil eyes..

  69. Susan Mathew

    Super receipt 👍👍 how to take care your face one video please🌷🌷

  70. Sanjana

    Nice vlog👌☺☺ paprom.info/cloud/vhhucb_j2HRjk1upb9JvEg

  71. Mrs Rizwan

    Apne 2no grill on ki thi????

  72. Sheeba Ansari

    I m so proud of u

  73. Sheeba Ansari

    ap multi talented h dipika

  74. Dolly Jadoun

    Bahut sundar Keep it up

  75. Ali

    U are very beautifil

  76. Sony R


  77. Vilen GAMER

    Mashaallah so nice and so bautifule 🤗❣️🧡🌺💗💛💐💓💞💖😘🥰💝💕🌹❤🤲🤭

  78. Salma Saamiya Ka Kitchen

    Deepika Mashallah nice very tasty

  79. anju bisht

    Very nice recipe

  80. Rubaina Rubaina

    You are wearing Flipkart dress same dress am having