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  1. Rapid TQNK2

    Mojang keeps making all these new awesome maps and new awesome mobs and I ask myself WHY DON’T THEY JUST PUT THEM IN THE ACTUAL GAME?!?!?!?

  2. Eclipse_

    Now I know wot I can waste my money on

  3. Matt Hollingworth


  4. yangli silva

    Fix the outdated server plss

  5. Keith Mulcahy

    What is minecraft dungeons ocean dlc coming

  6. GaliCraft

    I rlly like 1.8.9 bcs spam click

  7. Ida Fjelde

    Where do I get this? Cant find out how

  8. Ece Ergün ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

    This recommended to me 9 years later

  9. Steve Rockz

    Is this a mod?

  10. Razz_YTSir

    Finally.... Just finally... I can ride them now... YESSSSS

  11. james martin mampilly

    me wanting java account


    What is this? mod? Addon? Datapack? Or something?... This is AMAZING!!!!

  13. RoofTopGaming

    I just felt so much nostalgia and hurt

  14. Yuri Rodica

    yes I grow up watching this movie and series I love it

  15. Dinosaurzs

    _when School of Dragons meets Minecraft_

  16. BAU fan

    I got it yesterday and i love it its just like the movie

  17. Avery Luzniak

    I'm really excited for the caves & cliffs update! I love the axolotl, so cute! I think the warden is so cool! I love how the warden uses vibration to find things. I'm waiting for the warden in the snapshot so I can stop using my texture packs.

  18. pine pizza

    Can you make sweeping edge for bedrock edition please and thank you

  19. 0

    Holding a block in my offhand have saved me from burning in lava in the nether countless times.

  20. Captain TEEMO

    Wait what?! Nitwit villagers are stealing some crops

  21. DL Jas

    Dude I would have absolutely *adored* this when I was a kid

  22. Spectral 999

    Which dragons are in here?

  23. Kasper Jacobs

    YES YES YES minecraft and how to train your dragon were two of my favourite things and now they're getting combined

  24. Gunawan Chenel White

    Pc Leptop WindowS Hp Ya Kalo Gua Punya L3ptop Sih Pc kaga Hp Kentang Psngen mainlah Siapa tau di Leptop ada V:

  25. Salamov 2008

    Зачем вы убрали мешочек свечки и скалк сенсор в снапшоте 21w19a

  26. Kevin Lara

    Claves and clift

  27. Kevin Lara

    Ya es 2021 ya salió minecraft 1.17

  28. iumjay_

    Soundtrack almost made me cry😢🥺🥺, be strong jay be strong

  29. Mali malter


  30. Davit Khachatryan

    She yes, getting scared of 3 zombies. Those were truly the days.

  31. Iron Hide

    I Hope Mojang Will Add Bamboo Blocks to have Perfect Block for making Bahay Kubo

  32. PhantomBugg

    Unfortunetly i dont have money for minecraft

  33. iumjay_

    Finally some dragon

  34. Whyyougotliceinyourhead


  35. alneh santos

    wait so mc 1.17 really is released!

  36. Ocean Child

    Omfg my two favourite things together :0

  37. Iggy Kumbirai

    can we get a tornado update like a wether update till the caves a cliffs update comes out

  38. gipehtonhceT

    "Will we get to do anything with the Dragon Egg?"

  39. Sub- Zero

    Lol it's like dragon fire but blocky Actually it's like tt s old dragons rolpeplay

  40. Майкрафтер Коля

    Давав пожплуста подпишу Неда

  41. NEWTON_stUdiOs

    *Laughs in 'Cant-afford-minecoins'*

  42. Träd Träddunge

    I’m so exited😃

  43. XGplays

    now i know why people wear glasses if they are blind

  44. Julka K

    How match is it?

  45. shadow th

    Bedrock edition?

  46. mr.sinner

    I bet those are chickens

  47. maialino06


  48. Julka K

    Ah how to train your dragon. Nice times

  49. Vrycie K

    Forget luke the notable 5 YEARS?!


    Que minecraft épico me gustaría que todos los mobs de todos los minecrafts: DUNGEONS,Java,Bedrock,DRAGONS estén en minecraft normal ya que serian épicos y habría un nuevo modo de juego como de estrategia o como clash royale algo así jaja

  51. Marcos Paulo Morgado

    Legends never die

  52. Kyla Mitchell

    excuse me WHAT

  53. Kurniawan Hari

    Wow amazing 😎😎😎😎

  54. Sonic fan!

    Speedrunners will not know how to train a dragon.

  55. Nopel Setiawan

    Banzaiiiii 🗿

  56. Poornima Prajapati

    Did notch leave minecraft

  57. Kubi93

    ok that's awesome but what about more mythology mash up packs?

  58. yo bra

    Meanwhile 4j on ps3 dont give me a shield. Or the nether . Shame on you.

  59. Starry Cloxd

    I need a free :v I want something free

  60. Gkeik Jibonji

    The best one yet

  61. YounesOnFlex

    What ist this dir a Game

  62. FetteKartoffel

    Does this exist for java?

  63. Matthew Gaynor

    Now do Jurassic Park

  64. Jinat Parvin

    Kasa mincraft

  65. Caleb Hart

    it's enough to make a grown man cry

  66. Adrian Ichim

    Hey mojang for us bedrock player in the nether the bow and crossbow are invisible if enchanted can you pls fix this And can you add the combat update to minecraft bedrock edition and even the cooldown to the tools pls. And in the 1.18 can add a end update with the enderite and more vegetation to the end. I love so much minecraft and even you mojang bye bye

  67. Argenis Galvan


  68. GSO

    Now this is beauty

  69. joni remazterizado

    Is it free :(?

  70. Bre

    Hold on What? This isn't some mod?

  71. Wala 123

    Now this....IS EPIC

  72. Lightning Pictures

    OG"s be trying hard not to beat Minecraft

  73. Drache33

    Mojang, PLEASE add the marketplace also to Java!!!!!!

  74. Blood Fire Drake

    Ok, this is amazing

  75. DJ_Matze

    nice minecraft is sus

  76. Sans The Skeletor

    Cool cant wait for the realease

  77. Agent Sauce

    Holy chicken strips this looks epic

  78. Zewyak

    is this from the film?

  79. Рубль растёт!

    Всем привет! С вами Лололошка и сегодня я играю с модом на драконов